Vegan-based Alexina Beauty Cosmetics launches during the “new-normal” of retail shopping

eCommerce vegan makeup and skincare launches product line during covid-19 in an effort to mitigate the limited ability of in-store shopping for some consumers

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2020 / — Alexina Beauty, makeup and skincare, announced today the launch of their online store featuring a range of certified vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare that are made to order. From silicone-based face primers and anti-aging serum to a rainbow of palettes for eyes, lips and foundations that are inclusive to all skin tones, Alexina Beauty products are all-natural and formulated to avoid the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Alexina Beauty was born out of a desire to provide high-quality vegan cosmetics and skincare for consumers who may prefer, or require, an alternative to in-store shopping due to the current “new normal” of retail. "With the rapidly growing industry of vegan and cruelty-free products, and so few of them being makeup and skin care, I decided it would be a great time to follow my dream and create Alexina Beauty, which is named after my mother,” said owner Diane Kois. “Between social distancing and many people now working from home, myself included, I still want quality skincare products, and I continue to wear makeup regularly”.

Because products are made-to-order, formulations do not begin until purchase, which can take 1-4 days to complete before shipping. “Shopping online has become the tool for consumers who have come to rely on, and prefer, next-day delivery or at least, within a few days,” said Kois “the current environment has definitely impacted how quickly many consumer goods are getting delivered to consumers. Our products can take from 3-10 days after formulation for arrival, so we are confident that by providing quality, fresh cosmetics and skincare, the wait will be worth if for our customers”.
Since the global pandemic has changed how some people look for and purchase items, Alexina Beauty prides itself on providing beautiful, high-quality products. Key highlights include:

• zero tolerance for animal testing
• a range of vegan and 100% paraben-free and gluten-free ingredients
• ingredients that include avocado, sweet almond and grape seed oils which produce silky, creamy textures formulated for maximum color impact and long lasting coverage
• freshly created products made in small batches
• products made following FDA rules, guidelines, and regulations

With the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on in-person retail and the projected growth of eCommerce, Alexina Beauty hopes to grow the brand in the coming months to provide a safe, reliable and excellent line of quality makeup and skincare for all consumers, vegan or not.

Alexina Beauty is based in Denver, CO. Contact information as follows: Instagram: @alexinabeauty web: email: phone: (720) 583-4501.

Diane Kois
Alexina Beauty
+1 7205834501
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The use of modern technology in obstructions



apofraxeis Antoniou

apofraxeis Antoniou



New technologies help us make our lives and our daily lives in obstructions – Apofraxeis-Antoniou – much easier. Sooner or later every house face blocked pipes.

The company Apofraxeis-Antoniou is a sewage cleaning company that has been active for more than 30 years in Athens, Greece. Apofraxeis-Antoniou give instant solution to any obstruction problem.”

— George Antoniou

ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 9, 2020 / — New technologies help us make our lives and our daily lives in obstructions – Apofraxeis-Antoniou – much easier. They are used in virtually all areas and what they ultimately achieve is to save us mainly valuable time, but also money, doing some tasks that in the past were considered complex, simple and now only a matter of minutes.

These new technologies, among many other applications, are also used in blockages. Unfortunately, sooner or later in every home and business there is a need to unblock the blocked pipes.

Why do the pipes become clogged?

Various products and objects that escape us, leftovers and fats or hairs settle and over time begin to accumulate in the piping resulting in some time losing their functionality. The problem is steadily worsening until one day water is no longer able to pass through the pipes and we have overflows and leaks.

The traditional tools of the professionals in the field of blockages are the pumps with which they exert pressure on the pipes unblocking them. Various types of pressure machines which with high water pressure dismantle pipettes and drains, as well as steel rods with folding heads of long length, which enter the inside of the piping and unscrew them.

Microcameras and robotic cameras

The latest technology in the field of blockages has to do with the use of special cameras that enter even in very difficult and narrow places and give a picture of the inside of the piping to the technician. This technology is available in companies like Antoniou obstructions that carry out unblocking in Athens and everywhere in Greece.

As the Greek proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words and this is certainly true in the case of blockages. This technology helps in very difficult cases that in the past would have bothered both the staff undertaking a blockage work and the customer.

Camera control Apofraxeis Antoniou Athens

Camera diagnosis is the best solution in terms of damage to the sewer system, as it does not require digging the installation, relieving you of unnecessary costs.

Our company apofraxeis Antoniou can make a diagnosis with a camera even in the most difficult cases, where an accurate picture of the inside of your piping is required.

Where do clogged drains come from?

If you are constantly having problems with clogged drains in your home, it is time to find out what are the main reasons that cause this torment and why you also bear a share of responsibility.

Clogged drains are a fairly common phenomenon, which, most of the time, is due to the frequency of use or to various objects blocking the pipes. Sewer blockage is a process that requires meticulousness and responsibility to be done properly, as it is directly related to the hygiene of your home.

Let's see what the main reasons that lead to clogged drains are and what you can do in any case.

1. Tree roots

If the roots of the trees in the garden of your house are very large, they can "invade" the pipes of the sewerage network, either by breaking them or blocking the passage to the pipe. There are chemicals on the market that are often used for these cases to remove the roots.

The above chemicals, however, are on the one hand particularly harmful to the environment, while on the other hand their use will most likely "kill" the plant. You can avoid such problems by making sure that there is always a distance between the trees and the sewer pipes.

2. Waste disposals

The rubbish bin did not have a bag and because you were bored, you decided to throw the toilet paper, which you just used, in the toilet bowl. Sewers are designed to accept human waste and toilet paper if they are modern.

