The Masters of the Pop Art Movement on view at Martin Lawrence Galleries Costa Mesa, CA

Mick Jagger, 1975 (#140) hand-signed screenprint, 43.5 x 29 inches

Andy Mouse, 1986 (#3) hand-signed silkscreen, 35 x 35 inches

Untitled (paint) #8, 2018, oil on paper

(MLG), the nation’s preeminent fine art gallery, is proud to announce an exhibition and opportunity to admire and acquire breathtaking works of art.

Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?”

— Andy Warhol

COSTA MESA, CA, USA, January 2, 2019 / — Martin Lawrence Galleries (MLG), the nation’s preeminent network of fine art galleries, is proud to announce an exhibition of Pop Art by the masters of Pop Art Movement, the event will begin on January 26th, 2019 with a reception at Martin Lawrence Galleries located in Costa Mesa, CA. The exhibition is a truly unique opportunity to admire and acquire breathtaking works of art by the most renowned artists of the 21st century.

MLG has curated a collection of fine art by many of the most influential artists of our time. Pop artists have celebrated ordinary objects, and people from everyday life in this way seeking to elevate popular culture to the level of fine art and this assemblage is no exception.

Included in the exhibition is Keith Haring's exuberant character Andy Mouse and Andy Warhol’s Mick Jagger. The exhibition will also include the works of contemporary artist’s Ben Charles Weiner and Helen Rebekah Garber. Each artist has received critical press and exhibited throughout the U.S. and abroad

Haring was one of the 20th century's most influential artists and social activists whose work reflected and helped define the New York City Street culture of the 1980s. Andy Mouse depicts Andy Warhol as an utterly cool, larger-than-life cartoon mouse…a fitting homage from one Pop artist to another. Haring combined two of his heroes, Andy Warhol, and Mickey Mouse, and the work is considered highly significant in Haring's oeuvre, well regarded for its bold graphics, composition, and sense of humor.

‘It's like treating him [Warhol] like he was part of American culture like Mickey Mouse was. That he had become a symbol, a sign for something complete, universally understandable. He made this niche for himself in the culture. As much as Mickey Mouse had…putting him on a dollar bill was making him even more like an icon or part of the American dream.' –Haring from Haring, Warhol, Disney

Andy Warhol’s obsession with celebrity Icons takes shape once again in his infamous Mick Jagger series. Warhol’s interest in photography, collage, and drawing created a new conceptual framework associated with the appropriation of Pop Icons. The working relationship between Warhol and Mick Jagger began in 1963 and continued into maturity as both the artist and the musician were at the height of their fame in the early 1970s. The collaboration works so well because it manages to capture the essence of both parties involved.

Ben Charles Weiner is a New York-based contemporary artist, whose work bridges the seemingly opposite styles of hyperrealism and process-based abstraction. As a free-thinking abstract artist, Weiner always challenges himself as well as his audience to adapt to new mediums and new perspectives regarding modern consumerism. Fascinated by the substances we put into our bodies, Weiner uses art as an extension of his curiosity and judgment to challenge what we think about generic products that we see on everyday store shelves. Ben has spoken of being greatly influenced by his parents, who were both scientists and unconventional free-thinkers (hippies). Ben’s work often depicts materials used to create illusions in art and everyday life, such as oil paint on a palette, hair gel, jewels, and beeswax used in sculpture. Ben lights his work with visually hypnotic properties encapsulating the apparent desire with sheen, lively texture, vibrant color, luminosity, and transparency. After he's satisfied with proper lighting he photographs these moments using a macro (magnifying) lens to access a practical perspective – “…a space, or landscape, but one that is of a different scale than the body, and thus physically inaccessible…”

From these photos, Weiner paints beautiful large-scale compositions in oil. Playing with the ambiguity of his paintings and choosing “incongruous but evocative titles” gives him the freedom to explore the complex relationship between our imaginations and the external cues that activate them. Along with his paintings, Weiner also works with sculpture, video, crystal formations, and drawing/watercolors where he combines drugs, alcohol, and chemicals that we put into our bodies to create unique, glossy, gradient style pieces.

"I always wanted to"I always wanted to be an artist, and I had this scientific/materialist prototype of doing experimentation with the aim of answering big questions. Early on I was drawn to a bunch of the '60s and 70's theorists like Clement Greenberg, Barnett Newman, Robert Smithson, and McLuhan who applied materialist concepts to art. For me, it's an ontological pursuit – access to existence beyond the anthropocentric."Ben Weiner

Helen Rebekah Garber's practice relies upon refraction and distillation of the various formalized aesthetic elements operating within the iconographic systems of different religious traditions and the critical assessment of abstract, symbol-based vocabularies. By separating the imagery from its original purpose as a signifier of specific dogma, she intends to create a formal matrix of abstraction through a process of layering and negation, weaving brushstrokes in a loom-like manner – fusing the tactility of textile work with the flesh-like qualities of oil paint.

