The USA is not making enough N95 masks for everyone- What are the alternatives?

What are the alternatives for protecting the general public– without using up resources needed for medical personnel?

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITES STATES, May 29, 2020 / — Efficient KN95 face mask at 95% “Made in China” were used to stop the spread of the corona virus in its tracks. Unfortunately, the FDA & CDC started a confusing dialogue that many masks from China are suspect, yet the FDA & CDC recommends “homemade” masks. So…. What is the actual story?

Do not be fooled. There are KN95 face mask that are manufactured at legitimate FDA listed China Factories. These face masks are of similar quality (if not better) than the N95 mask made in the USA. They can provide superior protection for your business and family. A “homemade” mask provides very little if any protection from Covid-19. There is a reason that KN95 face mask are in demand – because they work! Most cotton masks only protect others from wearer transmitting the disease to them. The KN95 protects the “wearer” from whom they come in contact with – a very important detail.

Where to Buy KN95 Face Mask?

There are some companies like Midwest PPE, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, importing KN95 face masks listed by the FDA for general public use from a factory out of China. They have been providing for prestigious national hospitals– and now are making the KN95 available to businesses and individuals alike. This type of protection will be needed in the coming months as America reopens.

Midwest PPE, LLC personal protective equipment has over 60,000 KN95 face mask in stock at their fulfillment warehouse ready to ship within 24 hours to anywhere in the USA. The price is as low as $2.50 (even lower for larger quantities). Find out more information on their website

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What Works? Does Cloth Face Masks Help?

The FDA & CDC recommends the use of homemade cloth face masks for protection when they know very well the cloth stops very little if any of the Corona Virus from entering. What it does is limit the amount of water and mucous droplets from leaving the mouth; any mask at all will help some to prevent the spread of the virus. FDA & CDC has to say something but does always make it clear their reasoning behind it, it is all about politics. They do not want the public using up reserves of the much better option being the N95 which is needed for health care workers and medical first responders.

KN95 is a Great Alternative

Midwest PPE, LLC. personal protective equipment is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is 100% American owned and operated. They are a national company that provides a complete line of FDA listed products to prestigious hospitals and clinics. They are now offering the “hard to find” KN95 face mask to businesses and the general public for the first time.

Their success is built upon our 15-year business relationships in Asia and our professional “on site” management team that oversees every international purchase and export to the USA. The company has experienced customs and import brokers verify all documents to insure that they have “no issues” in the import process. They strive to make the process of purchasing PPE internationally trouble free, professional and seamless. Most special orders can be delivered in less than weeks. They check and double check our manufacturers are authorized FDA organizations.

Their Los Angeles based fulfillment center receives all our orders within hours of arriving at LAX airport. These orders are immediately expedited to their final destination.

Midwest is a real company that is dedicated to quickly providing authentic FDA certified products to healthcare, first responders, businesses and now the general public.

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