Author Rory McFarlan Offers Debut Contemporary Fiction Novel Free on January 21st

Heartbreaking contemporary fiction novel tells the story of a gay Mormon finding a place in his religious community while looking for love.

An amazing read for religious and non-religious alike. Well written with… an empowering message of love and compassion.”

— Sahreth Bowden – A Goodreads Reviewer

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED_STATES, January 21, 2020 / — The Kindle Edition is FREE to download until midnight on January 21st, 2020.

"Nephi’s Courage" is a contemporary fiction novel exploring a man’s attempt to reconcile his Mormon faith with is sexual orientation. He meets resistance from LDS church leaders and members of the LGBTQ community on his journey of self-discovery while he looks for love.

“Nephi, as your Bishop, I must tell you that those prayers are wasted. God’s plan permits marriage between one man and one woman. He declared it in the Proclamation to the World on the Family. It is clear. It is a doctrine that will not change.”
“The strongest bonds don’t happen all at once. We form them over hundreds of shared moments. Those bonds are strengthened as people rely on each other through trials.”
“There are others like me. Others who are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, aro, ace, or otherwise queer. All of us feel like misfits and outcasts in the church. We don’t know where, or if we belong. It feels like there is no place for us. We are stuck between two worlds, a Mormon world that we love, and a queer world inherent to our nature.”

A heart-rending contemporary fiction novel. Nephi Willard is a practicing Mormon who loves God and his church. He grew up in Happy Valley, the center of LDS life in Utah, and faithfully served a mission.

The perfect Mormon life would be his, if not for the fact that Nephi is gay, putting him at odds with his church leaders. No matter how well Nephi obeys the commandments, he doesn’t seem to fit in at church, and his desire to follow the Mormon rules makes it difficult to fit in with the gay community.

While he tries to reconcile his Mormon side with his gay side, Nephi navigates two worlds in a struggle to understand himself. When new friends introduce him to possibilities he never imagined, he must decide whether to embrace his nature or his faith.

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Federal Air Marshals scheduled to brief Congressional Leaders and Oversight Committees on Dangerous Aviation Conditions


Air Marshal National Council

Federal Air Marshals are blowing the whistle on the new TSA seating arrangements that are setting our aviation security up for failure.”

— Sonya LaBosco

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , January 21, 2020 / — Federal Air Marshals are scheduled to brief Congress on their new dangerous TSA seating assignments, ongoing serious health issues effecting Federal Air Marshals (FAMs), and ineffective management within the agency. The Air Marshal National Council (AMNC) believes TSA is clearly violating 49 USC 44917: Deployment of Federal Air Marshals.

The Air Marshal National Council will be providing multi-layered solutions in the Congressional briefing, to include reassignment from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) a regulatory agency, back to their original law enforcement component, The Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (DHS ICE). In 2005, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff conducted a second-stage review of DHS' organization and ordered the FAMS to be moved from ICE and back to the TSA. The move to TSA was effective October 1, 2005. Since 2005, the TSA has struggled to come up with an effective way to manage the workforce and deploy air marshals on the highest risk flights. Federal Air Marshals, the leading experts in aviation security, are adamant national security would be enhanced with a reassignment to DHS ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). HSI's successes in combating terrorism and enhancing national security have resonated throughout the global law enforcement community, private industry and general public.

Foreign Countries with Air Marshal Programs are assigned within a law enforcement component. Canada for example has their Air Marshal program as an elite unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The benefits to this are immeasurable. Under this model, Canada has an immediate surge capacity, if a threat pops up that requires the force to significantly and quickly increase, Canada can simply pull from the highly trained law enforcement agents outside of the Air Marshal unit.

The Air Marshal National Council, the exclusive voice of flying Federal Air Marshals (FAMS) is headed to Washington with current flying Federal Air Marshals. Federal Air Marshals are blowing the whistle on the new seating arrangements that are setting our aviation security up for failure. The White House has also been briefed on this very dangerous seating issue. Hazardous conditions as well as the continued serious health effects we are seeing in Federal Air Marshals from years of flying an unsustainable flight schedule must be addressed. Last year was a particularly grim year for the Federal Air Marshal Service with the number of heart related debilitating issues seeing a huge spike.

