Brett Vance, Host of TV’s Jet Jockeys, Launches, AirLifeTimes, Exciting New Aviation Blog

AirLifeTimes, Created by TV Host Brett Vance

“AirLifeTimes is a brand new, comprehensive blog that shines light on the whole aerospace arena” – Brett Vance

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 12, 2019 / — Pilot and aviation expert Brett Vance has certainly had a busy year so far. Between gearing up to host TV’s Jet Jockeys, an upcoming docu-reality series focusing on pilots and the planes they fly, and travelling around the country doing his job as a test pilot, Vance doesn’t let much time go to waste. Now, he has launched AirLifeTimes (, a new aviation blog that is sure to explode in popularity over the coming months.

AirLifeTimes is a repository of the latest and greatest in aerospace. The historical archives provide an insightful view to the past, a perspective so significant it must be preserved and referenced so that today’s aviation professionals don’t repeat the mistakes of their predecessors. Lessons learned are documented for good reason! Each section of the blog provides a new way of viewing the thrilling world of aviation.

“I have completed a massive search of electronic and print media to find a single outstanding repository of spectacular aerospace facts and stories and such a thing just doesn’t exist,” explains Vance, “The longer I’m in this business, the more I see that people are mystified by what pilots actually do, and when the discussion branches into some of the more specialized aspects of the career field—their eyes glaze over like an iced-up windscreen! Clearly those of us in the business need to spread the word and educate everyone! So…the roll-out of AirLifeTimes is like that of a new, long-awaited aircraft. Much in the planning and design stage; seemingly a lifetime in engineering and development; and finally, the full-up article is on the ramp, ready to fly.”

The AirLifeTimes blog depends on its readers for the best in content. The forum on the website will encourage aviation fans to share their stories over the internet, which can include adventures (or even misadventures,) riding in aircraft of all kinds. The purpose of the blog is to share those stories and photos, from hot air balloons to spaceships.

“AirLifeTimes is a brand new, comprehensive blog that shines a light on the whole aerospace arena,” continues Vance, “You’ll see some pretty amazing categories for our stories and articles. I chose these based on what I would want to know if I was either a novice—knowing very little about the industry—or even an experienced pilot or traveler with a great interest in the flying world. Everyone who visits AirLifeTimes will find something to love here.”

With the launch of the blog, Vance is encouraging others interested in flying to help build outstanding, relevant content. He stresses that with the help of other like-minded individuals, the blog can truly become a benchmark. “I travel a lot and I know you have some of your own stories you want to share,” concludes Vance, “I’m always looking for great writing, video, and photographic documentation. If you have a story to share, write it up, shoot it, and send it in via our Contact link. I’d love to hear from you and share your contribution to the conversation. Enjoy AirLifeTimes and I’ll see you in the arena. Fly safe everyone and check six.”

***Brett Vance is the host of TV’s Jet Jockeys, an upcoming docu-reality series focusing on pilots and the planes they fly. In the show, Vance does for aviation enthusiasts what Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs has done for the dignity of the trades and what Neil de Grasse Tyson of Cosmos has done for our sense of wonder about the universe. The sacrifices, accomplishments, and challenges of pilots are front and center in each jaw-dropping episode.

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