Ridgewood Racquet Club in New Jersey Is Now Realizing the Benefits of Superb LED Lighting – Guy Albert de Chimay

Ridgewood Racquet Club 5 Courts

Little Silver Racquet Club 3 Courts

Match Point NYC 9 Courts

Discover how Green Arc Energy Advisors greatly enhanced light output and coverage of Ridgewood Racquet Club and similar complexes with LED lighting conversions.

The Eclipse™ fixtures have transformed the lighting in our facility, and our customers are very pleased with the upgrade. Green Arc’s customer service and support far exceeded our expectations.”

— Martin Infante

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Green Arc Energy Advisors completed a conversion project installing new LED light fixtures at Ridgewood Racquet Club’s 5-court building in Ridgewood, New Jersey, increasing the facility’s lumen output by 100%. With this retro-commissioning project, Green Arc transformed the original 8-per-court 1,080-watt, 480-volt powered metal halide fixture layout by converting over to 44 new 495-watt Eclipse™ LED light fixtures.

The new Eclipse™ fixtures provide optimal distribution across the entire facility, delivering maximum light levels on-court, which are now at the equivalent of 60 foot-candles, as demonstrated by new court light readings. Prior to the conversion, base court readings were registering below 30 foot-candles.

Green Arc’s proprietary optic technology distributes light against reflective roof surfaces at a 180-degree beam angle, eliminating dark spots typically associated with alternate solutions, filling the spaces evenly between the exposed beams. The fixtures were added to the apex of Ridgewood’s complex, utilizing the existing electrical distribution, which required no structural modifications.

In response to the dramatic improvement to the facility’s lighting, Martin Infante, the owner of Ridgewood Racquet Club, said, “The Eclipse™ fixtures have transformed the lighting in our facility, and our customers are very pleased with the upgrade. Green Arc’s customer service and support far exceeded our expectations. We greatly appreciate their professional assistance in completing this project.”

Green Arc previously converted other similar facilities to its LED lighting solutions, including Match Point NYC in Brooklyn, New York, which deployed the same Eclipse™ LED light fixtures in several areas within its expansive facilities, including the tennis and basketball courts and world-class gymnastics-training center. By replacing Match Point’s existing metal halide light fixtures with nearly 140 Eclipse™ LED fixtures, the facility increased its maximum on-court tennis light levels from 40 foot-candles to 80 foot-candles. Moreover, by making the conversion, Match Point was able to virtually eliminate the hassles of regular maintenance. Similarly, Little Silver Tennis Club in Little Silver, New Jersey, installed 36 Eclipse 495-watt fixtures within its new 3-court steel-frame building, yielding maximum on-court light levels of 80 foot-candles. And, like Match Point, Little Silver Tennis Club now experiences hassle-free maintenance, along with all the other benefits that LED lighting provides.

According to Guy Albert de Chimay, Executive Vice President of Green Arc Energy Advisors, “As with all LED upgrades, the benefits extend well beyond the initial usage reductions. In addition to the direct wattage, new Eclipse™ fixtures eliminate almost 4,000 BTUs per hour per lamp in passive heat gain compared to 1,000-watt metal halide lamps, which must be removed by the facilities’ HVAC systems. In most facilities, for every dollar saved at the plug, a dollar is saved in HVAC costs during the cooling season.” Additionally, the new fixtures carry a 10-year warranty and have a 100,000+ hour useful lifespan. All fixtures include 10KV surge protection and are engineered for low glare.

About Green Arc’s Patented Eclipse™ LED Lighting
Designed specifically for the demanding requirements of air dome/air-inflated structures, butler buildings with reflective ceilings, fabric-over-frame structures, natatoriums, and other complexes, Eclipse™ is engineered with innovative Controlled Light Delivery (CLD) technology™ to deliver brighter output, better light distribution, lower wattage, and run much cooler for enhanced longevity, making them ideal for use over all court and field surfaces. By generating 50,000 lumens (405w), 55,000 lumens (450w), or 60,000 lumens (495w), depending on lighting needs, direct energy usage can be reduced to 62%, 58%, or 54%, respectively. Eclipse™ LED lighting is the ideal solution for both amateur and professional sports facilities, in both direct and indirect lighting configurations. Eclipse™ also has sealed LED arrays, making them resistant to water and dust, which will provide years of consistent, trouble-free illumination. In addition, these fixtures qualify for energy rebates in participating jurisdictions.

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