Hematologist and Oncologist Dr. Mitchell F. Peabody to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Mitchell F Peabody is hoping to spread the good word about Cancer. He is a highly regarded Oncologist who specializes in various types of Cancers that include blood Cancers such as Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma, as well as lung and head and neck cancers. Sometimes he is a surgeon, and he is also a Hematologist who deals with non-cancerous blood conditions, such as anemia and clotting disorders.

“Treating cancer has come so far from 15 years ago. The treatments are better, more varieties than just Chemotherapy. Even the medications to ease nausea are better. There are actually many positive things about living with Cancer now, and even more to come,” he says.

Dr. Peabody was born and raised in Michigan, where he first began to study medicine. His interest was spurred by his love for a younger brother who was born with Down’s Syndrome and suffered numerous health issues. The doctor practiced there and later moved to Florida, where he loves not just what he does but where he does it. He is affiliated with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, a private, not-for-profit healthcare system providing superior care in an environment that Dr. Peabody jokes is like always being on vacation.

Dr. Peabody enjoys all the diverse and challenging aspects of his work. He strives to help patients grasp things; really understand what is going on and what their options are. He says this bedside manner is a trait that helps set him apart. He also likes to be evidence based whenever possible, and believes he has a gift for pattern recognition when making diagnoses. Dr. Peabody also relishes teaching other physicians and frequently lectures Residents and experienced practitioners. Patients, he mentions, come in every variety in his part of Florida, and while he treats almost exclusively adults, they have included the homeless, surfers and professional athletes and even a member of the legislature.

Dr. Peabody also has an interesting hobby that involves fountain pens. He stresses he is more of an enthusiast than a collector, since he has many pens but uses them. One way is when writing good old-fashioned notes and letters by hand (as opposed to email) to his friends, colleagues and loved ones.

In his show, Dr. Peabody will tell us more about this hobby, his life and his family. Mainly though, this doctor will focus on how things have changed in his field–from better outcomes and survival rates to treatments that kill off the Cancer cells more effectively. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with listeners.

CUTV News Radio will highlight Dr. Mitchell F Peabody in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday, December 4th at 7:00pm EST

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