While simultaneously mimicking the accrued sense of the sanctity of the original patterns, they are stripped from their traditional context and condensed into powerful vortexes referencing the figurative yet stripped of the mess of meat and gristle- intended to exist as vessels of synaptic energy. The resulting works function as monolithic structures that convey the universal, while aggressively negating all ideologies.

Helen Rebekah Garber was raised in New York and works in Los Angeles, she graduated from The California Institute of the Arts in 2007 and studied painting at The New York Academy of Art and The Art Students League in New York City. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S. and Europe.

MLG’s exclusive exhibition will also include significant works from Takashi Murakami, Mark Kostabi, Brad Faine, Darren Goins, René Lalonde, Philippe Bertho, and James Rosenquist allowing viewers a unique opportunity to enjoy a visual feast like no other.

The Masters of the Pop Art Movement Exhibition and Event – January 26, 2019 – 6-8PM
Martin Lawrence Galleries
South Coast Plaza
3333 Bear St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Katia Graytok
Martin Lawrence Galleries
+1 203-989-2073
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Tyrus Wings Becomes SunStar Jets

As of January 1st, 2019 Tyrus Wings is Now SunStar Jets

PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA, USA, January 1, 2019 / — We are honored to announce that Tyrus Wings is now Sunstar Jets, Inc.

SunStar Jets will Focus on the Acquisition & Management of Private Jets & Helicopters

Buying an aircraft is not like buying a car, many aspects are involved, and we have the knowledge to guide you through the process to a successful purchase, which includes:

*A detailed analysis of your mission profile
*Market analysis of what is on and off market
*Be with you on every viewing
*Create the Letters of Intent (LOI's)
*Negotiate the transaction on your behalf
*Full line by line breakdown of your operating costs
*Complete analysis of your tax situation as it relates to the aircraft in conjunction with our partner aviation tax consultants
*We have partnered with aviation attorneys to make sure all legal aspects are covered
*Set-up of trust or SPE (if needed)
*Pre-buy inspections to include engine and APU borescope inspections, full record review – AD/MSB statements, repairs, STC's, detailed exterior and interior survey, full system function checks, pressurization checks, fuel leak checks, etc.
*De-registration and re-registration of the aircraft
*Closing documents
*White glove delivery service that starts 48 hours prior to the final delivery of your aircraft Full management service for your aircraft, for as long as you own it

A client's peace of mind is the key to our success.

May you have a happy and prosperous New Year.

General Inquiries
+1 386-872-5014

Geoff Andrews
SunStar Jets, Inc.
+1 3868725014
email us here

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GWK-Consulting signs contract for Italy

German Lean-Consultant expands international activities

KARLSRUHE, GERMANY, January 1, 2019 / — The German Lean-Consultant Gerhard W. Kessler reported, that he has signed a contract to organize the set-up of a logistic project in Italy. He already supported the Chinese owner since several years and has made some significant changes in his plant for medical devices in Beijing. The Chinese company who acquired the Italian manufacturer recently and plans to use the site as a logistic base for his international business. Since 2016, as he did his first process analysis in Beijing, his client has improved the throughput by twenty percent and has installed several lean tools. The clients from Kessler are mostly small and midsized companies in Germany. Beginning 2017 he started a logistic project in a German pharmaceutical company. As the customer is planning to double the output in 2019, Kessler created, together with logistic team, almost thirty percent more space, has set up Kanban driven supermarkets and has installed a system, which will support the 3-shift-manufacturing departments without additional logistic manpower. After some weeks, the customer asked him to take over the team lead on an interims base which gave him the opportunity closing ninety percent of the action items from the initial analysis. “I am looking forward to the new and challenging project in Italy” Kessler said. “Having worked for more than 20 years for an American medical device company, I am quite familiar with different cultures and management philosophies, which will help me to get in close relationship with the Italian employees and the Chinese owner”. Aside this project, his primary field of activity will still be Germany, where he sees a big need for midsized companies to reduce waste and getting prepared for the future. “This can be achieved mostly with common sense, rather than using permanently the terminology industry 4.0” Kessler said. More information can be requested via

Gerhard W. Kessler
GWK – Consulting
+49 721 20325727
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Chicago Marketing Agency Determined To Revamp Outdated And Poor Performing Websites

The new has officially opened in order to serve the local residents throughout the city of Chicago.