Any other object we throw in our basin or sinks is, unfortunately, a reason why we will have a problem with clogged drains at some point in the future. The solution here is to pay more attention!

3. Fibrous foods

Lack of knowledge about the types of food that pass through the kitchen sink is another reason that leads to clogged drains. Generally, avoid throwing away fibrous foods such as banana peels or celery if you do not want to have a problem with clogged drains!

4. Old pipes

In many homes, old pipes deteriorate and erode over time. Repairing old pipes is a daunting task at home, especially if access to the problem area is difficult. If you have a problem with the pipes of your sewer network, it would be good to talk to a specialist to suggest the best solution.

Regular maintenance of your home's sewer system can significantly delay the wear of pipes, while also helping to prevent and deal with potential damage in a timely manner. Finally, clean sewers reduce the risk of contamination for humans, animals and the natural environment!

Then the technician has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate method to use for the blockage, but mainly to aim at the specific point where the whole problem is located, thus saving time, while reducing the total cost to the customer…

Why most technicians in Athens prefer robotic cameras?

Robotic cameras are available today and are used, which serve larger installations, e.g. in blockades in hotels, again saving time and money. The solution of each problem is done locally, without the need to dig many meters, remove tiles and operate blindly.

In narrower places, like domestic installations, a flexible rod is used which enters the sewer pipe, while in the head there is, among other tools, the micro camera. Technicians of Apofraxeis-Antoniou in Athens use cameras in most circumstances.

The evolution of technology essentially comes to offer us solutions to complex issues, such as those of blockages. Accurate detection and identification of the problem is very important to avoid more complex pipeline repair work, in addition to blockages.

George Antoniou
Apofraxeis Antoniou
+30 21 0422 1626
email us here
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OliveOilsLand®- World’s One Of The Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands

Olive oil is not a new thing and you might be surprised to know that Olive Oil can protect you against this devastating virus. So, have a look at the following points to know why it is the best medicine for the Corona virus:

OliveOilsLand® – Best Olive Oil Brand

Premium Quality Extra Virgin Turkish Olive Oil

Turkish Olive Oil is a fundamental piece of The Mediterranean eating regimen which is extremely gainful for delectable and progressively agreeable eating. Being the main vegetable oil that can be expended for what it’s worth – crisply squeezed from the or

It is not only The World’s Largest Olive Oil Exporter but also world’s one of the best Turkish Olive Oil Brand , is a natural formulation from the Best Olives

Turkish Olive Oil – It is not only The World’s Largest Olive Oil Exporter but also world’s one of the best Turkish Olive Oil Brand , is a natural formulation from the Best Olives

OliveOilsLand®  brings you an Olive Oil with low-fat saturation and with a burst of fresh Olives

OliveOilsLand®- brings you an Olive Oil with low-fat saturation and with a burst of fresh Olives

The Olive Oil Factory – OliveOilsLand has a retail location where you can get bottles and gift containers. OliveOilsLand makes a great blessing. You can taste the oils and balsamic on bread and they have ingredients that enable you to refill you suppresse

OliveOilsLand® – Olive Oil Factory – has a retail location where you can get bottles and gift containers. OliveOilsLand makes a great blessing. You can taste the oils and balsamic on bread and they have ingredients that enable you to refill you suppresse

It is not only The World’s Largest Olive Oil Exporter but also world’s one of the best Turkish Olive Oil Brand , is a natural formulation from the Best Olives

İZMIR, TORBALı, TüRKIYE, August 9, 2020 / — OliveOilsLand®– World’s One Of The Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands

Turkey are deeply connected to Olive Oil for so many decades. It is claimed to be the earliest producers of Olive Oil. OliveOilsLand® – UMAY ZEYTINYAĞI DIŞ TİCARET LTD ŞTİ – , a Turkish company renowned for being the first Olive Oil producer. Their company has been running for so many years now. The recipe for manufacturing the world’s best olive oil brand stays in the family of OliveOilsLand for years. They have been really successful in managing the standard of their oil in the global market.

OliveOilsLand is not only the world’s largest Olive Oil Exporter but also world’s best Olive Oil Brand Producer Company. It is a natural organic formulation from the best olives around the world.

The process of milling Olive Oil continues to be the same for these thousands of years. Olives are usually concentrated in the areas which have a water source, mainly in the Mediterranean region. The world’s second largest producer of Olive Oil, Turkey, is lucky to have all these facilitations. Turkeys largest and world’s second Largest Olive Oil Exporter OliveOilsLand® continues to follow the same centuries-old organic oil milling ways.
OliveOilsLand® brings you an Olive Oil with low-fat saturation and with a burst of fresh Olives. It is credited as the world’s best olive oil brand for providing a healthy oil ideal for all types of cooking. OliveOilsLand’s oil is light keeping the food nice, fresh and crisp unlike other oils, which make the food soggy. olive oils and provides you with a nutritious meal with the goodness of antioxidants and presents you a vitamin enriched oil. The creamy, harmonious texture and a rancid taste undoubtedly make it the World’s One Of The Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands.

Want a light cooked salmon or a light yet a flavorful salad; add a dash of olive oils and enjoy the meal.


The owners of the company had initially moved from Skopje to Akhisar which is an area well known for the production of Olive Oil. It is quite astounding to know that remnant of Olive Oil facilities are found in Turkey in 600 B.C. Then moving to Izmir, they improved quality of Olive Oil to make it a globalized brand and chose the motto for it: From Aegean for your health. The Aegean part is due to the coast of the Aegean Sea in the Northern Geography of Izmir as Aegean Region represents the mother of Olive Oil.

