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Although international e-commerce is more and more popular nowadays, cross-border logistics is still facing many issues.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, July 31, 2019 / — Before TrackingMore launched its international parcel tracking service,tracking of a cross-border parcel is difficult and painful.

Let's assume John Doe who love international shopping just bought a pair of shoes on eBay, and his Chinese seller shipped his parcel from China to the USA.

After seven days of anxious waiting, John Doe finally found his parcel finally left China in the China Post tracking page. John Doe was just joyful for a while, but soon he found the shipping information is no longer updated.

Why? Because China Post is a member of the Universal Postal Union. USPS will take over John Doe's parcel when his postal parcel arrives at the USA. So Jone Doe has to track his package with a new tracking number in a USPS tracking page.

For international shopping, sometimes John Doe needs to track 3 or 4 times if his parcel goes to different countries for transit.

To fix this issue, TrackingMore.Com was built up and provides one-stop tracking service for its users. Except for one-stop tracking service, digs deep in customers' requirement and launched email notify service.

Let's assume it's a beautiful sunshine afternoon, Jane Doe sits in her office watching shinning lawn outside, but inside of her heart, she is very fidgety. She already made a plan to visit her clients, but she has a critical DHL package on the way, which need a signature to deliver.

So she has to track her DHL tracking number repeatedly, it wastes a lot of her time, and she doesn't have the mood to work.

But with email notify service, she can totally drop this annoyance. She input her tracking number and email address in TrackingMore's DHL tracking page, and then she will get timely updates by email when her shipping status is changed.

International shipping indeed does have a lot of experience problems. The issues can only be solved when the overseas logistics distribution reach a high informatisation level.

However, this is absolutely a long-term system engineering. But with, you can have a brand new and enjoyable international shopping experience.

Now TrackingMore.Com already supports 610+ couriers all over the world, such as UPS tracking, FedEx tracking, DHL tracking, etc., and will keep hard working to provide better service for all its users.

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Source: EIN Presswire