Treasure Investments Corporation, DBA Foundry Michelangelo, Meets the “Wild West” at Freedom Fest, 2019 in Las Vegas

Reflections of America by Laran Ghiglieri, two eagles intertwined with the American Flag

“Relfections of America” depicts a pair of impressive American Bald Eagles in flight, holding our nation’s flag in their talons

Laran standing proudly with his creation, Spirit of America

Laran standing proudly with his creation, Spirit of America

A Snapshot of Treasure Investments Corp's Trade Show Booth

Treasure Investments Corporation’s Booth Sample

Founder and Chairman of Treasure Investments Corporation, DBA Foundry Michelangelo, Mark Russo describes, “This year’s Freedom Fest theme is 'The Wild West'”

Laran works with impressive efficiency…his sculptures are simply incredible.”

— Mark Russ, Founder & Chairman of Treasure Investments Corporation

BATTLE GROUND, WA, USA, July 15, 2019 / — Founder and Chairman of Treasure Investments Corporation, DBA Foundry Michelangelo, Mark Russo describes, “This year’s Freedom Fest theme is “The Wild West”, and we are very excited to have been invited to participate. Our bronze, pure .999 silver and gold sculptures portray not only the theme of the rugged individualists of America’s iconic Wild West, but our images graphically illustrate the freedoms we, in the United States of America, so dearly cherish and protect.”

Freedom Fest, an annual festival, is described as the biggest liberty conference of the year, where free minds meet to celebrate great ideas and great thinkers, in an open-minded environment. It is considered “the trade show for liberty” and features freedom think tanks, inventors and entrepreneurs, investment and financial institutions, and healthy living experts. Freedom Fest attracts people from all walks of life and across the political spectrum. It is open to anyone who enjoys a wide interest in books, art, music, film, science, philosophy, economics, health, sports, technology, business, religion, law, politics and more.

Mark added, “In addition to our very special 10 x 20 foot booth display showcasing a variety of our works in bronze, and pure .999 silver, President and CEO, Casey Powell, and our extraordinary team, will be on hand to engage with current and prospective investors in an array of general sessions, work shops and break-out sessions with our team.”

In our Wild West- and Patriotic-themed booth we will display some of our most iconic sculptures, including “Reflections of America”, “Stage Coach” and “Hot Pursuit”.

“Reflections of America”, is one of our most impressive patriot-themed bronze sculptures. It depicts a pair of impressive American Bald Eagles in flight, holding our nation’s flag in their talons. The bronze work, over five feet in height and brilliantly finished with the flag in hand-finished brilliant red, white and blue, was created by Laran Ghiglieri. Son of the world-renowned Lorenzo Ghiglieri. Laran, endowed with his father's brilliant talent, skill set and passion in equal measure, adapts his own techniques as he creates these heroic works. As Mark Russo describes, “Laran works with impressive efficiency…his sculptures are simply incredible.” Within the genre of wildlife artists, few compare to Laran Ghiglieri. His works are in private collections, and on public display, worldwide. Having created over 100 limited edition bronzes, many of his pieces have sold for over hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of his bronzes have sold almost immediately, and almost all of his earlier limited editions are entirely sold out.

Another impressive piece on display at Freedom Fest, “Stage Coach Gold” was commissioned by Mark Russo, to Laran R. Ghiglieri is an historically accurate 1860 Concord stage coach. Cast in the traditional “Lost Wax Casting” process, in bronze, 210 pounds in weight, and over five feet in length and 27 inches tall, it was created from over 3,000 individual pieces, then joined into one of the most detailed sculptures of its kind in the world today. Mark adds, “We think you’ll agree that this piece brilliantly represents the Wild West in its most recognizable and iconic image, the horse-drawn stage coach. Cast in bronze, then meticulously finished in a dark patina with hand-applied highlights, it is then hand-rubbed to enhance its incredible detail of not only the stage coach but the lifelike horses as well. Each horse is an individual study, powerfully built. Upon viewing the work, you can feel the motion of each horse as it reacts to the driver’s whip. The details were sketched, then formed in wax, following months of pain-staking research from original blueprints of the Concord Stage Company archives. The extraordinary final bronze work took almost one year to complete. Demand is high, and as Mark adds, “It is selling as quickly as we can cast it. Admirers who have chosen one of these works for their own collections agree this western piece is unlike anything else on earth. We agree. It's breathtaking!"

Upon close inspection of “Stage Coach”, you will notice a few arrows have pierced the coach, as the stage driver urges his 6-horse team onward at breakneck speed! Who shot those well-placed arrows? Laran Ghiglieri provides the answer in his work,“Hot Pursuit”, a breath-taking image of three Native American warriors, urging on their galloping ponies to take over the coach and the treasures it might be transporting.

The speakers on hand during Freedom Fest include notable experts in a variety of genres. The impressive line-up includes Alan Dershowitz, Professor Emeritus Harvard Law School; Rich Lowry, “National Review” Editor; Kevin O’Leary from the “Shark Tank”, an ABC television series, AND Treasure Investments Corporation DBA Foundry Michelangelo Director of Investor Relations, Michael Sheppard. An investor and team member, Michael is an erudite spokesman and specialist in this field. He will describe opportunities that exist in beoming a shareholder. He will also be featured during three sessions Thursday and Friday, July 18-19: “Doing Well by Doing Good”, “Open Range: Finding New Places, New Ways for Financial Freedom” and “Having the Opportunity to Invest in an IPO Before Going Public”.

About Treasure Investments Corporation, dba Foundry Michelangelo:
Founder and Chairman, Mark Russo, and President and CEO Casey Powell have built a diverse business platform, creating and providing fine art in original sculptures from small desktop collectibles to larger-than-life heroic monuments cast in bronze, pure silver, gold and resin. Casey, a seasoned business leader and successful developer of several companies across the U. S., was Founder and CEO of Sequent Computer Systems that was sold to IBM for $1B. Foundry Michelangelo’s master mold collection contains over 1,500 original molds from world-famous artists. Featured artists remain world-famous Lorenzo Ghiglieri and his son, Laran, but now include works created from a substantial collection of company-owned original molds, including iconic works from Frederic Remington, C. M. Russel, Edgar Degas, Auguste Rodin and Michelangelo. For more information, visit

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