Musician Complies with Coronavirus Order by Building Music Venue in his House

Okay, so he didn't specifically build the venue because of COVID-19 but the Stay At Home order just happened to coincide with the completion of the space.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2020 / — Okay, so he didn't specifically build the venue because of COVID-19 but California's Stay At Home order just happened to coincide with the completion of the space.  Singer/Songwriter Roger Campo originally created the music venue Live From Cafe LA as a way to showcase his band Sons Of New York and his music by live streaming online. Roger points out "I started working on this about six months ago." He filmed a music video in the venue at the end of February for the song American Dream and then everything shut down a few weeks later.  "It's a wild coincidence that this happened. I keep seeing stories about musicians suddenly left without a venue to play at. My tech guy Curt Piar and I wanted to take our time learning all the cameras and audio gear but felt the need to start streaming right away so we're learning all this as we go." For the first ten minutes of their first stream, they were broadcasting without sound.  "We had people texting us and saying we had no sound. You just have to laugh it off and try to keep moving forward."  

Online the room looks and sounds like a music venue you would find at a commercial location. Certainly not one you'd find inside a house in a suburb of Los Angeles.  "The entire time I was building this space, a part of me thought I was nuts, but like Kevin Costner in Field Of Dreams, another part of me just kept thinking, if you build it they will come. Who THEY are I don't know, maybe it's an audience for my music, maybe it's other musicians but we're gonna find out. Originally, the idea was to build up an audience online in a professional environment and then take that to physical clubs and music venues. COVID-19 has changed everything and maybe having a music venue in your house is not so crazy after all."

Roger was born and raised in Queens, New York and still has family just across the Hudson River in New Jersey.  "It's heartbreaking to see what is happening in the New York area and maybe this is a way I can keep sane, not feel so helpless and do my small part to try and bring some comfort and solace to anyone suffering at this tragic moment."

Roger is accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Evan Hillhouse. Together they play acoustic versions of the songs on Sons Of New York's album American Dream as well as some covers and a few of Evan’s original songs.  Sons Of New York live streams on Twitch on Thursdays and Saturdays at 7:00 PM Pacific time (USA).  On Twitch search SonsOfNY or follow this link.

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