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2019 / — The opening of the Chicago SEO Company is finally here and ready to serve the local business owners in Chicago and surrounding cities. With the companies decade of marketing experience and happy clients throughout the United States, they are eager and ready to help the hundreds of local business owners that are struggling to find local customers. The firm has found that there are too many businesses that have poor performing websites and a serious lack of lead generation.

The CEO, Taylor Johnson believes that companies don't even need a website unless it is going to be properly optimized and ready to take orders. He has found that many websites do not rank even within the top 5 pages for targeted keywords and because of this, they receive low amounts of search traffic. Without good traffic coming in weekly, it is impossible to have a converting website that actually improves your companies sales and online reputation.

There are businesses that have spent more than $25,000 just for website development he stated. A professionally designed website is only one piece of the puzzle. The second and most important step is to make sure that your website receives qualified traffic so that it can actually convert and sell your products and services for your company.

Some of the best ways to bring in high-quality traffic are by search engine optimization services. By ranking locally in your area for targeted keyword terms, you can have your website selling for you at any time of the day. This has proven to be one of the best marketing strategies for local business owners.

In addition to ranking organically, have top placements in the snack pack listings also offer a huge benefit for consumers trying to find business owners. For example, let's say you are trying to find a local dentist in Chicago, chances are you will Google a search term such as "Chicago Dentist" and browse through the top-ranked websites in the organic section or in the snack pack map section in order to find a local dentist in your area that can help you with your needs.

The Chicago marketing firm has years and years of local and national marketing experience and is determined to help businesses with their needs. Interested businesses are encouraged to fill out the video audit form on the website or to give them a call to learn more about their current SEO services that they are offering for locally based companies throughout the city of Chicago. The professionals at the company will develop a custom-made video analysis for your company at no charge so that you can see first-hand how your website is currently performing. There are hundreds of SEO factors and by having a professional review your website you can get an in-depth view of where your traffic is currently coming from, how much search traffic you receive monthly, how mobile responsive your website is and many other important factors.

The company can be reached at 312-428-6976 or emailed via their contact form.

300 North LaSalle Street
Suite 4925
Chicago, IL 60654

Taylor Johnson
+1 3124286976
email us here

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Top Small Business Help Forums Named by deBanked

deBanked has selected its two favorite small business forums of 2018

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2019 / — deBanked has selected its two favorite small business forums of 2018.

The Small Business Forum ( was the leading destination for storefront businesses.

The Business Advice Forum ( was the leading destination for online businesses.

Each small business forum provides free access to a helpful community.

According to the Small Business Administration, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the US. These businesses employ 58.9 million people. Active online forums like the ones we have selected provide the opportunity to connect with likeminded business owners. All that is required for registration is an email address, but anyone can browse the questions previously asked and answered. Marketing, management, franchising, accounting, financing, legal, HR, and website design are among the topics that users can discuss. Financial help includes everything from small business credit cards to lines of credit to merchant cash advances to small business loans. Business management and marketing help rank among the most sought after information

The Small Business Forum was founded in 2008, has more than 27,000 members, and nearly 110,000 posts. The Business Advice Forum was founded in 2004, has more than 27,000 members, and more than 220,000 posts.

About deBanked

The deBanked trademark is owned by Raharney Capital, LLC. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Raharney Capital operates a publication dedicated to non-bank finance. To learn more about deBanked, visit

Sean Murray
+1 (212) 220-9084
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Golf Tips, Tennis Tips: Will You Win Your Next Golf Tournament Or Your Next Tennis Match? Maybe

Are you mentally ready for your next golf tournament, your next tennis match or your next sporting event? Take this test and find out if you are in the zone.

“Ideally, I like to see athletes with scores of 8.5 on most of the above. Being eighty five per cent ready, is usually enough to produce fine performances.”

— Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, Author, Founder,

RIVER EDGE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2019 / — In order to play to your potential in golf or in tennis, you need to know how to how stay confident, how to stay relaxed and how to stay focused. In short, you need to know how to get into the zone and stay there.

According to Jay P. Granat, Ph.D. a psychotherapist, author and founder of, there is a simple questionnaire and rating system that can help you to determine if you are in the zone, mentally tough and ready to compete effectively at golf or at tennis or at any other individual sport.

Here are the questions.

Simply rate yourself from 1-10 on each of the questions.

