Credit Counsel Inc Offers Solutions for Recovering International Debt

Credit Counsel Inc.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2019 / — When your company is owed money or an asset, it can be very challenging figuring out who to turn to, especially if it involves international accounts. Credit Counsel Inc offers solutions for collecting debt internationally and recovering unpaid assets.

Since 1997, Credit Counsel Inc has provided professional debt recovery services to businesses around the globe and stateside. By hiring the most qualified account managers, having the best rates in the industry, and offering around the clock customer service, Credit Counsel Inc is able to recover debts at a high rate.

International Collections is a very complicated process and can be incredibly costly for businesses. Some of the most common problems businesses face when they come to Credit Counsel Inc are arriving at a reasonable court free solution, communicating and properly negotiating with a debtor and understanding the laws where the debtor is currently located.

It can also difficult when dealing with debtors in multiple countries because currencies are different, and finding times to track down a debtor can seem almost impossible.

Because of our track record and experience, Credit Counsel Inc is able to provide services to your business that will consolidate all of your worldwide commercial debt and put it into an effective collection program.

Credit Counsel Inc can provide businesses with prompt, professional and ethical international collections, resolving almost any issue your business may be facing. Because Credit Counsel Inc has representation in multiple countries, we are able to deliver effective timely solutions, solving many of the complex challenges your business is having, all of which we do without charging a dollar until we collect on your business's behalf.

Powered by state of the art technology and tracking systems, coupled with a world renown account management team that will walk with you through the entire process, Credit Counsel Inc is able to help your company solve any international problem, large or small. Each account manager will handle your claim and stick with you through the entire process, making sure to preserve your company’s brand and image and to achieve the highest possible return in every scenario. Credit Counsel Inc has a simple goal in mind, to provide excellent customer service and help our clients get paid in a timely and professional manner.

International collections can be a tough process to navigate, which is why Credit Counsel Inc is here to walk with your company, every single step of the way, ensuring that you recover unpaid assets and get back to focusing on your business and employees.

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