Olive Oil itself has played a very important role in culture and history. Old manuscripts are often found that represent it as symbol health, beauty, and good taste. Olive Oil is also associated with immortality and ancient tales and poems of the Turks discuss a lot of Olive Oil and Olive oils as it has been the part of their heritage since the beginning.
Using the best of traditional methods, with the modern technology OliveOilsLand® brings you the world’s best Turkish Olive Oil brands that is heavily influenced by the Aegean winds.

What Makes OliveOilsLand Different ?

For producing a high-quality Olive Oil like OliveOilsLand® is to produce it by the old organic milling method. First, the Olives are picked with utmost delicacy and precaution so only the best Olives are chosen for the process. Olives are crushed and then the pulp is put into hot water. It is beaten and then the juice is separated from the pulp. The oil is then transferred to the filtered tank and it is from here onwards decided which type of olive oil is to be produced and which method to be used.
It just doesn’t take the great taste to become the world’s best Olive Oil brand but storage techniques are just as necessary. OliveOilsLand works very hard to prevent the four features below

1. Daylight
2. Heat
3. Moisture
4. Oxygen

Prevention of all the above keeps Turkish Olive Oil in the best taste for the consumers. And to maintain this it is very important to pay attention to the packaging. OliveOilsLand® – World’s One Of The Best Olive Oil Brand does this by using dark colored glass bottles and screwed caps. Also, they use lacquered interior tin plates that are the best for oil packaging. Using pet bottles can be very harmful but many of the Turkish Olive Oil companies use it due to the cheaper rates.

The fatty acids in oils may react with the pet bottle substances and cause a carcinogenic effect. Other times daylight enters through the pet bottles and causes chlorophyll to breakdown the fatty acids in Oil. This may further lead to rancidity, increase in acidity of oil, heavy odor and peroxide increase if not filtered right away. The colour of Olive Oil also changes which makes it unappealing too.

Apart from this what makes OliveOilsLand® one of the olive producer is the fact that they care for your needs. Keeping in mind the ladies in the kitchen, OliveOilsLand prevents packaging in tin cans which have burrs that often cut your fingers. For that OliveOilsLand brings a bag in a box.
The olive oil is kept in packaging that is easy to hold and has the right capsize to allow easy flow and handling. OliveOilsLand – world’s best Olive Oil brand also uses wine bottle packaging for olive oil as there is no separate packaging for olive oil. These bottles with a cork that doesn’t allow air to pass, helps to prevent the oil from oxidation that may destroy the nutrients and the flavor.
The Olive Oil produced is strictly kept away from water and moisture as antioxidant and phenol components are destroyed this way. OliveOilsLand world’s best Olive Oil brand manages to extract olive oil by natural means and as that oil gets in contact with water, the smell, taste and phenol components are destroyed. And if Olive Oil loses its phenol components and antioxidants, it no longer remains Olive Oil. It becomes ordinary oil and is no more beneficial to our body.

Bringing us the best olive oil in the right packaging isn’t enough. The most important thing that makes OliveOilsLand the world’s best olive oil brand is the fact that everything is very customer oriented.
Apart from the packaging, they have special labeling mentioning the harvesting and filling date along with the manufacturing and expiry date. Keeping in mind that some diet conscious customers are very picky in this regard they know that mentioning it would help them. Also, they mention the geographical location the olive oil is extracted from to allow the customers more choice.

Ertugrul Evliyaoglu
Umay Zeytinyagi Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi
+90 539 928 49 71
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OliveOilsLand®- World’s One Of The Best Turkish Olive Oil Brands

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Hong Kong Residents Looking to Buy in the UK: What You Need to Know

Hong Kong residents are looking to invest in the UK property market

Hong Kong Nationals are buying UK property

BNO Passport Holders now have a fast track to UK Citizenship

BNO Passport Holders now have a fast track to UK Citizenship

Manchester is increasingly becoming a hotspot for Hong Kong investors looking to buy outside of the capital

Chinatown in Manchester. Manchester is home to the first authentic Imperial Chinese Arch in Europe

Hong Kong residents' guide for UK property purchase. Showing current market trends and how a specialist mortgage broker can overcome the difficulties involved.

The reasons for buying a property are many. What is currently attractive to purchasers are historically low interest rates, no stamp duty for purchases up to £500,000.00, and a rising value market.”

— Stuart Marshall

MANCHESTER, GREATER MANCHESTER, UK, August 9, 2020 / — Hong Kong Residents Looking to Buy in the UK: What You Need to Know

The UK is still a growing and popular destination for investment. This is the case for both British expats living and working in Hong Kong and also Hong Kong nationals . "We’ve seen a 66% increase in enquiries from Hong Kong compared to the same time last year" says Stuart Marshall, CEO of Liquid Expat Mortgages. "We’re very accustomed to the difficulties involved in getting a UK mortgage while living in Hong Kong but, because of our experience, we’re able to offer a range of great options for those living in Hong Kong and looking to buy in the UK. With the recent pandemic we have also been able to adapt our procedures to ensure smooth and safe processing of all applications." Whilst many customers previously looked to high street banks, they’ve quickly realised that they aren’t able to offer satisfactory options to investors living overseas. Our team at Liquid Expat Mortgages have pre-existing relationships and lines of contact with specialist lenders who are specifically geared toward serving overseas customers. What’s more, as we are based in the UK and in Hong Kong itself, we’re perfectly situated to assist enquiries from both Hong Kong nationals and UK Expats.”

