FIO Foundation Appoints Luke Stokes as Managing Director

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, December 10, 2019 / — The Board of the Foundation for Wallet Interoperability (FIO), the crypto industry’s decentralized consortia of wallets, exchanges and cryptocurrency payment processors behind the FIO Protocol, has appointed Luke Stokes as Managing Director.

“The Foundation has made tremendous progress in bringing together leading players of the blockchain ecosystem, to create a protocol with the goal of greatly improving blockchain usability.

I’m honored to have this opportunity to be part of leading the launch of the FIO Protocol in Q1 2020 and the positive impact it will bring to the entire blockchain ecosystem. By leveraging my previous experience in enabling decentralized autonomous community (DACs) technology stacks with the EOS blockchain and use that structure to underpin a solution that is more global and accessible to everyone, that transcends the tribalistic boundaries the industry has set up for itself, and doesn’t restrict itself just one blockchain or technical implementation details,” said Stokes.

The FIO Protocol is a decentralized, community-driven, industry standard service layer for the entire blockchain ecosystem, enabling enhanced usability for all crypto endpoints: the wallets, the exchanges, the crypto payment processing platforms. It provides a decentralized layer of private confirmations, workflow and data regarding transactions on other blockchains and works immediately and identically across every blockchain but it does not send blockchain transactions. At Mainnet, it will offer three core capabilities: FIO Addresses (cross-chain human readable wallet addresses), FIO Requests (decentralized requests for payment) and FIO Data (private cross chain meta data such as notes and order carts).

“Even after using cryptocurrencies over the last 6-7 years, sending and receiving tokens is still a very stressful and not a straightforward process. Even the most experienced users still have panicked moments when they hit “send” on crypto transactions. FIO is going to create a better experience for users across every blockchain endpoint application and across every blockchain. The FIO Protocol will make every other blockchain more usable and more successful” added Stokes.

Stokes brings seven years of blockchain experience to the Foundation, having been a custodian of eosDAC which is one of the founding block producers of the EOS Mainnet. He has also been actively involved with Steem since 2016, becoming a witness in February 2018, which is also a delegated proof of stake chain.

David Gold, CEO of Dapix Inc, the company behind the initial development of the FIO Protocol, said: “From the beginning, the FIO Protocol has been constructed to be an industry-led decentralised protocol and the Foundation hiring its own managing director is an important step in that goal. I am thrilled to have Luke join the Foundation as Managing Director and I look forward to working with him towards our goal of revolutionizing blockchain usability.”

Stokes will run the Foundation as Managing Director commencing December 1st, and will ensure the code is open sourced while supporting the community launch of the FIO blockchain.


About FIO Foundation

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) is a consortium of leading wallets, exchange, and crypto payment processors supporting the FIO Protocol — a decentralized Service Layer that removes the risk, complexity, and inconvenience of sending and receiving tokens and coins identically across every blockchain. The FIO Protocol is not a wallet and does not compete with other blockchains, rather, it makes the user experience better across every wallet and every blockchain. To learn more visit:

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Source: EIN Presswire