Questioning the meaning of life has always been left to philosophers.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, May 22, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Questioning the meaning of life has always been left to philosophers. And on many occasions, philosophers had told us that the true meaning of life is the pursuit of happiness and search for the truth. However non-representational it sounded before, today with the entrance of the blockchain technology into our lives we can definitively state that we have an instrument of finding the truth and achieving happiness in hand.

The applications for the blockchain technology are numberless. The team of volunteer researchers at the Blockchain Technology Foundation is proving concept after concept to present to digital entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts throughout the world to work on and to develop into viable business or service.

As we hurtle through the whirlpool of technological revolution, the search for the truth becomes less of a philosophical endeavor and more of a model for value creation. In a world where multiple decisions being made instantly, transactions need to be verified in a fraction of a millisecond and the exact amounts of money need to change unfamiliar hands billion times a day we no longer have the luxury of error in judgment.

God bless the ancient Greeks with their justice system so democratic – it’s near impossible to replicate today when a verdict depends on a pathologically massive amount of tightly controlled variables! But twenty-five hundred years ago the Greek citizens who wished to be a part of the judicial process would insert small scoop-shaped bronze plates called “pinakion” into slots carved in a stone called “kleroterion” as bids for a juror position. Then, a judiciary official would throw black and white balls at the kleroterion; whomever’s name was on the pinakion that’s managed to catch a white ball would become a juror that day. The “blackballed” candidates would be dismissed.

Looking at this most elegant and perfectly incorruptible technic of getting the right people involved in the truth-finding process, one can’t help but wonder whether the blockchain technology is the modern kleroterion. With that, facilitating the application of the blockchain technology to resolving disputes is one of the Blockchain Technology Foundation’s most important priorities. To decentralize, democratize, and simplify online and offline relationships to the point when we can enjoy our newly-found financial and social freedoms without pondering their costs is perfectly attainable via various blockchain-based applications, and the BCTF knows just what they are.

The dispute resolution on a blockchain should be a swift affordable arbitration, in which the judgment is crowdsourced, rather than passed down to litigants by a judge. Adjudication of disputes should be a matter of a few minutes on a blockchain when opposing parties, having entered a smart contract, are not satisfied with an outcome of a transaction. In this case, a platform would have the community evaluate the situation and vote with the members’ electronic wallets.

The possibilities of such an approach to finding truth and reason in the new economy should make our heads spin. Changing the mode of governance for the media industry, legal matters, business administration, market relations, product development and promotion (we could go on ad infinitum, but you get the idea) is that ultimate instrument that will allow us to walk the walk on finding the real in the world of fake.

Given all of the above, the Blockchain Technology Foundation deems the finding and maintaining the balance between the perceived reality and the actual nature of relationships on a given blockchain its most important goal. Every day the BCTF team of volunteer developers and researchers is finding new ways to create partnerships and produce mechanisms for making collective business decisions. We are determining ways to expedite various transactions and making them beneficial to all involved. We design elaborate modes of storing value on a blockchain and are dedicated to preventing loss and providing compensation to untrained investors. In other words, the truth, indeed, would still set you free and to find it in the maze of cryptographic symbols would mean to turn the blockchain technology from a means to an end to a happy new beginning.

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Source: EIN Presswire