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“Leadership & Self-Worth: A Tech Nerds Guide” eBook and Paperback

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"Leadership & Self-Worth: A Tech Nerd's Guide" gives unique insight, explains how to connect dots from abstract concepts taught in STEM, and provides resources.

However, when something is taken to the extreme, is left to become unbridled, and is allowed to break through certain boundaries unchecked it becomes a problem.-Progressive Education”

— Jamin Chavez

LA PLATA, MO, UNITED STATES, August 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Educators, students, and Industry leaders have been looking for a way to help STEM students "connect the dots" from abstract concepts. Highly recommended by STEM's CEO Andrew Raupp, PPHC Compass Publisher has published "Leadership & Self-Worth: A Tech Nerd's Guide" to help do just that.

Are you looking for what you need to do to grow leaders in your organization or school, help your STEM students understand abstract concepts to connect dots, and help them boost their understanding of self-worth? This is your go to book for everything STEM, CTE, and leadership related. Jamin Chavez, author of "Leadership & Self-Worth: A Tech Nerd's Guide" gives us a unique view and examples of his leadership style and experience while serving as a Patriot Missile System Technician and Instructor in the Army. He also gives resources to readers helping them know exactly where to go to find a "New Collar" and STEM related profession during and after school. Knowing where to find examples of leadership can be difficult especially as a technologist and in a world where the meaning of technology has been blurred by its volume this book makes a distinction, articulates the different types of technology available to us, and what young technologists can do to learn how to become a leader and future Project Manager.

"Leadership & Self-Worth: A Tech Nerd's Guide" can be purchased in eBook and paperback format at every major bookstore (Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and at https://pphccompass.com

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