How Napollo Software Design Alleviated Fashion Designer “Hola Amor” Defy 2020 Market Challenges — and Blossomed

Hola Amor Team wearing Attires with Founder Nida Junejo (NJ)

E-Commerce & Fashion have emerged as one of lockdown’s unexpected winners in 2020 with Digital companies like Napollo leading the mark for these businesses.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 29, 2020 / — E-Commerce & Fashion have emerged as one of lockdown’s unexpected winners in 2020 with Digital companies like Napollo leading the mark for these businesses. Mostly it was heritage names and all-time classics that kept customers spending, with retailers turning away from the younger, accessibly priced labels they’d been nurturing just a few years ago.

Hola Amor is one of a few young businesses in the women fashion sector that was an exception to the rule: The 29-year-old Lahore-based designer defied challenging market trends and saw her online sales skyrocket amid the pandemic.

“We launched on Nov 3rd, 2020 & had the customers ordering our dresses from day 1 from New York, UAE & Pakistan. Napollo Software Design has helped us brand & manage digital media campaigning that has rocketed our growth. we had more sales than we thought in first two weeks since our brand launched. It was a huge boost for the brand, almost like a fast-track ticket,” said NJ, speaking from her regional office in Dubai.

Now she’s building on the momentum by joining forces with the influencer and art director to launch a collaboration.

Napollo Software Design is an exclusive digital partner of Hola Amor from day 1. From Strategy making to content creation, website development to digital marketing, setting up e-commerce store to shops on facebook & Instagram, Napollo is helping this mega brand in building the right base of successful business. Hola Amor already has more than 20,000 followers on Facebook & Instagram with 10% conversion rate.

“We will keep building this luxury mega-brand in the future that people really buy and appreciate. We want to stay away from any fast fashion or mass approach, which is also extremely unsustainable,” said Ahmad J. Butt, CEO Napollo Group that our commitment to go digital is the reason behind the brand’s continued growth, despite the pandemic.

It’s a bit of a contradiction being such a young designer and new brand but having this appreciation for quality and craftsmanship is also part of success, experiencing a company where a single line can make all the difference.

For more information about Napollo Software Design, visit

Mo Ali
Napollo Software Design LLC
+1 3474130990
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Hola Amor’s Bold Designs – Video Catalogue

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Rare Earths Provide Rare Opportunity for Arizona

Marty Weems is the new CEO of Western Rare Earths

Marty Weems, the new CEO of Western Rare Earths, wants to make the La Paz Rare Earth Project the first carbon negative mine in North America.

Clarence McAllister is the Chair of the Board of the La Paz Rare Earth Project in Arizona.

Clarence McAllister, a well-regarded engineer and business leader in Arizona, is the Chair of the Board of the La Paz Rare Earth Project. He is proud of the experienced and talented team involved in the project.

A new rare earth mine in La Paz County would provide resources critical to American electric vehicles, renewable energy, 5G technology, and defense industries.

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, November 29, 2020 / — One of the many controversies surrounding US-Chinese relations involves Rare Earths Elements (REE): America's electric vehicles, renewable energy, 5Gtechnology, and defense industries need them, and China is threatening to restrict import of them. Few people know about a 10-year-old project–the La Paz Rare Earth Project–by the US company, Western Rare Earths (WRE), to develop a mine and processing facility in La Paz County in Arizona. The new WRE CEO Marty Weems says, "This is a unique opportunity to lessen US' dependence on China for critical minerals. These projects will onshore high-paying jobs to Americans and stabilize the national security tech supply chain with a dependable, domestic source of these constrained resources. The business case is driven by double-digit annual growth of EVs, wind turbines, fuel cell tech, and 5G."

The rare earths are a group of 17 elements composed of scandium, yttrium, and the lanthanides. Their notoriety, applications, and need are growing with the increasing importance of alternative energy sources and uses, such as electric vehicle motors, wind turbines, magnets, fuel cells, lightweight aluminum, and smartphones. Notably, just to meet the production projections of electric vehicle manufacturers, the REE mining industry would have to double production by 2030. Adding the international demand (e.g., UK Prime Minister wants wind turbines to power every home there by 2030) makes the Arizona project more invaluable.