Federal Air Marshals will also be providing the relevant committees with first hand accounts of gross mismanagement in the agency, specifically dealing with the current Concept of Operations.

Our recent article featured in The Hill has resonated with members of Congress and the public we serve.

Sonya LaBosco
Air Marshal National Council
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Los Angeles’s Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Announces new program “Guaranteed Cash Offer On Your Home”

There’s many situations when a person or family can benefit from a quick and fair cash offer for their home. In Los Angeles, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty now can meet that need with a new program where they guarantee a cash offer for a home.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — Even in the best of situations, selling a home in Los Angeles can be something of a challenge and take time. No one knows this better than leading L.A.-area real estate firm Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, who have built a remarkable reputation for meeting client needs with integrity and transparency. In exciting news, the company recently announced they are now offering the “Simplest Way to Sell”, a new “Guaranteed Cash Offer On Your Home” program, where the realty experts will evaluate a home and connect them with a fair cash proposal for a quick sale. The excitement surrounding the new program is high.

“Selling a home can be a time-consuming, stressful, and expensive endeavor,” commented Rudy Lira Kusuma, CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. “For the many homeowners who value simplicity, speed, and certainty, we’ve created ‘Guaranteed Cash Offer On Your Home’ program – a new way to sell your home directly to our network of pre-approved cash buyers, whenever you’re ready to sell.”

The process of the new program is quick and simple and only takes three steps: give details about the home, get offers in 48 hours or less, and the get the home sold.

For more information or to get started be sure to visit
You can also call 626-789-0159

Guaranteed Cash Offer On Your Home
California Department of Real Estate License 01908329

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Execs In The Know Launches CX insight Magazine to Help Set the Agenda for the Future of Customer Experience (CX)

Global customer experience (CX) industry leader Execs In The Know

Global customer experience (CX) industry leader Execs In The Know

Global Customer Experience Leader, Execs In The Know, is excited to announce the launch of the CX insight magazine to help set the agenda for the future of CX

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — PHOENIX, Ariz., January 21, 2020 — Global customer experience industry leader Execs In The Know (EITK) is pleased to announce the release of the first edition of the company’s new magazine publication titled, CX insight. The quarterly publication is the customer experience (CX) industry’s newest source for forward-thinking concepts and ideas to equip CX leaders with the latest information they need for continuous improvement.

“Execs In The Know is excited offer the CX insight magazine to CX leaders as a timely resource to keep up to date with the latest trends, innovations, and happenings throughout all facets of the customer experience industry,” said Chad McDaniel, President and Co-Founder. “With the speed of technology advancements and the rising demands of customers, the CX insight magazine will serve as an invaluable go to publication to inspire innovation.”

With over 10 years in the industry and dozens of industry-leading events under its belt, Execs In The Know has created this publication which caters specifically to CX leaders and is designed and organized to suit the busy executive. The publication will be made available both online and in a printable, portable format for on-the-go readers.

Executives are hungry for innovative approaches and solutions to modern problems and are eager to offer a better service for today’s customers. In the CX insight magazine, readers will find informative articles, interviews with corporate leaders, research and insights, and contributed articles from fellow CX industry experts. The EITK CX insight magazine will offer an exclusive, executive perspective into the CX industry’s most relevant emerging and mainstream topics, such as artificial intelligence, outsourcing, the gig economy, data and analytics, diversity, journey mapping, and more. EITK will also be featuring Insight at its upcoming Customer Response Summit – Hollywood, Florida event, March 2-4, 2020.

