3-Month Free Subscription To Cloud One Accounting Software- Take Care of Your Accounting Needs & Beat Covid-19 Lockdown

Cloud One Accounting Software is a perfect online solution to your business' accounting needs. Implement it to improve your collaboration with employees WFH.

SINGAPORE, October 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — "COVID 19 pandemic is proven to be a costly distraction to small businesses. Cloud One Accounting Software can help them in ensuring employee safety and complying with accounting standards. We make it economically viable for them by offering a 3-month free subscription to our accounting software.

After the implementation of Cloud One Accounting Software, the owners and employees do not even have to go to the office as they can access it from anywhere and at any time. It means they will not have to be dependant on their computers or servers located in their office.

With the Cloud One Accounting software, even the lockdown cannot stop them from working and taking care of the compliance needs of the business," explained Ms. Meena, from Oneaccountingsoftware.com.

Today, because of the coronavirus pandemic, many owners are finding it difficult to assign their business' accounting and bookkeeping work. Since their employees are stuck at home, supervising their work is also presents a problem.

Cloud One Accounting Software increases the collaboration between the business owners and accountants. It remains hosted on the remote servers and requires no installation or maintenance. It allows the authorized user-role-based secure access and ensures the security of data. Digital cloud accounting software gives businesses a way to beat the physical restrictions imposed by the lockdown.

The software makes it easy for the owners to:
• Access business' financial data
• Send professional e-invoices
• Prepare bank deposit
• Payment settlement
• Sort and view all transactions by date
• Email invoices and bills
• Customer & Vendor list management
• Create multiple user roles
• Budget planning and forecasting
• Create professional invoices, quotes, orders, bills, credit notes
• Print invoices, bills, cheque (based on existing entries)
• Automate recurring transactions
• Handle multi-currency transactions
• Reconcile bank accounts
• Generate financial statements & reports
• Track due and late payments
• Take stock of inventory

It presents them with an at-a-glance dashboard to view real-time data on Cash In/ Out, Accounts receivable and payable, and user activity.

"Automated cloud accounting software for small business assists owners in bringing automation to their mundane bookkeeping tasks like billing, invoicing, and transaction reconciliation. It brings their operational costs down by helping them conserve time, manual efforts, and money. They also get to reassign their skilled employees to the critical tasks of the business.

Implementation of Cloud One Accounting Software frees business owners from difficulties of storing and backing-up their business data. The software stores it in the centralized data-repository on the remote servers. There it remains safe from any natural hazards and accessible, even in a pandemic medical emergency like COVID 19.

This is a time to making swift business decisions. Choosing to implement the best online accounting software is one of them. You can beat the COVID 19 pandemic by keeping the operational costs down. Use coupon code SimNim0211 before the end of 31st December 2020 to get first 3-months free subscription to our accounting software only.

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Since the prices have come down, the small business owners are increasingly choosing high quality and affordable cloud accounting software. And in the present scenario, it makes the perfect sense to do so, as it can assist their employees who are working from home to be productive," concluded Ms. Meena.

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Oneaccountingsoftware.com is focused on assisting small businesses in taking care of their accounting needs. It also enables accounting services providers to improve collaboration with their clients. Cloud One Accounting Software is an affordable and scalable online solution for automating a business' accounting processes. Oneaccountingsoftware.com also provides payroll software for singapore businessman

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