Trauma and Recovery Therapist Susan G. Jacobs to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

RANDOLPH, VERMONT, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2019 / — Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing and disturbing event in our lives. Inevitably all of us will be marred by some kind of trauma that leaves us overwhelmingly unable to cope. Friends and family can help somewhat, but that is not enough to have long term effects. Turning to a highly skilled therapist who has the insight can be the key to a future of hope. It can be the solution to help us realize that there indeed is a beautiful rainbow after the rain and we can eventually heal.

Sue is a licensed mental health and addiction specialist who works primarily in trauma and recovery work.

“Over the last forty years or so therapy has evolved tremendously,” says Sue. “With the advancements that we have made in therapeutic techniques and understanding human conditioning, we value approaches such as EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. In the past only the very wealthy could afford mental health treatment. We have finally realized everyone should be able to invest in their own emotional wellness.”

Sue has known what it is to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder. Sue’s childhood was spent in a foster home where she was sexually abused from the age of two till she was 9 years old by her foster father, whom she called dad. She dealt with the waves of deep sadness and depression feeling isolated and alone as she entered puberty. At the age of 13, she tried to overdose on aspirin. She believed in a place called Heaven and just wanted to go to sleep and be with God. At sixteen years old, she met what she believed was her knight in shining armor and they soon married and had four children. But her hopes for a fairy tale marriage became marred by eighteen years of off and on domestic physical and emotional abuse and an overwhelmingly lost sense of identity. After filing for divorce in her 30’s, Sue was determined to rebuild her life. She turned to a spiritual counselor who inspired her deeply. She made the decision to take the steps that would change her life drastically and enrolled in college and then graduate school. This was a heartfelt calling as she too wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. She knew from her own experiences that healing could be reachable. Sue has strived to become an exceptional mental health professional assertively ready to make a difference.

“I recognized how my clients are dealing with so much frustration, anxiety, and trauma. Uncertainty filled with doubt, fear, and hiding in the shadows becomes their normal,” says Sue. “My objectives are not to change who they are, but to allow them to envision a new pathway toward true understanding of self-respect and self-love. By redirecting negative thoughts to positive self-enlightenment, they can change their outlook on life and truly find joy.”

According to Sue, when people can find the courage to accomplish their goals it can absolutely change their lives for the better.

“My vision of mental health and wellness signifies my yearning to be able to wholeheartedly encourage and inspire my clients,” says Sue. “They can absolutely be that person they wish to be. I make absolutely certain to ask them questions that will draw emotional energy toward what connects them to possibility. In possibility each can ultimately transform dreams to reality. Knowing and daring to take guided steps can bring a sense of courage that they can and will achieve their goals and feel successful. Working collaboratively makes all the difference.”

Sue urges people to never give up no matter what. As long as we are alive, time is always on our side. Her goal is to help people realize they can find the meaning of a renewed vision. It doesn’t matter how young or old. “We all count.”

“I work on a pathway of motivation to create the change they wish to see in themselves. It’s irrelevant whether the healing comes sooner or later. One should never give up,” says Sue.

Sue’s primary work is helping people struggling with all major forms of addictions like sex, drugs, alcohol, and gambling whatever is devastatingly controlling their minds.

“My belief is that inside all of us there is an eye of wisdom which is that inner wisdom that will provide us the answers we seek,” says Sue. “I call it the Eye of Wisdom because it is the inner eye of our perceptions, values, and beliefs allowing us to comprehend our own existence.”

Encouraging them to find that their lives have purpose and meaning is at the core of Sue’s work. Some of her most gratifying work has been working with families and young children.

“I tell my clients that I will walk besides them, and we will move forward together,” says Sue. “There is no need to feel alone as I am here besides you. My job as your therapist is to encourage you to lean on me whenever you need me. I will not do the work for you as it is important for you to build your own pathway in life. I will, however, help you find the insight to do it for yourself.”

Sue affirms how we are all uniquely beautiful in our own way and can become a gift to others.

“By making a difference in this world every day working alongside my clients, I know that life is worth living! I have a renewed confidence, courage, hope, and joy. There is no greater high than this,” says Sue. “This sense of awareness urges me to face another day and continue to embrace my own journey because I’m certainly not done yet.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Susan G. Jacobs in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday on December 3rd at 2 p.m. EST

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