To view and subscribe to the CX insight Magazine, visit this link below:

Execs In The Know has built a global audience of CX leaders across a variety of industries and dedicated to set the agenda for the future of customer experience. If you are interested in becoming a part of EITK’s prestigious community of customer experience leaders, you can request to join its online community “Know It All” here:

About Execs In The Know

Execs In The Know is a global community of customer experience (CX) professionals focused on excellence in customer experience. Execs In The Know gives brands a platform to share and gain insights, benchmark their brand, stay on top of the latest trends in CX, and create lasting relationships with their peers – “Leaders Learning From Leaders.” Execs In The Know holds numerous live events each year including Customer Response Summit, Subject Matter Briefings, Lunch & Learns, and Leadership Dinners. They also offer industry content and thought leadership through their webinars, reports, Know It All online community, and various other social media groups. To learn more about Execs In The Know visit:

# # #

Media Contact:
Gina Morkel


Gina Morkel
Execs In The Know
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Creating Healthy Secure Environments for Upcoming Epic Natural Disaster

Valentine International LLC, a Wyoming based LLC, is preparing to relocate its clients to St. Croix US Virgin Islands to ride out Grand Solar Minimum.

FRANKLIN, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, January 21, 2020 / — Valentine International LLC, a Wyoming based corporation, specializes in assisting clients in relocating to St. Croix US Virgin Islands. This full service company provides one of St Croix's top real estate brokers to find land to build their Valentine International LLC XP Eco Dome Estates™ and Eco-Villages that can withstand Category 5 winds and waves and mid-level Richter scale earthquakes. Also they provide interior design services and furnishings for the Dome Estates and Eco-Villages through ClassZMinimalism™.

If security is needed either offline (bodyguards) or online, Valentine International LLC has top consultants for their clients. They can provide a whole suite of training and support in the following disciplines – Situational Awareness, Preparedness, Survival and Travel Security.

The founder of Valentine International LLC is former Post Newsweek/CBS News investigative reporter Hugh Simpson, who has authored numerous books on Situational Awareness, Preparedness and Survival under his pen name MR Valentine. His first book entitled A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond was one of the first ones on Y2K. His latest is XtremePreparedness on Land & Sea as Valentine International LLC also offers their clients consulting involving the use of sailing and motor yachts and even barge yachts.

Simpson is one of the first researchers to discuss the impending Grand Solar Minimum beginning this year and continuing for another 35 years.

"I was first introduced to the concept while writing my first book in 1999 on Y2K from an article written by top former Soviet Union physicists," explains Simpson.

"This past year I was reintroduced to the Grand Solar Minimum via viewing a talk given by former Soviet Union solar physicist Dr. Zharkhova, now residing and teaching in the UK," continues Simpson. "She has developed an algorithm that goes back thousands of years that accurately predicts previous Solar Minimums. Each time, a Solar Minimum brought Arctic freezing weather leading to Mini Ice Ages. Dr. Zharkhova sees another one beginning this year and continuing for 35 years. It could bring Arctic temperatures as far as South Miami Beach in the dead of summer. St. Croix could experience temperatures in the mid-60s – in the dead of summer."

Simpson through his consulting, teaching and authoring numerous books expresses the importance of always having a SAFE AREA to retreat too.

"Even if the Grand Solar Minimum turns out to be a blip on the radar like Y2K, the new dome home on St. Croix could also be a place to be safe from potential political unrest especially as we head into the 2020 elections in the USA," says Simpson, whose mantra is: BE PREPARED NOT SCARED!

Simpson has appeared on Fox News, CNN, numerous times on Coast to Coast AM where he offered his Master Plan for Surviving the Grand Solar Minimum which over 250 listeners requested in 24 hours.

Hugh Simpson
Valentine International LLC
+1 828-526-6608
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African American Minister Fights for Protections Against Mental Health Abuse

Rev Frederick Shaw

Rev. Frederick Shaw reminds African Americans of the Mental Health industry’s history of stigmatizing them—from labeling runaway slaves and civil rights protestors as mentally ill to segregating children in the foster-child-welfare system today and druggi

Rev. Frederick Shaw reminds African Americans of the mental health industry’s history of stigmatizing them

We cannot be silent about the abuse of not only our African American children but all children and fight to abolish the stereotypical labeling of our past as a mental ‘illness.’”