You can use ratings from zero to ten and you can use decimal points.

1. How confident do you feel?
2. How relaxed do you feel?
3. How focused do you feel?
4. How well have you been practicing?
5. How resilient do you feel?
6. How well do you sleep the night before a competition?
7. How is your relationship with your coach or coaches?
8. How much fun do you have when you compete?
9. Can you quiet self -criticism?
10. Do you engage in positive self-talk?
11. Are you able to tune out distractions?
12. Are you able to stay in the present?
13. Do you have pre-shot routines that you consistently use?
14. Do you have a “Plan B,” if your A game is not working?
15. Do you follow and eating regime that makes sense for your body?
16. Are you injury free?
17. Can you empty your mind and trust your athletic body?
18. Can you quiet your mind to focus on just one thing?
19. Are you injury free?
20. Are you able to control any interpersonal problems or stressors?
21. Do you use a simple mantra, phrase or tune to reset your mind and your body?
22. Do you know how to recover from a loss, setback or slump?
23. For young athletes-Is everything good between you and your parents?
24. Have you seen yourself on video in the last ninety days?
25. Have you been practicing well?
26. Do you have a technique to move from choking to the zone?
27. Do you practice meditation, visualization, guided imagery or visualization prior to competing and when you practice?

Ideally, I like to see athletes with scores of 8.5 on most of the above. Being eighty five per cent ready, is usually enough to produce fine performances.

If you discover weaknesses that are causing you to lose matches and tournaments, you need to develop strategies and techniques to overcome these deficiencies.

It is hard to make these kinds of changes on your own. A sport psychologist, coach or mentor can often be quite helpful in building confidence, reducing anxiety, improving focus and in showing you how to enter the zone more often.

If your scores are very low, you can probably benefit from some counseling, mental toughness training or training in self-hypnosis.

Jay P. Granat, Ph.D., is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. The founder of, Dr. Granat has coached athletes from virtually every sport from around the world. His clients have included Olympic Gold Medalists, professional golfers, Division I athletes, tennis pros and elite young competitors and national champions.

A former university professor, Dr. Granat writes a weekly column for five
newspapers and has appeared in many major media outlets including: Good
Mornin America, The New York Times, The BBC, The CBC, Sports Illustrated, The
Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Sporting News, ESPN, The Newark Star Ledger,
ESPN, Tennis Magazine, Tennis View Magazine, Iowa Golfer, Executive Golfer,
and The Bergen Record. Golf Digest named him one of America’s top ten mental

Granat earned his Masters and Ph.D. in Counseling from The University of
Michigan. He is the author of How To Get In The Zone And Stay In The Zone With
Sport Psychology And Self-Hypnosis, How To Lower Your Golf Score, Zone Tennis
101 Ways to Break A Hitting Slump, Zone Tennis, How To Get Into The Zone In
Just One Minute, How To Have A Killer Serve With Sport Psychology, How To
Throw More Strikes and Bedtime Stories For Young Athletes.

Granat is particularly interested in the role that family relationships play in
stress and in how they impact one’s ability to perform their best when under pressure. He is past Vice President of The New York Society For Ericksonian Psychotherapy And Hypnosis. He is a member of The American Counseling Association and The American Psychological Association.

Dr. Granat is available for public speaking, consulting and counseling.

He can be reached at 201 647-9191 or at

Dr. Jay Granat
Skyline Group
+1 201-647-9191
email us here

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Family law attorney Janet Reed explains recent changes to tax laws affecting tax treatment of spousal support

Janet Reed Attorney in North Carolina 2

Janet Reed Attorney in North Carolina 2

Website of Janet P Reed, Attorney in North Carolina

Website of Janet P Reed, Attorney in North Carolina

Blog of Janet Pittman Reed, NC Lawyer

Blog of Janet Pittman Reed, NC Lawyer

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Under the TCJA, spousal support under a divorce decree or settlement agreement finalized after December 31, 2018 is no longer deductible, notes Janet Reed, Esq.

The Law Office of Attorney Janet Pittman Reed (N/A:N/A)

The change poses a significant consideration for practitioners … the support being awarded or agreed upon in 2019 and forward will represent a higher financial burden for the payor spouse”

— Janet Reed, The Law Office of Attorney Janet Pittman Reed

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2019 / — In her newest published article, lawyer Janet Reed explains recent tax changes that may be implicated in family law proceedings. The complete article will be published on her Blog at

As part of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA), tax treatment of spousal support has gone under a major overhaul. As practitioners of family law are well aware, currently, spousal support is an above the line deduction for the payor spouse and taxable income for the payee spouse. This means that regardless of whether the payor spouse takes the standard deduction or the itemized deduction, said payor spouse can deduct spousal support from his or her taxable income and reduce their tax burden. Correspondingly, the payee spouse has to report such spousal support as their income and be responsible for the income taxes on it. Because payor spouse tends to have higher income than the payee spouse, it often results in a net tax benefit by shifting pre-tax dollars from the payor spouse to the payee spouse.

