The International Association of Certified ISAOs (IACI) Announces Hakdefnet as a Strategic Security Member

IACI announces Hakdefnet as a Strategic Security Partner to contribute to IACINet, the global "center-of-gravity" to access actionable threat intelligence.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL, US, June 12, 2019 / — IACI, the global association advancing cyber resilience by accelerating information sharing, announced today that Hakdefnet, a global German-based Security Research Company has joined IACI as a Strategic Security Member to contribute to IACINet, IACI’s global “center-of-gravity” infrastructure for access to actionable threat intelligence and defensive measures.

IACINet breaks down long-standing information sharing barriers and silos by connecting the public- and private-sector, ISAOs, private industry organizations, US Dept. of Homeland Security, law enforcement, security partners, academia, and NATO 48 Member Countries, 6,000+ private sector organizations, and 139 worldwide CERTS.

Hakdefnet and IACI will be working together to enable cybersecurity resilience by advancing analysis and delivery of actionable threat intelligence. Hakdefnet’s unique approach to Risk Intelligence includes contributions from the Hakdefnet actionable defense platform that is continuously updated with new and relevant attack research and analysis data and offering IACI Members technology that finds and detects vulnerabilities and risks that standard antiviruses and firewalls cannot.

“We are not going to solve today’s security problems with the same known methods we’ve been using. It’s only through having a better understanding of cyber risks and internationally coordinated threat intel and defensive measures information sharing that we can move from a reactive to a proactive security stance”, said Deborah Kobza, President of the International Association of Certified ISAOs. “We are thrilled to have Hakdefnet as a strategic IACI Security Member to advance cybersecurity resilience”.

“We at Hakdefnet are passionate about security, believing that everyone has a right to browse the Internet, access information, and buy products and services, without the risk to cyberattacks. International economies and the Internet are global human rights that help us live our lives as a free, happy, peaceful and enlightened society. We help others whenever possible by protecting those universal rights with our unique, passionate and proven approach of balanced value for (cyber) risk intelligence.” Michael A. Goedeker, President of Hakdefnet GmbH and HDN International.

Hakdefnet’s history and research goals as well as our partnership with IACI are clear; 1 To make complex security topics easy to understand, 2 Use our cyber risk platform CyberNSight™ as actionable intelligence, 3 to protect human lives while maintaining a moral compass and training the next generation of cyber defenders. Attacks have invalidated many security technologies we previously trusted. It’s time to level the playing field with real value, great training and correct cyber risk awareness.

About Hakdefnet

We help identify attacks, understand them, and protect against them. Our solution learns independently and keeps itself and you up-to- date on the latest (cyber) risks. This provides the basis for the best possible protection against “cyber” attacks and the loss of critical data, specifically when dealing with new threats that classical security products can no longer detect or find, because attacks have become much more difficult due to cyber warfare and espionage technology.

Based on CyberNSight™, VCISO, Cyber Intelligence Academy, Risk Reports and our Cyber Analyst as a Service Subscriptions, our clients not only know if, but also how they could be attacked by analyzing security gaps and how data is stolen. We believe Risk Intelligence is the only tangible way to successfully minimize and avoid the risk and damage caused by sophisticated cyber-attacks.

About IACI

The International Association of Certified ISAOs, headquartered at the IACI-CERT, Global Situational Awareness Center, Center for Space Education at Kennedy Space Center, FL is the trusted “center-of-gravity” advancing information sharing cooperation, coordination and collaboration by connecting the global community of Information Sharing & Analysis Organizations (ISAOs), private organizations, academia, government (US DHS, Federal Agencies, Law Enforcement, State/Local/Tribal/Territorial Governments and International organizations).

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Source: EIN Presswire