— Rev. Frederick Shaw

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — As the country celebrates the remarkable life of Martin Luther King, Rev. Frederick Shaw, a spokesperson for the mental health watchdog, Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) International and president of the NAACP Inglewood-South Bay chapter, points to King’s quote about our children needing our presence. “This is more vital than ever, with African American children being over-represented in foster care. According to one pharmaceutical company-funded group, African Americans experience more severe forms of mental health conditions. This stereotypes African Americans and redefines their history of slavery, discrimination and enforced poverty as mental illness rather than injustice. It justifies children’s segregation from their families and enforced mental health ‘treatment,’ rather than to provide better education and equal rights.”

“African American children are being prescribed mind-altering drugs at an alarming rate that can cause suicide, psychosis, diabetes, hallucinations, hostility, heart irregularities, stroke, and other dangerous side effects. When antidepressants are seen to be unworkable, children can become potential candidates for electroshock,” he said. He says parents need to make informed choices for their children and should know the history behind what is being offered as mental health treatment today:

• According to the IQVia, in 2017, there were a staggering 7.2 million U.S. children and adolescents taking prescribed psychotropic drugs.[1] Factoring in a study of welfare children receiving mental health services and applying this nationally, nearly 20% of those children receiving such services are African American.[2]

• African American children represent 23% of the foster care population, or 101,888 children,[3] yet comprised only 14% of the child and adolescent population in 2016.[4] In 22 states the percent of Black children in foster care is more than two times the percent of Black children in the overall child population.[5]

• Foster care kids—some younger than five—are sometimes given five or more drugs at a time.[6]

• Students in foster care are more likely to be suspended or expelled, score lower on standardized tests in reading and math, be involved in special education, have higher rates of grade retention and drop out, and less likely to attend and graduate from college.[7]

• In an article headlined: “The Black Academic Holocaust: Psychotropic Drugs and Black Students,” Dr. Rick Wallace, Ph.D. stated: “Not only is there an issue with young black students being disproportionately diagnosed with learning disorders, but they are also being prescribed psychotropic drugs at an alarming rate—with some being prescribed these medications as early as at the age of 18 months.”[8]

• Even more alarming is that research shows foster care youths are at risk for child sex trafficking. According to a 2018 study, 63% of sex trafficking victims reported a history of involvement with the child welfare system. Interviews with those who experienced sex trafficking found that 41% described being removed from their parents’ care and placed outside of their homes by the child welfare system at some time during their childhood, with 87% of those placements in foster homes.[9]

Rev. Shaw says “fellow African Americans are not often educated on the history of betrayal of the mental health industry.” For example:

• During slavery “mental disorders” attributed to African Americans included Drapetomania (drapetes, a runaway slave, and mania, meaning crazy). Drapetomania was said to cause Blacks to have the “uncontrollable urge” to run away from their “masters.” The “treatment” was “whipping the devil out of them.”[10]

• In the 1960s, psychiatrists claimed civil rights protests caused violent “schizophrenic” symptoms in African American populations, calling this “protest psychosis,” according to The Protest Psychosis, How Schizophrenia became a Black Disease. Author, Jonathan M. Metzl, references a 1968 article by two psychiatrists who wrote that Black men were claimed to have developed “hostile and aggressive feelings” and “delusional anti-whiteness” after listening to civil rights leaders.[11]

• At the time, ads for psychotropic drugs used “African” symbols to reflect so-called “violent traits” in African Americans,[11] marketing the use of antipsychotics to treat this.

• In 1992, National Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist Frederick Goodwin compared Black youth living in inner cities to “hyperaggressive” and “hypersexual” monkeys in a jungle.[12] His solution was to drug 5 year olds with antidepressants for the “prevention” of violent behavior.

Shaw says people need proper and effective healthcare but not the damaging drugs and electroshock that passes as mental health treatment today. “We cannot be silent about the abuse of not only our African American children but all children and fight to abolish the stereotypical labeling of our past as a mental ‘illness.’”

CCHR is the mental health watchdog responsible for more than 180 laws that now protect patients from damaging practices. DONATE to support its work.


