GDAC 2019 to Be Held in Dongguan on June 19

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Guests of GDAC 2019

Invitation to GDAC

CHINA, June 14, 2019 / — The Conference on Intelligent Medical Technologies and Applications 2019 (GDAC), sponsored by LEBEN, will be held in Donggua, China on June 19, 2019.

Guests to attend this conference include Dr. Zhu Haogang, the chief architect of LEBEN, the professor and doctoral supervisor from Beihang University; Dr. Gao Jian, the chief economist of LEBEN and the former chief economist of China Development Bank; Professor He Yihua, the member of the Beijing Branch, Specialized Committee of Ultrasound, Chinese Medical Association, as well as experts and scholars from healthcare, technology, finance, industry and other fields.

Profile of GDAC
With the theme of "Equalized Healthcare and Digitally-empowered Future", this conference will run exchanges and communications in forms of speeches and round-table forums. By inviting experts and scholars from healthcare, technology, finance, industry and other fields, this conference will deliver cutting-edge technologies and profound insights of smart healthcare to global medical peers and expand on how LEBEN technologies can widely share and synergize medical business by supporting three key medical resources, i.e. knowledge, data and algorithms.

Agenda of GDAC
This conference will mainly comprise guest speech, public welfare activity and round-table forum. In the "guest speech" part, Dr. Zhu Haogang, the chief architect of LEBEN, and Dr. Gao Jian, the chief economist of LEBEN, will deliver keynote speeches on "How LEBEN Equalize Global Healthcare" and "The Relationship between Smart Healthcare and Global Macroeconomy" respectively. In the "public welfare activity" part, the public service announcements named "Redo" made by LEBEN will be released on site to offer helping hands to children suffering congenital heart disease. In the "round-table forum" part, Dr. Zhu Haogang, Dr. Gao Jian, Professor He Yihua and other attending guests will discuss on the practical value and significance of "equalization of global healthcare" around the topic "Equalized Healthcare and Digitally-empowered Future" by embarking on their respective professional fields.

Significance of GDAC
This conference envisions new trends, new patterns and new ecosystems on a platform of openness, cooperation exploration and innovation, allowing the sharing and synergy of big data brings more potential for smart healthcare. In addition of brainstorming by industrial bigshots and guests, the conference will also offer assistance for children suffering congenital heart disease.

LEBEN is an intelligent contract-based collaboration platform for global medical industry that technologically features "profound sharing of medical knowledge" and "creditable medical data exchange" and combines big data with artificial intelligence technologies. As LEBEN shares a vision of "Equalization of Global Healthcare", the "equalization" here means the possibility of enabling medically underdeveloped regions to be on an infinite par with medically developed regions under the help of LEBEN. (

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Source: EIN Presswire