WRE has mining claim control with positive sample results distributed over more than 5100 acres a couple of hours northwest of Phoenix, with 218 unpatented lode claims, and a State exploration permit for 640 acres; the maiden REE resource only occupies 525 acres. What makes the La Paz Project unique in the mining industry, more bi-partisan in its support, and different from other potential North American sources, is that this deposit has negligible amounts of radioactive material. Others can be more than 30X more radioactive; thus the La Paz project will avoid many of the associated challenges. The goal of WRE is for La Paz to become the first carbon-negative mine in North America, thereby, greening the supply chain of green tech. Finally, the presence of high value Scandium could be a difference maker in project economics.

The Project is in a designated Opportunity Zone and qualifies for New Markets Tax Credits. American Rare Earths Limited (ARR) is an ASX-traded (Australia) exploration and development company, focused on strategic technology mineral resources. Western Rare Earths is the US subsidiary. Project inquiries and expressions of interest may be directed to

In addition to Weems, who became CEO in July 2020, a world-class technical team and diverse leadership group has been assembled. Clarence McAllister, the US-based Chairman of the La Paz Rare Earth Project and a WRE board member, adds “The leadership and engagement of the Board of Directors is starting to bear fruit. We will be collaborating with governments, universities, scientific and environmental organizations, communities, and other stakeholders to advance development of these constrained critical minerals.”

Denise Meridith
Denise Meridith Consultants Inc
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Meet Matteo Flora, the Italian Reputation Hacker behind most successful European VIPs and CEOs

Matteo Flora, leading Italian “Reputation Hacker” explain how the Propaganda Machine I used by many European Leaders and VIPs…

ITALY, November 29, 2020 / — If you call him “Reputation Hacker” he will shrug it off “I’m just a Corporate Reputation Expert”. But Matteo’s abilities – and those of The Fool, the company he created 10+ years ago – are well known for the analytical approach and deep Cybersecurity expertise, which gained him the U.S. Congress IVLP in “Combating Cybersecurity” in 2012 under the Obama administration.

Operating in the niche at the cornerstone between Data analysis, Customer Insights, Corporate Reputation, and Storytelling, the name Matteo Flora is a well-kept secret among the elite professionals in Business and Politics across Europe, with customers flocking to Milan’s headquarters from all across Europe: from bankers with a tarnished reputation to old noble families searching for new resonance, from influencers to Corporations seeking to create a new brand, from VIPs to politicians with the interest of “buying Reputation”.

But is Reputation for sale? “No – says Flora – but Reputation is a currency you can create and expand, based on the attention you grab from the significant target. And we managed to understand the Propaganda algorithms that help you to reach your most important stakeholders, with the correct story, that will resonate with their values and persuade them of your point of view”. A data-driven approach that has fascinated multi-billion companies and CEOs across Europe.

Within the Documentary, presented on Wednesday, Matteo Flora will show how Corporate is more and more using techniques previously used in Propaganda only and which are the opportunities that lie into Corporate Propaganda strategies. More information can be found at

About Matteo Flora
Matteo Flora is Professor adj. in Corporate Reputation & Business Storytelling and Entrepreneur that created The Fool, the leading Italian company of Customer Insight to increase Value and Reputation, and co-founded the Legal-Tech company LT42 for the creation of Legal Data-Automation and 42 Law Firm where computer scientists and lawyers lead Digital Transformation processes..

Media Relations
Matteo Flora
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1 Habit Press is Pleased to Announce, Constance Craig-Mason Has Joined – 1 Habit of The World's Greatest Leaders

Constance Craig-Mason, Financial Expert & CEO of Concierge Financial Group

Constance Craig-Mason, Financial Expert & CEO of Concierge Financial Group

1 Habit Press -  A vertically integrated media company with a focus on the development of human potential.

1 Habit Press – A vertically integrated media company with a focus on the development of human potential.

1 Habit Press Presents -1 Habit of The World's Greatest Leaders

1 Habit Press Presents -1 Habit of The World’s Greatest Leaders

Co-Authored by Steven Samblis and Dr. Tracie Hines Lashley

Constance Craig-Mason has been a staple in the world of leadership for years. We are very excited to have her bring her wisdom and experience to this new book. ”