[1] “Total Number of People Taking Psychiatric Drugs in the United States,” CCHR Int, ( IQVia Total Patient Tracker (TPT) Database, Year 2017) Extracted April 2018,
[2] “Mental Health Service Utilization Children/Youth in the Child Welfare System,” Child Welfare Council, 1 Mar. 2017,
[3] “Foster Care Statistics 2017: Numbers and Trends,” March 2019, p. 8,
[4], p. 14; In 2016, 10.1 million children were Black (14%) and 18.3 million were Hispanic (25 percent)
[5], p. 30; On September 30, 2017, there were an estimated 442,995 children in foster care, “Foster Care Statistics 2017: Numbers and Trends,” March 2019,
[7], p. 29
[9] Debra Schilling Wolfe, Med, “Foster Care Youths at Risk for Child Sex Trafficking,”
[10] Samuel A. Cartwright, M.D., “Report on the Diseases and Physical Peculiarities of the Negro Race,” New Orleans & Surgical Journal, 1851.
[11] Jonathan M. Metzl, The Protest Psychosis, How Schizophrenia became a Black Disease, (Beacon Press, Boston, 2009), pp. xii, xiv, p. 101
[12] Tanya M. Luhrmann, Ph.D., “The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease,” Amer. Journ. Of Psychiatry (online), Apr. 2010
[13] Gerald Horne, “Race Backwards: Genes, Violence, Race, and Genocide,” Covert Action, Winter 1992-93, p. 29

Amber Rauscher
Citizens Commission on Human Rights
+1 323-467-4242
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MAAT Loops & Fills With MtG

MtG eases the creation of dialog, music & EFX tracks

MtG eases the creation of dialog, music & EFX tracks

MtG automatically inserts seamless loops — fast and easy

MtG automatically inserts seamless loops — fast and easy

MAAT Incorporated logo

MAAT Incorporated

Company announces release of unique automatic dialog editing assistant plug–in

Sound–for–picture editors, cinematic podcasters and talking book producers all need a fast and easy way to loop in audio clips during their work…MtG makes that process easy…”

— MAAT co–founder Friedemann Tischmeyer

SANTA CRUZ, CA, US, January 21, 2020 / — MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of exceptional performance professional audio solutions, today announced the release of MtG, a cross–platform plug–in to speed the creation of dialog and effects beds. The new product acts as an editorial assistant, automatically inserting repeated segments or loops of digital audio “room tone” without the traditional time penalty.

Available for both Windows and macOS, MtG addresses the need for seamless, repetitive “looped” audio to act as an aural background for the creation of composite dialog, music or effects tracks. Acting as a 64 bit plug–in, MtG offers engineers a fast way to define a segment of previously recorded audio for replication, or new sound from a microphone input can be recorded right into MtG. Then, that segment can be “topped and tailed,” or trimmed to include only the desired section. Finally, the prepared audio is automatically inserted into a track that has been cleaned of extraneous content, filling any gaps with smoothly repeated instances of the prepared sound. Controls are included to gain–adjust the inserted audio to seamlessly integrate the replacement material with the existing track.

MtG was conceived by MAAT co–founder Friedemann Tischmeyer as a streamlined tool to speed the creation of effects tracks, ambience beds and room tone for dialog editorial. “Sound–for–picture editors, cinematic podcasters and talking book producers all need a fast and easy way to loop in audio clips during their work. This post–production step is even more crucial now that more than 60% of audio listeners use earphones or headphones for listening, where subjective background uniformity is critical. MtG makes that process easy, with the features and capabilities engineers need to bypass what is normally drudge work,” said Tischmeyer, who dreamed up the product during a “what if?” moment while creating room tone.

The plug–in is delivered in all modern formats, including cross–platform AAX, VST 2 and VST 3 as well as AU for macOS. Sample rates up to 384 kHz are supported for production and post of high resolution and game audio workflows. Perpetual licenses for MtG are available exclusively from MAAT. Images and additional information, including user manuals and videos, are accessible anytime at MAAT dot Digital on the web.

MAAT Incorporated, a manufacturer of professional audio solutions, is built on the belief that higher accuracy, exceptional fidelity, enhanced workflows and less visual fatigue are hallmarks of better quality. MAAT is derived from “Mastering Academy Audio Tools,” reflecting the deep connection and practical wisdom derived from years of real world experience. MAAT’s reliance on hard science and in–depth research, balanced by extensive listening, redefines audio tools for professionals worldwide.

