Unique Professional Development Business Re-launches with New Name, Expanded Services

An Ohio based unique professional development business is re-launching under a new name to better reflect the evolution and growth of the business.

ASHLAND, OH, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — (June 25, 2018 — Ashland Ohio) –Wager’s Way Equine Assisted Action Learning is re-launching under the name The Collaboration Partners LLC to better reflect the evolution and growth of the business.

Wager’s Way Equine Assisted Action Learning was started in 2009 in Ashland, Ohio, by Ginny Telego, who is a Certified Advanced Practitioner with a specialty in Corporate and a Master Trainer with the Equine Experiential Education Association – an international organization that certifies members to do non-therapy based equine assisted learning for organizations, schools and individuals (www.e3assoc.org). The refocused company, now called The Collaboration Partners LLC (www.thecollaborationpartners.com) will continue offering leadership and team development for organizations, communities and individuals through its experiential programs, but the scope of these programs is expanding to reach a larger audience. Along with providing experiential leadership and team development, executive coaching and strategic planning retreats, The Collaboration Partners now also offers consulting services for community leadership programs looking to create more powerful outcomes and a facilitator coaching program for equine assisted learning practitioners seeking to take their skills to a new level in helping clients identify actions to create change.

According to Telego, she relaunched the business as The Collaboration Partners because as she began traveling throughout the U.S and internationally to facilitate leadership development and teach certifications in equine experiential education, she grew her network of other facilitators around the world as well. “I realized that by creating a collaborative network of facilitators and host facilities across the US and abroad, I can offer more opportunities to clients as well as take my experiential programs to the client if they are not able to send a group of team members to my Ohio location. Many of my colleagues across the US and abroad have expertise in areas such as the health care sector, government, higher education and working with Fortune 500 companies. These connections provide the opportunity for my company to continue growing and helping more organizations and communities create strong leaders who have the collaborative skills to achieve strategic goals in a way that they have not done in the past.”

The addition of consulting services for community leadership programs came about through Telego’s experience directing the Leadership Ashland program as well as through conversations with directors of other community leadership development programs in Ohio and the U.S. Telego has developed an in-depth leadership development curriculum for the Leadership Ashland program that has boosted the demand for the program in Ashland County. For the first time in several years, the upcoming class was filled 3 ½ months before the next class begins in mid-September. In the past, there were still seats open in the class as close as two weeks before the opening retreat of the program.

Other community leadership programs have sought out Telego’s equine experiential leadership workshop to add to their program schedule as well as tapping her knowledge and expertise to enhance the leadership component of their programs. According to Telego, “Many community leadership programs are focused on networking and visiting businesses and community organizations but do not offer leadership development that prepares graduates to engage in leadership opportunities in their community and/or organization.”

Another reason that Telego has shifted the name of her business is because she believes that effective collaboration skills are something that are a challenge for many leaders; and horses can be one of the best ways of demonstrating how strong collaboration can help a team reach its goals. “Leaders will accomplish far more through collaboration than in silos and entrepreneurs can achieve the success they desire by finding the right people to connect with. How we execute collaboration is a key to accomplishing the strategic plans of any business or community and horses are not only experts in working collaboratively themselves but also at teaching us this critical skill,” said Telego.
For more information on the services provided by The Collaboration Partners, visit the website at www.thecollaborationpartners.com or contact Ginny Telego at 419-651-6854.

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