Market Trends.

Current UK property market trends have shown no let up in demand for UK property. When you scratch the surface it soon becomes clear that the UK offers incredible investment opportunities. An increasing trend is that buyers from Hong Kong have started to invest outside of London. Hong Kong is well linked to many investment hotspots in the UK, with direct flights to Manchester and Birmingham as well as key Scottish cities. Cities like Nottingham currently have average rental yields of 12% (the highest in the UK), and other hotspots also enjoy yields in excess of 6 and 7% so it’s easy to understand why investors are looking outside of London (where yields are only around 2%).

Student cities like Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham have seen incredibly strong rental yields for property owners and there’s no sign that this will slow down with more and more people deciding to pursue a university education.

Difficulties for Hong Kong Investors Looking to Buy in the UK.

It can be hard to get a UK mortgage from Hong Kong. One sticking point will likely be difficulties with a UK credit score. If you’re a UK expat living and working in Hong Kong, it’s likely that you’ve not been using your British credit card or that you have outstanding bills that could cause issues when your mortgage application is being assessed.

Another common stumbling block is if that if you are paid in Hong Kong Dollars you are protected by certain consumer rights when buying a mortgage in UK. These include the mortgage holder's right to convert their mortgage into a foreign currency whenever they choose. There will also be contingencies in place to protect the buyer against drastically falling exchange rates. This amounts to increased reluctance from lenders to deal with customers from Hong Kong since they take a great deal more risk. Furthermore, Hong Kong nationals might feel they don’t have any connection to the UK so they have no hope of getting a UK mortgage. "This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the more Hong Kong citizens and nationals investigate UK mortgages, the more they realised we could find them a mortgage" continues Stuart Marshall.

Using a Mortgage Broker.

A great way to make the process easier and benefit from the rewards of buying a UK property through an Expat mortgage is to use a specialist mortgage broker. "Unlike banks, we are a specialist Expat and Foreign mortgage broker and we only focus on obtaining mortgages for UK property. Our experience lies in finding your UK mortgage and marrying it to your objectives and circumstances. Our expertise and knowledge is how to make that happen quickly and efficiently with the minimum disruption for the customer." Despite the difficulties of COVID-19, Hong Kong nationals who hold BNO passports have shown great interest in cities like Manchester, Glasgow and a number of other areas in the UK. This is not to mention the UK expats who live and work in Hong Kong who want to buy a property back in the UK for investment, work or simply to retire to." Stuart Marshall concludes by saying "The reasons for buying a property are many. However, what is currently attractive to purchasers are historically low interest rates, no stamp duty for purchases up to £500,000.00, and a rising value market. Companies that can help you access this market are proving invaluable to investors as we can advise on Buy-to-Let and Residential mortgages.”

Contact Us.

Liquid Expat Mortgages
Unit F2, Waterfold Business Park,
Bury BL9 7BR
Phone: 0161 871 1216

Any media enquiries please contact Ulysses Communications
00 44 161 633 5009

Sergio Pani
Ulysses Communications & Promotions
+44 7811 326463
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8 Tips to Make Your Site SEO Friendly







8 most basic tips and ways to turn your website from scratch into a completely SEO friendly site for search engines. Make an indifferent site friendly to Google

As a leading SEO UK Company, is in the unique position to evaluate and implement a campaign that best suits your requirements.”

— John Divramis

ATHENS, ATTIKI, GREECE, August 9, 2020 / — Below you can see the 8 most basic tips and ways to turn your website from scratch into a completely SEO friendly site for search engines.

Search engines do not have a soul, but they just use anthropomorphic expressions to make the search engines better understood by the general public.

Being a Search Engine Friendly (SEF) or SEO Friendly website by itself is not self-evident.

Although most SEO web designers and web developers really know what they need to do to make your website Search Engine Friendly, there will always be a some little secrets that few will know and even fewer than those who they know will reveal them.

If you do not want to wonder why your website or online store never appears on the first page of Google, I will share with you 8 small tips that if you apply them you will see your website climb to almost all Search results pages (SERPs) of Google and the other search engines.

To find out what these 8 tips will make an indifferent site, friendly to Google, read below.

1. Use friendly and Latin permalinks to Google

The basic rule of thumb for your website is Search Engine Friendly is to use first search engine friendly permalinks and secondly Latin permalinks.

The friendly permalinks are of the type:… And Latin is the so-called Greeklish in permalinks that are necessary to have better results in search engine rankings.

2. Convert all taxonomies into pages and landing pages

For those who know, especially in WordPress there is a division of content type into taxonomies. The problem with Google and search engines is that they do not recognize taxonomies as content, and because search engines rank content, they do not rank taxonomies in search results.

Apart from WordPress, taxonomies in general are difficult to compete with content pages.

That's why my advice with the help of your developer is to convert all taxonomies into pages and therefore landing pages.

In the case of WordPress and Woo-commerce you need to convert all product categories into pages.

3. Match each landing page with at least 1 keyword

Let's go to the next step which is to associate each landing page with at least one keyword. The opposite is true; you need to build your entire site based on how internet users search for your product or service.

You need to build your entire site based on your keywords.

If you have already created the landing pages in the wrong way and have not included the keywords in your site, then you need to correct them so that each landing page corresponds to one keyword and another 10 derivative keywords or keyword phrases.