©2020 MAAT Incorporated. The MAAT logo and MtG are trademarks of MAAT Incorporated. All other company and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Oliver Masciarotte
MAAT Incorporated
+1 415-997-8324
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MtG Walkthrough

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Do you need a privacy policy on your website? YES!

Privacy Policy Canadian Websites

Privacy Policy Canadian Websites

Protect yourself with a Proper Privacy Policy

Protect yourself with a Proper Privacy Policy

Canadian web hosting leader

Canadian web hosting leader

Do You Need a Privacy Policy on Your Website? YES! Answers this question & provides an Easy & Cost-Effective Option!

I have been with HostedinCanada for over 18 years now and they have always been easy to deal with and very attentive to my demands and needs. In the Internet business, you need someone you can trust..”

— Daryl Marsden

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 21, 2020 / — A quick look at Google and Facebook conversations concerning their security breaches plus GDPR arriving and it is pretty easy to see online privacy is something at the front of people’s minds. If you are the owner of a website or business here in Canada, this makes your Website Privacy statement something you shouldn’t skip over. No worries, at we would love to give you some Canadian thoughts on the subject, backed by experience, while we provide links that can help you create, update, or re-evaluate your privacy policy.

The obvious first question; Don’t people just ignore website privacy policies anyway?

Honestly, privacy policies aren’t something that attracts a ton of attention. In fact, a 2016 study from York University here in Canada revealed that 77% of people never even look at privacy policies. The same study showed that 98% of visitors said “Yes” to a Privacy Policy which included a clause pay with their eldest child for visiting the website. And no one even noticed!

So the facts agree, not many visitors to your website will read your Privacy Policy. But that isn’t why you have one, as you’ll see below.

The Top Three Reasons Why You NEED a Privacy Policy on Your Site (Even if Few Read It!):

1. Boost Customer Trust: If your customers DO come up with a privacy concern they can quickly see it is an issue you have thought about and addressed. This builds trust in a proactive way, the way that matters most.

2. Cut Liability and Decrease Risk: Make no mistake by having a Privacy Policy published, most would agree, you have taken a big first step towards meeting the legal obligations surrounding the management of customer data. This can protect your customers as well as protect you should a customer decide they want to question your commitment to privacy.

3. It Builds Internal Privacy Awareness: By writing an effective privacy policy, you need to actively consider Privacy issues. This exercise will reveal organizational weaknesses you can address that you are likely to be very grateful for in the future.

PIPEDA: Canada’s Major Privacy Requirements

If you are a Canadian company or you collect information from Canadian visitors, then you need to understand PIPEDA: the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada.

PIPEDA explains what they consider personal information and delivers ten principles that every business that is active in Canada needs to address.

According to PIPEDA, there are two types of personal information you need to be concerned with:

Customer Information – General data and personal data including financial and address related.

Employee Information – SIN numbers, employment records, and applications & resumes.

PIPEDA talks about very important things if you collect this information like the need for consent before the collection of personal information and how you can use and dispose of this information. PIPEDA also includes audit and compliance procedures.

Importantly, for the subject of this article from your friends at Hostedin Canada, if you gather either of these two types of information, you need to develop a privacy policy and CLEARLY DISPLAY IT.

The good news is the Privacy Commissioner’s website has a guide that walks you through each of the ten principles and how to can handle them. There’s even an archive with examples for each. So as far as the red tape goes this is far from the worst a business has to address, thankfully.

BUT keep reading for a link to the EASIEST and best way to create a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy for your website, your business as a whole, your Google Paid Ads, Facebook and other social media sites, so that YOU keep safe and your clients keep safe.

Some of PIPEDA’s ten principles worth spending some extra thought on.

Subscription and Spam

There’s no way around it – If you are collecting emails for a contact list in Canada, you are considered to be collecting personal information. This means Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) which dictates how to gather, maintain and use this type of information applies. This legislation has rules you need to follow regarding consent to join your email list, how you need to provide ways to unsubscribe easily, your data protection and explicit use provisions. Explore their Fast Facts page to learn more and make sure you are doing what you need to be doing to make sure your email marketing is on point.


