Groundbreaking neuromarketing workshop

Highly effective neuromarketing hacks revealed to boost brand and product loyalty

LONDON, UK, July 15, 2018 / — London, UK: Neuroset, a leading Consumer Neuroscience company in Europe providing academic-level and custom market research studies, comes forward with a pioneering online workshop that will teach those involved in the marketing industry unprecedented, easily-implemented, highly-effective marketing strategies and neuromarketing hacks to deeply understand their marketplace and customers' subconscious purchase motivation.

The workshop will take place Thursday, July 19 and is available to marketing professionals, marketing research individuals, marketing students, and University marketing departments, as well as business owners interested in:

-Innovative science-based marketing research tools.
-Ways to measure consumers emotional engagement at a deep, unconscious level
-Learning practical and workable neuromarketing hacks to stimulate consumers' purchase motivation.

The 40-minute workshop will teach attendees how to:

•Apply smart neuro-hacks to make their product significantly more appealing to and loved by their target audiences.
•Optimise their websites using tested and highly effective neuromarketing strategies to make their brand and products more remembered and purchased respectively
•Measure consumers' engagement.
•Conduct affordable neuromarketing research for their case studies.

Dr. Lucia Carriero, Ph.D, academic neuroscience researcher and founder of Neuroset says: “Understanding the neural basis of consumer behaviour and decision making helps build deeper relationships with targeted audience. With actionable insights into customers' feelings, unspoken needs, attitudes, and choices, we can unriddle the puzzle and know what to say, how, and when, to turnthem into loyal followers.”

Upon reservation, attendees will also receive (1) The Neuromarketing Coaching Guidebook –a handy guide full of tips and exercises, and (2) the slides of the Tutorial Course.

About Neuroset: Based on neuroscience principles and cutting-edge technological infrastructures, such as brain imaging solutions, neuro-psychological tests, and biometrics, Neuroset studies what peoplewatch, feel, and how their emotions affect their decisions, ata deep, subconscious level. Neuroset provides businesses with the most unconventional
and highly actionable solutions to make their products highly desirable, get a deeper understanding of their marketplace, and lead competition. For more information, please check

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