Under the TCJA, spousal support payable under a divorce decree or settlement agreement finalized after December 31, 2018 is no longer deductible by the payor spouse nor reportable as income by the payee spouse. This is also true for any modifications to existing settlement agreements, but only if the agreement explicitly provides that spousal support will no longer be deductible by the payor spouse.

The change poses a significant consideration for practitioners. Attorneys representing payor spouse must recognize that the support being awarded or agreed upon in 2019 and forward will represent a substantially higher financial burden for the payor spouse. At the same time, payee spouse will now receive such support without worry for income tax burden. Payor spouse’s attorney will need to focus on lowering the support amount in litigations and negotiations to accurately reflect the fact that spousal support award can be lower and still provide same financial support to the payee spouse. Attorneys for payee spouse will need to focus on maximizing the financial benefit to the payee spouse and also ensure that support award or agreement does not overcompensate for the change in tax law, resulting in an unduly reduced spousal support.

Navigating the constantly shifting tax laws and their implications on family law cases requires the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. Individuals are encouraged to discuss the potential ramifications of the TCJA on their cases with a qualified family law attorney, adds Ms. Reed.

About Janet Pittman Reed, Attorney in North Carolina

Janet P. Reed is an attorney in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and handles Family Law cases such as Divorce & Separation.

Attorney Profile:

Janet P. Reed
The Law Office of Attorney Janet Pittman Reed
+1 910-381-1758
email us here
Visit us on social media:

Fox Business Network: Millennials are helping to lower the US divorce rate – report

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Intermittent Fasting Made Easy – The 3 Day Fast Start Diet

Intermittent Fasting Made Easy

Intermittent Fasting-Without Starving

You call this Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, and enhance hormone function. Nutrient ratios proven to get results

"You can't help someone up a hill without
getting closer to the top yourself "”

— Joey Dweck

TENAFLY, NJ, US, January 1, 2019 / — Tenafly, NJ – Dec 29th 2018, Weight Loss Buddy has made headlines with the launch of a new 3-day fasting diet that is said to be the best yet. Unlike other fasting diets that are hard to follow, Weight Loss Buddy has put together a 3-day fasting diet meal kit that includes every single thing needed to get through the 3 days. The 3-day fasting meal kit includes an appetite suppressant to reduce hunger cravings, and pre-calculated, pre-proportioned meals to get through all three days. The Weight Loss Buddy meal kit makes it much easier to complete a 3-day intermittent fasting diet because they have taken care of the hard work. The meal kits come with three days of delicious and wholesome foods that aide in the alleviation of bloating and sugar-cravings.

The 3-day fast start meal kits are part of a pre-measured, pre-calculated 3 day eating plan. Joey Dweck the CEO of Weight Loss Buddy was quoted as saying, “We have gone to great lengths to choose, out of hundreds of foods, nutrient ratios, that were found to be the most beneficial in recent longevity studies in tricking the body into thinking it's fasting. This is the most valuable box of meals you are ever going to get. An individual would have to spend $100’s of dollars to buy these items in bulk, not to mention assembling them. You buy only what you need. Start building a new body now!” He went on to say, “Anyone can benefit from this Spring-Cleaning of sorts. It doesn’t matter how good your diet is, or how much exercise you do, the body ages and the cells accumulate damage.”

LiPO3 Appetite Suppressant Spray is included with the meal kits at no extra cost. LiPO3 is a unique formula that contains clinically proven appetite suppressants with a powerful liposome delivery system. It is made entirely in the USA. Intermittent Fasting has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, and enhance hormone function. Some researchers believe that the rise in health problems has a lot to do with the fact that many people no longer go hungry. 3-day fasting diets are becoming hugely popular and remain to be a very healthy way to detox the body.
To learn more about the Weight Loss Buddy or their new 3-day fast start meal kits, visit their official website at

Take a look at “Unboxing the Diet”

Media Contact:
Weight Loss Buddy
Attn: Joey Dweck
Tenafly, NJ USA

Joseph Dweck
Weight Loss Buddy, Inc
+1 877-283-3987
email us here
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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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