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Brady Bunte

Brady Bunte -ProBaller

Brady Bunte- ProBaller Energy Drinks – theres a new Baller in town!

We can’t wait to introduce you to something new in the cooler that speaks to the ProBaller in us all.”

— Brady Bunte

BEVERLY HILLS , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2019 / — Brady BunteProBaller Energy Drinks

Brady Bunte – The leading name in a "Sports Energy Drink" is about to change.

Brady Bunte could see rows and rows of shiny “sports drinks” with pictures of bulls charging and monster trucks crashing down staring back at him from the cooler of the convenience store. There was one missing. He couldn’t find it anywhere. He began to realize it didn’t exist at all. Over the last 9 years Brady Bunte has traveled extensively working with his existing brands and brand partners, from world famous marine life artist Wyland, to Tres Sietes Tequila events with football legend Ray Lewis to benefit and spotlight the work of the military and veterans, an initiative close to the chests of both Ray Lewis and Brady Bunte.
In these travels, it kept coming back to him, “there is no energy drink that really speaks to a "Professional Baller” and there are no Ultra-Premium Energy Drinks. These meetings with many of sports legends over his travels, took on a double meaning for him as he continued to refine the formulation, the feel of the cans and the brand that has shaped into ProBaller with direct feedback from these legends and from his own experiences on the streets, in the stands and in the aisles of America. ProBaller answers the question “What do we bring to the game?” Whether you are about to play in the game, or watch it. ProBaller is that sweet spot between refreshing and energizing.
In each can, you’ll receive a sustained platform of energy that doesn’t spike up or dip down. Crafted with highest quality ingredients with a unique combination of natural flavors and herbs and proven supplements to vitalize the body and mind. ProBaller will help increase your concentration and performance. ProBaller Energy Drink has the same energy output as Red Bull or Rockstar but only uses the best and highest-quality ultra-premium ingredients and a proprietary formulation to enhance your focus and skills. ProBaller has no typical energy drink after taste and is lower in calories, sugar and carbohydrates. It’s just simply healthier for you that any other brand.
Crafted and tested to work perfectly as a cocktail or mixed with iced tea. Try a 12oz can of ProBaller and 1.5 oz of Tres Sietes Tequila and it’s like a Red Bull Vodka on steroids but taste much better, like a skinny margarita! Mix it with iced tea and you have the first ever Arnold Palmer Energy Drink.

We can’t wait to introduce you to something new in the cooler that speaks to the ProBaller in us all.

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