Bruckhaus Quist to Release Two New Investment Funds

Bruckhaus Quist Launches Investment Strategy Emphasizing Reduced Carbon Emissions for its Foundation

Bruckhaus Quist is set to pursue new investment strategies by forming 2 funds focused on ecological, societal and governance (ESG) dynamics

HONG KONG, February 27, 2020 / — Bruckhaus Quist, a global investment management firm that offers actively managed, global investment solutions to clients around the world, including pension funds, corporations, charities and individuals, announced today the creation of two new mutual funds that will allow its clients to invest in a basket of stocks, after intensive analysis of their environment, social and governance practices/standards, in a bid to increase the chances of opportunity identification and facilitate the exploration of these opportunities.
The formation of DEEP-SEA (Devised Enabling Enhancement Plan – Societal, Ecological and Administration) Funds is handled by Mrs. Yuki Lim-Hong, the Head of the Feasible Financing Division, which is part of the Bruckhaus Quist ESG Investment Department.
Carrie Lai, the Director of Bruckhaus Quist ESG Investment Department, said: “Our company’s active management strategy is hinged on finding compelling and different variations of venture opportunities that have previously been left undiscovered. Therefore, breaking away from the norm and adding diverse content to the portfolio of our clients is what we constantly pursue as a company. Our DEEP-SEA Funds will go a long way in allowing Bruckhaus Quist 's clients to capitalize on assets and companies with an effective societal, ecological and administrative dynamic in place.”
The two upcoming DEEP-SEA Funds, Small-Cap Equity DEEP-SEA Fund and Mid-Cap Equity DEEP-SEA Fund, have already been approved by Bruckhaus Quist’s Board and will be officially launched very soon. Yuki Lim-Hong would be the major decision-maker overseeing the entire team assigned to the new funds and she is to be assisted by Anna Ng, who also serves as Co-Portfolio Manager of Bruckhaus Quist Venture Fund. The firm’s long-term goal would be to identify various profit-making challenges in the equity markets via this newly set up means and provide solutions for them accordingly.
“There is a consistent and ever-rising realization in the economy which points towards the fact that companies that are designed to be sustainable from the get-go are a lot more stable in terms of growth and finances as opposed to companies that were not. This is what we want to bring to the table for our clients; stability and consistent growth. We want our clients to be able to fully benefit from the creation of the DEEP-SEA Funds and by extension, the investment strategies employed by our advisors" said Mrs. Yuki Lim-Hong.

About Bruckhaus Quist
Bruckhaus Quist is a Hong Kong-based, global investment management firm. The company offers actively managed, global investment solutions to clients around the world, including pension funds, corporations, charities and individuals. The firm has a global investment experience. Collectively, Bruckhaus Quist’s Board has over 185 years of investing and operating experience in financial services. The team’s experience and extensive network of industry contacts enables us to provide significant business development assistance to our portfolio companies. Bruckhaus Quist is committed to constantly reappraising and further developing the business model to ensure the company remains assured and confident in an ever-changing landscape.

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Source: EIN Presswire