Cookies track visitor website activity, kind of like an identification card. Cookies can add a great deal to users' website experience through increased functionality, but they also cause user privacy concerns since they do often track personal information. Due to the different types of cookies and the diversity of information they can collect, the Canadian Government doesn’t need you to moderate user’s cookies for them. Instead, this is the website visitor's responsibility to manage their cookie preferences, according to the Canadian regulations. More details can be found on web tracking with cookies on the website of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.


Making Your Own Privacy Policy

Now that you understand the importance of a Privacy Policy, it is probably time to make your own that makes sure you’re compliant with PIPEDA. recommends developing a privacy policy and internal procedures for your website in Canada by reviewing the contents of the PIPEDA compliance help page for businesses, provided by the Privacy Commissioner, as an easy to follow guide.

Of course, laws and regulations in Canada are dynamic and continue to evolve. This means writing your own privacy policy isn’t the end of the story. You should make sure to review it in light of the most recent guidelines at least once a year.


Other than the legal obligations of a website owner, privacy is important as someone who engages in online communities in a positive way. Following the rules in this area makes things safer for everyone involved – even if you are never dragged into a legal situation.

Building a privacy policy lets you demonstrate your online business principles, your values and your integrity.

Finally here is the best website, in our opinion, to build a Canadian based Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and we recommend a Cookie policy as well if you have Google Analytics setup or any script collecting data:



Let’s help the internet and online businesses thrive in Canada together!

Dean Wolf
+1 866-730-2040
email us here

Privacy Policy Generator

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Aero Asset Reports Rising Preowned Helicopter Market

Valerie Pereira

Valerie Pereira

Preowned Helicopter Market Trends Report Issued

Clearly, the most active market during 2019 was the Airbus H145 which at the end of Q4 2019 had seven months of supply available for sale at 2019 trade levels.”

— Aero Asset Research Director Valerie Pereira

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 21, 2020 / — Aero Asset's 2019 Preowned Helicopter Market Trends report reveals that global market conditions continued to improve last year, amidst a slowdown in light and medium twin retail sales volume. The report, which covers twin engine helicopter markets, is a product of Aero Asset's proprietary intelligence and market research.

Overall preowned sales of $444 million (USD) were down five percent from 2018, while the estimated value of available preowned helicopters in the marketplace dropped 18 percent to $1.14 billion. Global absorption rate for preowned twin helicopters ended 2019 at one year, nine months, down three and a half months from 2018 year end.

"Clearly, the most active market during 2019 was the Airbus H145 which at the end of Q4 2019 had seven months of supply available for sale at 2019 trade levels," said Aero Asset Research Director Valerie Pereira. "The market that saw the biggest improvement in liquidity last year was the H225, with a drop in absorption rate of three years six months to an 18 month of supply at 2019 trade levels."

Heli-Expo Press Conference
Pereira noted that the Aero Asset team will hold a press conference 2 p.m. Monday Jan. 27 at HAI Heli-Expo 2020 in Anaheim, Calif., Room 213A, to discuss the background and specifics of the company's second annual Preowned Helicopter Market Trends report.

Aero Asset's market report ranks preowned helicopter markets from most to least active in 2019, based on their absorption rates, 2019 preowned sales and active fleet size. It covers twin engine helicopter models still in production and recent variants with preowned sales activity. The report covers all weight classes and configurations, including VIP, offshore, utility and EMS.

During 2019, Aero Asset found that mean trading values rose for the Airbus H135 and H155 models along with the Leonardo AW109 Grand New, while pricing in other markets dropped.

Market Activity by Weight Class
Light twin supply for sale fell 20 percent in 2019, driven by EMS operator demand for MEGHAS & IFR equipped H135 & H145. Although light twin sales volume declined slightly year over year (YOY), market conditions improved with supply at 2019 trade level falling 20 percent last year and 40 percent since Q1 2018.

Medium twin supply & retail sales volume fell slightly in 2019. Although supply at 2019 trade level was stable YOY, medium twin absorption rate remains 45 percent lower than Q1 2018. Preowned supply at the top end of most medium twin markets has dropped significantly.