— Steven Samblis – Founder of 1 Habit Press

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, USA, November 29, 2020 / — 1 Habit Press, Inc. is pleased to announce International Speaker, award-winning Insurance Broker, dedicated Financial Wellness Coach, and three times Amazon Best Selling Author, Constance Craig-Mason, has joined as a contributor to its upcoming book, 1 Habit of The World's Greatest Leaders. The book is a part of the Best Selling 1 Habit Book Series. 

About “1 Habit of The World's Greatest Leaders”:

Effective Leadership is slowly slipping away into quicksand. The mindset required to lead others extends beyond the typical growth mindset but into a HEARTFELT mindset that requires self-awareness. A heartfelt mindset stems from emotional intelligence and is the secret weapon for empathy, teamwork, synergy, persuasion, influence, change, agility, coaching, training, creativity, relationships, and so much more. A fixed mindset has the preconceived notion that potential is determined at birth; however, a growth mindset believes the potential is unknown. Since neither focuses on emotional intelligence (as a whole), leaders' best mindset is heartfelt. This mindset comprehends that true potential can only result from service and adding value to others. Everything starts in our minds; therefore, it is safe to say that leaders must have the most effective mindset to lead others.

This is one of the reasons that this book must be written and released. We need more leaders in the world who focus on serving others with a heart and focus for people. Leadership is a phenomenon group and goal-focused. Leaders must have confidence and self-awareness, have empathy and excellent collaboration skills, and focus on caring for others while making the world a better place. Leadership's principal foundation is grounded on having fairness, integrity, nurturing, empowerment, and a common goal focusing on the mission and vision of organizational climate.  

To transform the world, we need transformational leaders. Leaders must lead from the inside out, outside in, side by side, and upside down. When we lead from the inside out, we lead ourselves, which should always be the initial step. Leading self requires integrity and heart, passion, and is where values and character are found. When we lead from the outside, we show servant leadership qualities where the focus is serving others. Leading from side-by-side demonstrates teamwork, whereas leading from upside down is leading communities. 

To make the shift to become one of the greatest leaders of all time, you must be ready to make one of the most crucial leadership shifts. You must be willing to shift your focus from pleasing people to challenge them. People need to be challenged to grow. Are you not growing yourself? Are you challenged when you grow? Why make it easy for your followers? When you think about having a desire to please people, do you realize that you are forcing them to stay the say and not have intentional growth? They might grow slowly but only by accident. How will this help them in life? If you do not make this crucial shift, your impact will be limited, and you will be left doing EVERYTHING. If this happens, you will not have time to grow others.

What are you communicating to others? If you do not know this, you will learn today that Leadership rises and falls on communication. YES!!! Say it with me… "Leadership rises and falls on communication. " You must know how to effectively communicate with others for them to understand your words, thoughts, and vision. Understanding what you are telling them will make a tremendous impact on their self-worth as well. Your projection of them personally will make a bigger impact on their life if you learn to speak their language. I am not referring to cultural language but communication style.

For more information as well as launch dates and locations, go to

About Constance Craig-Mason:

Constance Craig-Mason is a passionate International Speaker, award-winning Insurance Broker, dedicated Financial Wellness Coach, and three times Amazon Best Selling Author, who marries positive beliefs, emotions & daily money habits with financial literacy fostering a shift in her client's financial well-being! She is likened to a "Financial Therapist." Constance teaches her clients how to manage their money correctly to live the life they want without worrying about money!

She has received numerous awards for community impact in her field, including a Medallion – "In Recognition of Excellence, Service, & Sacrifice" from the Comptroller of Maryland. She was nominated for Financial Expert Speaker of the Year at the Speakercon convention in November 2019. Constance is active in her community and is an Awareness Advocate for financial literacy, breast cancer, sexual assault, and mental health.