Keyword: SEO

Derived Keyword phrases:

• SEO marketing
• SEO content
• SEO friendly
• SEO tips

I imagine you have understood the example and can do the same for your own e-shop, while improving your landing page.

4. Use share buttons for all landing pages and articles from your blog

The share buttons are not on my site for fun, but serve a single purpose. To be used by the user who will visit my site. So I would like those of you who see me and read my blog to make one or more shares in the suggested social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

You see, in order for me to continue to provide you with this unique and free content, you in turn have to make a share wherever you want so that as many interested people as possible can see this post with useful tips.

5. Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly

Now I should have told you this from the beginning or not told you at all, because even today too many sites and online stores have forgotten to adapt the changes in Google algorithms and are not Mobile Friendly.

This means that they do not benefit at all from the Mobile First Indexing that Google uses in the core of its search algorithm from March 2018. So they do not look friendly on mobile devices compared to competing websites that are Mobile Friendly.

6. Submit your sitemap to Google

Having a sitemap on a website and listing it on Google Search Console is essential for even the smallest site.

So do not overlook it because sitemap is a good opportunity to connect with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to detect potential errors in accessing your site by Google Bots and Google Spiders.

7. Create backlinks to all landing pages

The seventh tip to make your site Search Engine Friendly is to create SEO backlinks to all the possible landing pages you have created.

Backlinks are nothing more than links from other websites that point to your website usually with the keyword.

The more quality and relevant but also white hat backlinks you have from other sites the higher you appear in the search engines with the keywords that these links have.

You will also need to create different backlinks for each internal landing page from different domain names.

8. Create backlinks to your backlinks

If you have already created some backlinks that are not very important at the beginning and do not have the power to take you to the first page of the search engines, you can create some backlinks that point to the backlinks that you have already created.

These are called second level backlinks and believe me they help me a lot in the end because in the long run your website will grow quite a bit if you continue to build them steadily.

As you understand a site should be Search Engine Friendly both in terms of on page SEO and in terms of off page SEO.

This may sound like Chinese to you, but you do not need to stress because you can seek the help of an SEO professional and increase your search engine traffic and turnover today.

John Divramis
+30 697 236 4387
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Action Emojis and Emoji Apps

Using the brain and mind emojis to show how the mind and brain can be used to improve each other.

A double mind and brain emoji drawing attention on brain education and brain and mind being separate entities.

An emoji that is a reminder for behaving wisely.

An emoji with fetus, child, adult and guru emojis bunched together.

We need more female emojis. Creating a more distinct female emoji.

Female emoji with long hair.

Taking emojis to the next level by creating action emojis to explain in clear and simple terms a path to emotional health. Using emojis to create EH apps.

Action emojis and apps will redefine the brain and mind relationship and focus on the neglected brain education creating an emotionally healthy society. Making America an emotional health super power.”

— Sajid Khan

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2020 / — Emojis have become one of the essential keys to expressing our feelings. Let us take emojis to the next level. Let's create a path to wisdom by making one minute apps with emojis. Instead of just singular feeling emojis we are creating action emojis that consist of two or more emojis to create wisdom/EH improving mind and brain exercises. The next step will be all about using emojis to fill the missing gaps in education and solving the ills of society. Using multiple emojis together will enable the transformation of the world from being emotionally challenged to emotionally healthy.

Please consider the following questions:

1) Infrastructure, education, inventions, civilization are all improving so why are the social ills as bad as ever?
2) There are 44.000 books on happiness then why is happiness still almost impossible to teach?
3) Why do powerful leaders like Biden and Bloomberg cannot find even one expert who can help them overcome their sex addiction?
4) Why do almost 50% of Americans have a hard time making ends meet.

All these problems arise because we lump the brain and mind as the single entity of the mind when these are two separate entities. Thus all attention is focused on mind education while brain education is not only ignored the brain is miseducated and as a result about 80% of the population develops emotionally challenged brains from mild to severe. Cutting edge mind education generates improved infrastructure etc. while messed up brain education results in messed up emotionally challenged brains that generate all these ills of society.

All these books do not teach us happiness because these books try to teach the mind happiness when it is the brain that needs healing. Same with sex healing. They try to persuade the mind to give up sex addiction when it is a brain addiction and it is the brain that has to be treated. Even though we Americans make good money with our well educated minds but we spend it with our miseducated brains.

As the brain and mind are listed as one, we have mind sickness and brain sickness defined as just mind sickness. So even when the brain is ill we try to heal the mind. Mental health is mind health where emotional health is brain health. As the brain is under the radar screen emotional health is under the radar screen.

Also we have much fewer female and minority emojis. Instead of emojis made with circles only we need to add braids and long hair with ribbons to the circles to depict female images.

Our first action emoji is an image of the mind observing the brain with a magnifying glass with one eye closed. Also the brain image is observing the mind with a magnifying glass with one eye closed. This dual image emoji of the brain and mind observing each other will wake up the world to the fact that the brain and mind are two separate entities. It will show that we need to have separate education systems for brain and mind education. Mind education is acquiring the expertise through regular education where brain education is through mostly wise parenting and emotionally healthy upbringing.

This dual emoji is for those who have missed the bus of wise parenting. They need to heal the emotionally challenged brain by identifying with their mind and with it heal the brain.

My second action emoji consists of four emojis in a single picture. The emojis are of a) Fetus (-2), b) Child (-1), c) Adult (+1), d) Guru (+2). The medical sciences are mostly focused on just 3 stages of mind development from child, adult and guru when in reality there are four stages of fetus, child, adult and guru. When upbringing is emotionally healthy and regular education is effective the mind and brain develop to the +2 level. In most cases in America mind education is better positioned while brain education is mostly messed up from severe to mild. Most Americans develop their brains to the adult +1 level.

