2020 Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit Qingdao Forum opens, Long Yongtu, Raffarin and Wang Qingxian deliver speeches

Lasting two days, the forum set up the main venue in Qingdao as well as sub-venues in London, UK, Madrid, Spain, Dublin, Ireland and Milan, Italy.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit Qingdao Forum, jointly hosted by the Sino-International Entrepreneurs Federation (SIEF) and Qingdao Municipal Government, was inaugurated in Qingdao International Conference Center on the morning of September 19. Under the theme of “New Changes, New Opportunities, New Economy—Co-build a New Win-Win International Cooperation Pattern under the Belt and Road Initiative”, prestigious entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from over 20 countries’ political, industrial, investment and academic circles exchanged opinions either face-to-face or screen-to-screen, forecast the development trends of global economy in the post-pandemic era and probed into new opportunities for cooperation and common development among Chinese and European entrepreneurs.

Long Yongtu, co-chairman of SIEF, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France, special envoy of President Emmanuel Macron to China and co-chairman of SIEF and Wang Qingxian, member of Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Party secretary of Qingdao attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, UN special envoy for education and co-chairman of SIEF and Ma Jiantang, Party secretary and deputy director of Development Research Center of the State Council were also present. Meng Fanli, deputy Party secretary and mayor of Qingdao, presided over the opening ceremony.

Long Yongtu extended congratulations to the opening ceremony of Sino-European Entrepreneurs Summit Qingdao Forum in his speech. He said that this year, the world economy would face severe, difficult and complicated situations as well as uncertainties due to the impact of the pandemic and the rising trends of anti-globalization. Under such a circumstance, we need to keep to the remarks President Xi Jinping made when he met EU leaders via video link, turn political commitment into concrete actions as well as feasible programs, connect hampered international trade and investments, disrupted global network of industrial chains and supply chains with national and multilateral institutions and strive for Sino-European cooperation in a down-to-earth manner.

Raffarin said in his speech that the current international situation was extremely complex and the COVID-19 pandemic made the future world, especially trade prospects, increasingly uncertain, therefore, promoting international cooperation was the only remedy to tackle the situation. Countries are interdependent and no single country can succeed all by itself. Sino-European cooperation enjoys a solid foundation, extensive common interests as well as a promising future. It is hoped that two sides will deepen pragmatic cooperation in co-implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, promoting international trade and two-way investment and constructing smart cities etc., keep improving dialogue mechanisms and seek mutual benefit through win-win cooperation.

As said in the speech of Wang Qingxian, in the meeting between President Xi Jinping and EU leaders, both China and Europe voiced strong demand for cooperation, which can remarkably stabilize the current world brimming with instability and uncertainty. It is an irresistible trend for the global economy to get interconnected with each other. As Sino-European relations displays positive signals, especially when China is vigorously coordinating domestic and international markets and resources and accelerating the establishment of a "dual circulation" development pattern in which domestic economic cycle plays a leading role while international economic cycle remains its extension and supplement, China and Europe will become important engines boosting economic resurgence in the world and embrace in-depth cooperation in broader fields, entrepreneurs will be greeted with new development opportunities in this new round of Sino-European cooperation.

Wang Qingxian said that economic exchange and cultural exchange were mutually supportive and it was prerequisite to recognize cultural diversity and differentiation. Qingdao, a city combining oriental culture and western culture harmoniously, is all the time characterized by opening-up, inclusiveness, innovation and creation. Since last year, President Xi Jinping has entrusted to Qingdao significant national tasks of constructing the SCO Demonstration Zone, forging a new international cooperation platform under the Belt and Road Initiative and integrating ecological conservation and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, Qingdao is also charged with an more important role in Sino-European exchanges and cooperation. Implementing thoroughly the important instructions of President Xi Jinping, Qingdao is building international business clubs targeting the entire country and even the globe, forging “4+1” development ecology, namely, integration of industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain and technology chain plus high-quality and high-efficient government services, accelerating the construction of an entrepreneurial city and working hard to help entrepreneurs turn their originality, innovation and creation into reality. The Sino-European relations is standing at a new historical starting point. Qingdao expects to establish close ties, deepen economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges with more European cities so as to share new opportunities resulting from strategic cooperation between China and Europe, the world’s two big economies.

On the forum, the launching ceremony of Qingdao Sino-European Enterprises Innovative Cooperation Development Fund was held, the special committee for scientific and technological innovation of SIEF was unveiled and 17 Sino-foreign cooperation projects including Sino-European trade accelerator signed agreements. Several experts, scholars and entrepreneurs including Ma Jiantang made keynote speeches.

Wang Qingxian and Meng Fanli met separately key guests before the forum opened.

Lasting two days, the forum set up the main venue in Qingdao as well as sub-venues in London, UK, Madrid, Spain, Dublin, Ireland and Milan, Italy and held activities including the main forum, parallel sub-forums and round-table conference of mayors.

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Source: EIN Presswire