About 1 Habit Press, Inc:

1 Habit Press is a vertically integrated media company with a focus on the development of human potential. Our main business is publishing the 1 Habit book series. We believe that just 1 Habit can change your life forever. The series is built around the theme of Habits. In each book, Contributors share the 1 Habit that has served them the greatest in life and why this Habit has been so important.  

1 Habit books are available in over 39,000 locations internationally between Online and Bricks-and-Mortar stores.

About the Creator of the 1 Habit Book Series, Steven Samblis:

Steve is a six-time best selling author in just 18 months. He is the creator and publisher of the bestselling 1 Habit book series and founder of 1 Habit Press, Inc. Steve's life journey has been a search for the keys to extraordinary human potential. This mission is reflected in his business, 1 Habit Press, where he seeks out to find people with undiscovered brilliance and give them the largest platform possible to reach and affect the masses in the most positive way possible. 

Steven Samblis
1 Habit Press, Inc.
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Give the Gift of Representation! Black Paper Party’s 2020 Christmas Collection is #Black Love #Black Joy #Black Cheer

Wrap & Rep @

WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES , November 29, 2020 / — Traditionally, Christmas gift-giving has been embodied by happy people enjoying the warmth of the season. But rarely have the faces of Santa Claus or the joyful families been Black. According to, only about three percent of all department store Santas in the U.S. are African American.

The Black Paper Party aims to shift that narrative a bit.

The company – developed by a trio of women familiar with the lack of diversity with Christmas choices in the Big Box stores they worked for – creates ornaments and gift-wrapping paper with children, families and Santas that look like them.

“Coming from corporate retail, we noticed a deficit of products featuring people of color, especially during the holidays when a high percentage of money spent on holiday shopping is by Black Americans,” says Madia Willis, one of the founders of the BPP. “We saw creating wrapping paper and holiday ornaments as a necessity.”

Although the lack of Black holiday-themed products is hardly new, the current climate and constant reminders of unequal treatment make it more important than ever to have as many positive Black images on screens, in stores and on shelves across the U.S. as possible.

In that vein, the BPP team was encouraged to create a series of positive, joyful holiday characters including Papa and Nana Claus, sassy Aunt Holly and other uncles and aunts, some that are same-sex couples. The Christmas Babies are present, too, as is the Christmas Collective – ladies who help guide the Christmas Babies’ adventures by providing them with Christmas narratives and lessons to learn from throughout the season.

“Not only should Black children and Black people see themselves represented on holiday wrapping paper and gifts, but Black representation should not be an afterthought or trend. It should be commonplace and available to all,” Co-founder, Jasmine Hudson adds.

All the wrapping paper in the line is made in America. BPP 2020 Collection is available at while supplies last.

Black Paper Party is on a mission to provide gifting solutions and resources through culturally relevant products that spread joy and celebrate Black families during the holidays. BPP is a Black Owned, women owned business, that is co-owned by Jasmine Hudson, J'Aaron Merchant and Madia Willis who collectively have over 15 years of retail, product development, and creative design experience.

Madia Brown
Brandire Agency
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The Gorgon's Loch Tabletop Game Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

On December 1st tabletop enthusiasts can pre-order the family-friendly tabletop dungeon crawler on Kickstarter

LONDON, ENGLAND, November 28, 2020 / — The Gorgon's Loch, a fun, family-friendly, easy-to-learn, and hard-to-master tabletop dungeon crawler is about to go live on Kickstarter, at, on December 1st.

Aiming at attracting new players to the world of board and tabletop gaming by providing an exciting and easy-to-play board game that’s also stimulating and hard-to-master, “The Gorgon's Loch” uses the STORM system, a simple gaming system based on six-sided dice.

“The Gorgon's Loch is a fun turn-based fantasy dungeon adventure for 1-5 players, which makes it suitable for all the family, but which can be played as a solo game as well,” Dan Grubb, CEO and Game Designer of the UK-based independent publishing house Fantastic Books Publishing, said.

The game can be played with or without a Dungeon Master and players can change at any time since different players can drop in and drop out as they wish. “This game makes uninterrupted game nights possible, which is particularly suited for family and friend gatherings”, Mr. Grubb detailed while also observing that play times for each of the dungeons averages 60 to 90 minutes including setup.