At different times we act from fetus. child. adult or guru levels. This emoji is a reminder that -2 behavior will always provide -2 results. In order to achieve +2 results one must act from guru +2 level. This emoji reminds everyone to act wisely.

4th R Foundation
+1 201-450-8098
email us here

This video explains why our current world order is based on ignorance.

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The Peace Song Awards Announces Finalists in its 4th Annual Search for Music, Spoken Word, and Videos Promoting Peace

Sangeeta Kaur performing

Sangeeta Kaur performing at the 2019 PSA Ceremony; Sangeeta is the PSA’s 2016 Grand Prize Winner, and founder of

Steve Robertson speaking

Steve Robertson opens the Peace Song Awards each year with words of inspiration, gratitude and peace; he is the Founder/CEO of EvolvingPlanet7/ProjectPeaceOnEarth and producer of The Peace Song Awards.

The 4th Annual Peace Song Awards Finalists announced today; winners to be awarded on 9/21/20

Stewart Copeland, Caroline Myss, Ph.D., and Dennis Kucinich join the organization’s famed Jury Panel in searching for inspiring messages of peace in the arts.

This was an extremely important year, given the Covid-19 worldwide issue and struggles for justice. Music, spoken word, videos and sound-healing are a path to hope in uplifting the heart of humanity.”

— Steve Robertson, Founder

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 9, 2020 / — Believing and pursuing peace is as important today as it was at any time in the world’s history. With a global reach and inspiring mission, the Peace Song Awards (PSA) are thought to be the first to hold an annual worldwide search for the most spiritually-inspiring songs, spoken word poetry, sound-healing and music videos promoting messages of peace. Today, the organization’s founder Steve Robertson — long-time global peace activist and Founder/CEO of, a registered 501c3 organization tax-exempt (EIN # 84-2801211) based in Los Angeles — announces nominees for its 4th Peace Song Awards Ceremony.

"This is an extremely important year to support peace, given the Covid-19 worldwide issue and struggles for justice,” Robertson said in today’s announcement. “Music, spoken word, videos and sound-healing music are both a creative outlet and a path to hope in uplifting the heart of humanity. It has been an honor to listen to all of the amazing contest submissions, and the Jury Panel is excited to announce the FINALISTS in each category.”

Each of the following categories received copious entries, with visionary high-quality music and art flowing in from across the world: New Age, World Music, Acoustic Contemporary, Rock / Pop, Country and Folk, A Cappella/Choral/Classical/Opera, Jazz, Hip Hop, Spoken Word Poetry, Sound-Healing, and a Music Video category. Jury Panel members will narrow down each category to a single winner to be announced on September 21, 2020, a date chosen to coincide with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

The expert producers, artists, speakers, peace activists and celebrities serving on the PSA's Jury Panel is one of its greatest draws for artists seeking a wider audience for their art. The jury includes Stewart Copeland (5x GRAMMY Winner, The Police), Caroline Myss, Ph.D. (5x NYTimes best-selling author/speaker), Dennis Kucinich (former US Representative / US Department of Peace), Peter Joseph (Director of the Zeitgeist series) and many more whose biographies are listed here:

All contestants ultimately have three ways to win in each category: 1) Jury Prize, selected by the Jury Panel members voting on songs / videos in their area of expertise, 2) Public Voting, in which contestant invite the public to vote on their songs or videos, and 3) Social Media, by becoming the musician or video with most overall Facebook likes and reaches in a category. Public voting success does not influence the Jury Prize selection. Winners of each music category have the chance to win a wide variety of prizes to enhance their careers.

Robertson states "Each person who participated with a song, a sound-healing, spoken word poetry or music video, whether they were voted a Finalist or not, is a true winner…they’ve already uplifted our world with their intent to help heal and bring peace to our world. In following, our sponsors help us to share our vision of peace. We are thankful to Hope Olsen of JR Olsen Bonds and Insurance Brokers for her ever-gracious care, support and generosity as a Peace Song Awards Jury Panel Member and as a sponsor of our continued efforts to promote the message of peace through our Evolving Planet 7 and Peace Song Awards initiatives. I/we also want to give my heartfelt thanks to Empower With Arts and its founders Sangeeta Kaur and Trinh Hoang Hai who have graciously and consistently served to sponsor our PSA initiatives and serve as Jury Panel Members with us.”

Here are the 4th Annual Peace Song Awards Finalists, listed by Category, with Artist Name and Song Title in alphabetical order by last name:

Note: * Indicates a voting tie, resulting in 6 Top Finalists rather than a Top 5.

