COVID-19 Gun Safety Survey: Increased Fear of Bodily Harm Driving Massive Gun Sales

Since March, Majority of Single Buyers Purchased Multiple Guns, Increased Training

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / — SecureIt Tactical, the largest supplier of weapons storage systems to the U.S. military and a leading civilian gun storage and education company, today released the results of its COVID-19 gun safety survey. The survey found that gun sales are being driven by the need for personal safety, compelling most respondents to buy two or more firearms, and in nearly a quarter of cases, four or more.

“Gun safety and buying habits were the focus of our COVID-19 firearm trend survey where we polled more than 1,100 gun owners from around the country to get their take on how and why they are buying, storing and training with their weapons,” said Tom Kubiniec, president and CEO of SecureIt Tactical. “What we found is that they don’t want to be victims and are taking serious steps to prevent that from ever happening.

“One of the takeaways is that SecureIt’s message of decentralized storage and the use of smaller modular gun safes over old fashioned bid heavy safes is catching on,” said Kubiniec. “Many people keep their guns in a variety of places to prevent theft, keep kids safe and to allow for fast access in times of emergency.”

Key Survey Takeaways:

Personal Safety: Compared to one year ago, a strong majority (74.4 percent) of respondents said they were either much more or somewhat more concerned with personal safety. And nearly half (47 percent) bought guns for protection.

Additional Training: An equally strong majority (74.1 percent) of owners plan on taking additional gun safety courses and/or practice time at the range. 97.6 percent have already taken some form of training.

Gun Buying: About half of respondents (49 percent) have made one or more gun purchases since the lockdowns began in March. A majority (61.7 percent) bought two or more guns and of that number, nearly a quarter (22.3 percent) bought four or more firearms. Types of firearms bought were a majority long guns (57.6 percent) with the rest being handguns.

Gun Safes: Only a minority (12 percent) believe gun safe manufacturers are always truthful in their fire protection and safety claims. An even smaller number (nine percent) believe their guns will always be protected in a traditional gun safe during a fire.

Storage Locations: Gun owners store their firearms in a variety of places. Top spots include:
– Office (79 percent)
– Basement (79 percent)
– Vehicle (72 percent)
– Guest Room (72 percent)
– Hall Closet (71 percent)
– Garage (70 percent)
– Master Bedroom (60 percent)

The entire survey can be viewed here. 1,128 people from across the United States participated.

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