The dungeon crawler theme of the game is centered on the Gorgon Queen character. She has captured the players’ souls and is using them as her playthings in her enchanted dungeon, the Gorgon's Loch. Treated as unwilling gladiators, players have been trapped there for centuries battling in an endless cycle of death and reincarnation. The dungeon is packed with the Gorgon Queen’s forces who are loyal to her every command.

“Players must collect and use potions, magical scrolls, weapons, and armor to survive the onslaught of these forces while avoiding traps and dark enchantments,” the game designer said.

The crowdfunder also highlights the high-quality components and thick, durable card stock, which makes the game a robust and lasting set that will allow families to play it for years to come. The game’s charismatic artwork is reflected on about two kilos of impressively designed cards.

“The Gorgon’s Loch” has been play-tested for thousands of hours by first-time board game players, seasoned board game professionals, such as Major Alex Janaway, a former Warmaster World Champion, board game cafe owners all over the UK from Margate to Northumberland, private board and tabletop clubs all over the country from London to Whitley Bay, and several other non-experts. “They all loved it and shared exciting reviews that make us optimistic about our Kickstarter campaign,” Grubb further stated.

Fantastic Books Publishing will further venture into the STORM gaming system with two other games to be developed soon: "Professor Harlow's Laboratory" and "Vampire Homecoming". “Supporting our Kickstarter campaign also means supporting our continued work to bring more exciting tabletop games to life,” the crowdfunder commented.

The “Gorgon's Loch” campaign on Kickstarter at will be launched on December 1st and is seeking to raise £15,900 for the large-scale printing of the first 1,000 units of the game. Kickstarter backers will have early and discounted access to the game in exchange for their support to the campaign.

Dan Grubb
Fantastic Books Publishing
+447415388882 ext.
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NewsCrypto – Best Place in the Crypto World for Money Making Decisions

Murtha & Burke marketing has added NewsCrypto to its growing list of partners.

Murtha & Burke marketing has added NewsCrypto to its growing list of partners.

INGOLSTADT, GERMANY, November 28, 2020 / — In a recent tweet, Murtha and Burke marketing announced a partnership with NewsCrypto serving as their official marketing partner. This partnership promises to yield great results in terms of popularity and expanding user base.

NewsCrypto is a global provider of current information and analytics on the current state and the near future trends of major crypto markets. The platform has an integrated platform known as the 'terminal' which combines data on the cryptocurrency market, quotes, general news, and trading operations. Unlike most newly developed platforms, the NewsCrypto platform is already tested by top traders in the world.

NewsCrypto was a concept that lingered in the minds of the founding team as far back as 2015 while they were involved in cryptocurrency trading. They spotted shortcomings in the crypto trading industry and that a lack of reliable market information would lead to a weak ecosystem which is alarming for cryptocurrency trading. After much deliberation, the concept was made a reality in October 2019.

Today, the NewsCrypto platform enables new users to actively engage in the use of the main blockchain services and earn money on cryptocurrency exchange trading with the help of its highly effective tools. Therefore, the platform is a high-quality service that relies on its infrastructure while actively forming a loyal community and a structured ecosystem.

NewsCrypto is a market-proven high-tech terminal with powerful analytical tools. By offering a better service at a lower price, with free access to basic tools and an educational program (Newscrypto Academy), NewsCrypto has built a community of more than 140,000 registered traders.

The platform is divided into three distinct levels which are split as Beginner tier, Intermediate tier, and Advanced tier. The Beginner tier consists of free tools and indicators after registering an account. The other two tiers can be unlocked with the NWC token.

The NewsCrypto coin (NWC token) is the backbone of the NewsCrypto platform. It is a stellar lumen compliant token that underpins all transactions for the NewsCrypto network. The token is a multifunctional means of payment and accumulation on the platform. It is listed on several exchanges such as KuCoin, HitBTC, BigONE, Probit, DCoin, and Cat. Ex. Users can either purchase the token on these exchanges or register on the platform to buy with BTC or fiat.