Patricia Bahia – “Be Here Now"
Merrill Collins (featuring David Vito Gregoli and Kimberly Haynes) – “Om Mani Padme Hum”
Sharon Fendrich – “Song of the Dove”
Juliet Lyons – “Shine”
SEAY -“Heaven’s Gate”
The Song Gardeners – “Love Flows”

Shervin Boloorian – “The Medicine Song”
Grayhawk – “Ambient Meditation”
Grayhawk – “The Banteay Srei Temple”
Ann Licater – “Ancestral Gathering”
SEAY – “Heaven’s Gate”

Mercy Ngozi Alu – “African Queen”
Patricia Bahia – “(Say Yes) World With A Little More Love”
Kimberly Haynes – “Narrow Bridge"
Inanna- “Invisible City”
Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy -“Journey of Life”
Prem Vidu -“Your Love Heals Me”

Casey Crosby – “Marlogue Wood”
FLOW -“Promise”
Shawn Gallaway – “Friends Unfold”
Joshua Moore – “Peace”
Nitanee Paris – “It Can’t Rain Forever”
Nitanee Paris – “Love Is What We’re Here For”

Patricia Bahia – “We Are All One”
Matias Bacoñsky – “Immortal”
Lia Scallon – “Light Emerging”
SEAY – “Heaven’s Gate”
Jack Paris Williams – “New Beginnings”

Bhakti House Band – “Stories (The Hero’s Journey)”
Caron Potocnik – “Song for the Earth”
Charles Ecker – “A Bright Tomorrow”
Nitanee Paris – “Love Will Find a Place to Be”
Mary Gospe – “I Choose Love”

Louis Colaiannia – “Contemplation”
Darren English – “Requiem in Peace”
Shawn Gallaway – “I Am The Love I’ve Been Looking For”
Perpetual Motion – “Por Causa de Vocé”
Prem Vidu – “Everything That Is Here”

Bhakti House Band – “Shine”
Bhakti House Band – “Roots of Revolution”
Merrill Collins – “Every Man, Woman and Child”
Anaya Kunst/Cindy Paulos -“Let Peace Be"
Cindy Paulos – “The Courage to Choose Peace”

Bhakti House Band – “Raise Your Words"
Patricia Bahia – “Every Heart One Love”
Nitanee Paris – “We Are Limitless”
Nitanee Paris – “Circle”
Nitanee Paris -“You Are Loved”
Austin Willacy (co-written w/Patricia Bahia, Caley Rose Walker) – “Man Up”

Shervin Boloorian – “Returning Back Home”
Shawn Gallaway – “Wake Up America”
Grayhawk – Queen Ofir – Andreea Petcu – “Peace Prayer”
Natalie Jean – “We Kneel”
Alexandria Paris – “Sleeping Giants”
Masa Takumi – “Heritage”

For more information, please contact Steve Robertson at peacesongawards(at)gmail(dot)com, or Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company, bethhilton(at)theBCompany(dot)com.


Beth Hilton
The B Company
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WATCH: The Entire 3rd Annual Peace Song Awards Ceremony (2019)

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Bikers Against Trafficking Applauded for Combatting one of the Largest Criminal Industries in the World

United for Human Rights Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, August 9, 2020 / — Just last month, Bikers Against Trafficking International (BAT) received four letters from officials applauding BAT for their work in saving children from human trafficking. The officials are: Marco Rubio, US Senator; Wayne Jacoby, the President of Global Education Motivators (GEM – a non-profit associated with the United Nations’ Department of Public Information); John Redman, the CEO of Community Alliance for Drug-Free Youth; and Bishop Craig A. Worsham, the President of the International Multi-faith Coalition.

Senator Rubio thanked the bikers for “helping to make Florida a safer and more humane place for us all.”

The President of GEM wrote, “I would like to extend my support and encouragement to Bikers Against Trafficking for being on the frontlines defending victims of human trafficking day in and day out.”

John Redman said, “Thank you for leading the charge to end human trafficking.”

And Bishop Worsham wrote, “I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you on the work that you and your entire team have done to actively oppose this evil in all its forms… you are not only salvaging trafficking victims but giving them the knowledge and power to now succeed in a life of freedom where their human rights are respected.”

BAT uses educational materials provided by Youth for Human Rights, the youth component of United for Human Rights (UHR) Florida, to educate the community and former victims on what their rights are. The UHR material is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted and proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948 and contains the 30 most widely-accepted human rights that everybody inalienably has. UHR offers this material for free to those interested in being a part of the movement.

“By forming partnerships and working together we can combine shoulders and take on human trafficking,” said Rainey Nave, the Vice President of BAT. “Human trafficking is happening all around us, in every state and every city. We need to bring a subject like this to the top of our priorities list and actually start working together to end this.”

Last year, BAT attended Sturgis bike week where they educated thousands of people on the signs of human trafficking, and as a result, saved several people from being trafficked while attending the event. More recently, they delivered a training seminar at Stetson University in Florida, educating students on what they can do on campus to join the fight.

For more information about Bikers Against Trafficking and United for Human Rights, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages: @BikerAgainstTraffickingFL and @HumanRightsFL or email BAT at

About Bikers Against Trafficking:

Bikers Against Trafficking is an international, non-profit organization with the mission of eradicating human trafficking through education, advocacy, prevention and pro-active measures. Founded by Rainey and Doc, two Bikers who both have first-hand experience of being trafficked in their youth, they now dedicate their lives to ending human trafficking.

About United for Human Rights:

United for Human Rights (UHR) is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at local, regional, national and international levels. UHR is one of eight humanitarian programs the Church of Scientology supports. It was L Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology religion who said, “Human Rights must be made a fact not an idealistic dream.”

Cristian Vargas Exeutive Director
United for Human Rights Florida
email us here
+1 727-265-7479
Visit us on social media:

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Dubai-based Artist Collaborates with Award Winning Journalist and Author for The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

'H20cean' - Music inspired by The Outlaw Ocean book written by Ian Urbina.

‘H20cean’ – Music inspired by The Outlaw Ocean book written by Ian Urbina.

Shuja Rabbani, EDM Producer

The Outlaw Ocean

The Outlaw Ocean

Shuja Rabbani releases sixth studio album ‘H20cean’ as part of the internationally acclaimed ‘The Outlaw Ocean Music Project’.

