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RC's Plumbing Company Has Important Suggestions Guaranteed to Help you Save Water, Save Money, and Save the Planet

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — RC's Plumbing Company Has Important Suggestions Guaranteed to Help you Save Water, Save Money, and Save the Planet

Most of us take our plumbing systems for granted. So when they get old, degrade, or otherwise fail to perform as well as they ought to, we suffer – often without even knowing why.

To help their customers avoid quality of life problems that your friendly neighborhood plumbing company can easily fix for you, RC's Plumbing Company offers this handy-dandy list of plumbing system changes that are simple and inexpensive, but effective in preserving and improving your quality of life:

Green is Good

Because water so precious – and growing scarcer than ever in some parts of our planet – it’s important to avoid waste and make the best possible use of the water you do draw from nature.

That’s why it’s important you consider changing out your faucets and shower heads to more water-efficient models. They come in every style, size, and price range, and they often function better using far less water than the old-style equipment you’ve probably been using for years.

In gardens and other planting areas, RC's Plumbing Company can install drip irrigation systems that waste much less water than spray systems. They can also put in system upgrades that harvest rainwater and make it available for washing your car or watering your plants.

Update Your Toilets

You probably never think of it, but toilets contain lots of moving parts that will eventually wear out or malfunction. Why wait for a problem? Get your toilet tuned up now so it uses the minimum amount of water to serve its function. RC's Plumbing Company can also update the inner workings or even the entire toilet so it flushes better while using less water.

Heat Water Efficiently

Even the best, most expensive central water heater will fail after 10 or 15 years. If it leaks, you’ll have a flood. But even before that it will begin to cost more to operate and likely break down if you don’t give it regular, required maintenance. Why wait for an expensive problem to catch you by surprise?

RC's Plumbing Company advises that regular cleanings, anode replacements, and general check-ups will help make sure you continue to have hot water every day.

You can also save energy and waste less water by replacing a large central water heater with smaller “point-of-use” heaters – particularly in rooms where you must always run the tap for more than a few seconds while you wait for hot water to show up.

Clear Your Drains

Drains are out of sight and out of mind. But they perform an important job carrying sludgy materials that can easily build up, reduce flow rates, and cause a clog.

The remedy is an expensive drain clearing operation. RC's Plumbing Company reminds you that the better choice is regular maintenance to clear out sludge and potential clogs before they completely stop the flow of waste water.

You can also install inexpensive screens of various types: one in every sink, tub, and shower to prevent hair and other unwanted debris from diving out of sight and clogging your drains.

Filter Your Drinking Water

Your tap water is probably safe to drink, but it may still carry dirt, sand, and unhealthy chemicals into your plumbing system – and you. Minerals and dirt can enter your food, and can also quickly build up not only in your plumbing, but in your water-dependent appliances such as coffee makers, garbage disposals, and the like.

It costs far less to install filters where needed – sometimes even a whole-house filter or softener system – than to pay RC's Plumbing Company for the unexpected repairs and replacements of damaged components.

Filtered water is always better, anyway.

RC's Plumbing Company is fully trained, equipped, licensed, insured, and otherwise prepared to provide any of these recommended services, as well as repairs, replacements, upgrades and installations, anywhere in Austin.

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