Heavy twin supply on the market is up slightly YOY but retail sales volume is up as well to 10 units sold in 2019, a 300 percent increase YOY. Supply at 2019 trade levels dropped substantially to 21 months at the end of Q4 2019, showing a continued improvement of this asset class.

For the full publicly released report go to

About Aero Asset Inc.
Aero Asset is a Toronto, Canada-based helicopter brokerage firm with global reach. It was founded by Sales Director Emmanuel Dupuy, Sales Director William Sturm and Research Director Valerie Pereira. The multilingual group has almost 100 years of aggregate experience in marketing and selling aircraft. The company releases a quarterly and annual Preowned Helicopter Market Trends report based on its proprietary intelligence and market research. Focusing exclusively on twin-engine preowned helicopters, the report ranks the best and worst markets along with trading intelligence.

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Making It a Bit Easier in the Wake of the Australian Bushfires

Since the fires started in November, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been helping firefighters and those affected. © 2020 Church of Scientology International. All Rights Reserved.

Since the fires started in November, Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been helping firefighters and those affected.

The Volunteer Ministers cooked banana pancakes on the bright yellow BBQ boat.

The Volunteer Ministers cooked banana pancakes on the bright yellow BBQ boat.

Scientology Volunteer Minister and the daughter and mother who posted on Facebook about the experience . © 2020 Church of Scientology International. All Rights Reserved

Scientology Volunteer Minister and the daughter and mother who posted on Facebook about the experience

Helping to brighten things up in the wake of the Australian bushfires.© 2020 Church of Scientology International. All Rights Reserved.

Helping to brighten things up in the wake of the Australian bushfires.

One anecdote among thousands from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers serving in Australia

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — If anything good has come from the devastating bushfires that have engulfed Australia since November, it is the affirmation of the spirit of the wonderful people of this country. That is the lesson a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers has taken from their work helping firefighters and those whose communities have been casualties of the conflagration.

Over the past two months, they have served thousands of meals and provided one-on-one help to thousands more. They have mended fences, organized supplies and, most recently, lifted spirits with their recipe for, of all things, banana pancakes.

A recent Facebook post gives an example of the impact of this simple gesture.

A woman describes how she and her daughter were sitting on a jetty:

“Five or ten minutes passed with us sitting in relative silence enjoying the view. The place is pretty much deserted as most holidaymakers left over a week ago when the fires were threatening and evacuation orders were in place.”

Then out of nowhere the bright yellow BBQ boat of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers appeared.

“‘Do you want some pancakes? They offered in cheery voices. Sure, I exclaimed, thinking they were joking.

“Next thing you know they had reversed their boat back to us, pulled into the jetty, handed us a plate stacked high with freshly cooked banana pancakes and maple syrup (one was even heart shaped <3 ) and then asked me if I wanted a massage!! A special kind of massage to calm the nervous system. At which point I burst into tears. Because yes … my nervous system is pretty frazzled… They whipped out a massage table and proceeded to give me a massage right there on the jetty!

“They also danced for us …. They chatted with me and Sophie. They took her for a paddle in the lake. They exuded good spirit, their smiles were broad, their hugs were heartfelt and Sophie and I both had sore faces from smiling so much by the time they left.

“Turns out these outstanding examples of human beings have been volunteering for the last two months providing food and massages to people on the front lines … firefighters, weary people who have lost homes or been through the fear of losing everything. Today was their first day off together in a long while and they are still out there giving to others.

“It's hard to describe what a gift this whole interaction was. I'm feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Sophie says it was the best thing of the whole holiday. And yes, my nervous system is definitely feeling calmer. A great reminder that choosing what you know you need rather than following along with everyone else can lead to better experiences than you can possibly predict.”

The Church of Scientology Volunteers Minister program is a religious social service created in the mid-1970s by Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. Anyone of any culture or creed may train as a Volunteer Minister and use these tools to help their families and communities. The Church provides free online training on the Volunteer Ministers website.

Watch films based on the tools of the Volunteer Minister on the Scientology Network.

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