I’m honored to be part of this phenomenal project to help raise awareness on what goes on in the open waters of our planet. We are all connected in this world!”

— Shuja Rabbani

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, August 9, 2020 / — “The Outlaw Ocean Music Project” is a first-of-its-kind collaboration which melds music and journalism. In combining their mediums, these narrators have conveyed emotion and a sense of place in an enthralling new way. The result is a captivating body of music based on original reporting in The Outlaw Ocean. Using a sound archive and inspired by the reporting, over 250 artists from more than 50 countries produce EPs in their own interpretive musical styles — be it electronic, ambient, classical or hip hop — and are released every other month.

Read more about the project here. Read about our press coverage here.

While reporting at sea, journalist Ian Urbina built an audio library of field recordings featuring a variety of textured and often rhythmic sounds, from machine-gun fire on the coast of Somalia to chanting from captive deckhands on the South China Sea. Inspired by the reporting, artists from around the world created EPs sampling sound clips from Urbina's archive, integrating them into their respective genre — from electronic, to ambient, classical, to hip-hop. Each participating artist also created EP artwork using photography Urbina's team captured at sea, beautifully illustrating the reporting.

Similar to a soundtrack setting the scene for a movie, "The Outlaw Ocean Music Project" gives both depth and meaning to the field recordings: it's music tied to something deeper. An Indonesian woman crying at sea, passages from a climate change speech on a Greenpeace ship near the Arctic, chanting sea slaves. Each track embodies a backstory, an issue, a powerful visual, all spreading the same message about the ocean and the need to stop certain abuses.

"The Outlaw Ocean Music Project" also speaks to the power of creativity. The music transports listeners into a multi-faceted emotional soundscape, shaped by the subjects reported and each artist's cultural context and experience.

"The Outlaw Ocean Music Project" is Dubai-based producer Shuja Rabbani’s first musical collaboration. “I’m honored to be part of this phenomenal project to help raise awareness on what goes on in the open waters of our planet”, say Rabbani whose album titled ‘H20cean’ is part of this project. ‘H20cean’ is Rabbani’s

About Shuja Rabbani: Shuja Rabbani is a UAE-based music producer with over 100 music tracks available on all leading digital music streaming platforms.

About Ian Urbina: Ian Urbina has earned numerous awards for his journalism, including a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news, a Polk Award for international reporting and an Emmy nomination. In addition, his stories have been converted into films such as ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ starring Gerard Butler, ‘American Honey’ with Shia LaBeouf, and ‘Promised Land’ with Matt Damon. More recently, Leonardo DiCaprio and Netflix bought the rights to adapt The Outlaw Ocean into a feature film and a docu-series.

Shuja Rabbani
Rabbani Records
+971 50 749 9378
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The Outlaw Ocean Music Project – Ian Urbina and Shuja Rabbani

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Renowned Drummer, Lawrence Qualls, Set to Release Hot New Album – The Arrhythmia Soundtrack

Qualls is one of the most influential drummers of the 21st century.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 8, 2020 / — Renowned Drummer, Lawrence Qualls, Set to Release Hot New Album – The Arrhythmia Soundtrack

Qualls is one of the most influential drummers of the 21st century.

Los Angeles, CA – World renowned drummer, Lawrence Qualls, is pleased to announce he will be releasing the most anticipated album of his career on September 4th, 2020.

Lawrence E Qualls is a widely popular American musician and music producer from Newark, New Jersey. Qualls is a natural musician, having started playing drums at the age of 5 and developed a deep respect for master drummers like Elvin Jones, Dennis Chambers, and Tony Williams in his youth. Within just a few years of admirable dedication to practicing his art, Qualls rapidly became one of the most brilliant minds of the 21st century – both as a drummer and as a producer.

In his most recent news, Qualls is announcing the highly anticipated release of his hot new album – The Arrhythmia Soundtrack – on September 4th, 2020. The five song EP, created by the artist himself, is described as New Age, Progressive, and Electric – not to mention deeply moving, compelling, and innovative.

“I was highly influenced by the gaming world and by the music brands use for video games,” says Qualls. “The title ‘Arrythmia’ comes from the actual definition which best describes my production for the project. When creating and producing the album, I was able to implement a clever way to apply the ‘arrythmia’ method through my musical composition and I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product.”

As an exceptionally brilliant musician and producer, Qualls has worked with some of the most renowned names in the industry, including Grammy Award winning producer, Eric Hudson, with whom he earned production credit on Mariah Carey’s single Infinity, Grammy Award winning producer, Gordon “Commissioner” Williams, and international Reggae superstar, Jesse Royal, as his touring Musical Director.

After collaborating with Mariah Carey, Qualls formulated his own music production company, LQ Music Group, as a way to help outsource music production for record labels, independent artists, and brands, and to provide quality live instrumentation production.

The Arrythmia Soundtrack will be available on September 4th, 2020 on all digital music platforms.

For more information about Lawrence Qualls, please visit his official website at

About Lawrence Qualls

Lawrence Qualls is a famous drummer and producer from New Jersey. Qualls’ remarkable versatility and skill allow him to play across multiple genres. Qualls truly knows what drives a band, having a virtuous ear for great music production, and has sold out arena tours and produced Billboard-charting records.
Qualls released his debut album, Unbreakable, in the spring of 2019 – an album which was widely received across the globe.

Contact Information

Lawrence Qualls

Lawrence Qualls
LQ Music Group
+1 347-243-6062
email us here


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