Asides from its high-profile platform for money-making decisions, NewsCrypto has a blog that keeps individuals updated with current trends, analysis, and information related to the crypto market.

The platform is also set to launch the most comprehensive application ever, backed by the NWC token with personalized UX, crypto gamification, project rating based on AI, and unparalleled market Overview. Most importantly, you can stand a chance to win $1000 by pre-registering for early access to the application here.

Presently, NewsCrypto has proven that it can support and offer everything traders need to make a profit. The platform strives consistently to become the go-to place for every trader and investor and is here to shape the future of cryptocurrency trading.

To stay up to date and learn more about NewsCrypto, please follow their official social media accounts below.

About NewsCrypto: is a blockchain-linked ecosystem that combines everything crypto-related to form the best virtual place for money-making decisions. The platform is constructed of advanced market indicators, NewsCrypto school program, community prediction section, unique trading tools, and price analysis segment. It has everything in one place, and it is designed for experienced traders as well as beginners to get an upper hand in crypto trading.


Murtha & Burke Marketing LLC
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RetailNext announces Black Friday Sales and Foot Traffic Data as Shoppers Show Strong Intent to Buy When Venturing Out

RetailNext Inc. announced that store foot traffic decreased 48% over last year while intent to buy remained strong as conversion rates increased 4% over 2019.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2020 / — RetailNext Inc., the worldwide expert and market leader in smart store retail analytics for optimizing shopper experiences at brick-and-mortar retail stores, today announced that in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, intent to buy continued to outpace store traffic trends with physical store sales decreasing 29.6% and foot traffic declining 48% over last year. Shopper Yield, which measures spend per consumer increased an impressive 36.3% over last year.

“Throughout the start of the pandemic, we have seen strong intent to buy trends as consumers venture out mainly for higher priority shopping trips. We see this continuing through the holiday season with digital and hybrid shopping alternatives like curbside pickup and buy online, pickup in-store accelerating,” said Bridget Johns, RetailNext CMO and Head of Growth Strategies.

RetailNext’s full set of preliminary Black Friday Traffic & Sales data include:

Traffic: -48.4%
Sales: -29.6%
CVR: 4%
ATV: 5.9%
AUR: 1%
Shopper Yield: 36.3%

Apparel -50.2%
Footwear -52.8%
Home -38.7%
Jewelry -53.5%

Midwest -48.1%
Northeast -52.3%
South -42.1%
West -52.5%

RetailNext’s holiday flash reporting of in-store shopping activity is comprised of tens of thousands of stores across hundreds of brands operating on the RetailNext smart store platform in the United States. Reporting covers a wide variety of segments, from specialty apparel to larger format, big-box stores, and includes both mall-based and standalone stores. Metrics notably exclude automobiles, petroleum and warehouse clubs. Methodology includes stores in the US that were open both this year and last year.

RetailNext is the first technology platform to bring e-commerce style shopper analytics to brick-and-mortar stores, brands and malls, RetailNext is a pioneer in focusing entirely on optimizing the shopper experience. Through its centralized SaaS platform, RetailNext automatically collects and analyzes shopper behavior data, providing retailers with insight to improve the shopper experience in real time.
More than 500 retailers in over 90 countries have adopted RetailNext’s analytics software and retail expertise to better understand the shopper journey in order to increase same-store sales, mitigate risks and eliminate unnecessary costs. RetailNext is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Learn more at

RetailNext Inc. and RetailNext are trademarks of RetailNext Inc. in the United States.

Bridget Johns
RetailNext, Inc.
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CloudHospital receives strategic investment

Investment by Boryung Pharmaceutical opens new venues for CloudHospital with the help of Boryung's vast network of relationships in 50 markets worldwide.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 28, 2020 / — CloudHospital Inc, based in Seoul, South Korea, has announced a seed investment by Boryung Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd, a company with over 50 years of history. CloudHospital's CEO and founder, Suleyman Nazarov, welcomes the investment as an acknowledgment by Boryung's management that global cross-border telemedicine has merits and is an industry to observe a significant growth in the coming years. He adds that “In addition to our earlier seed investors, The Invention Lab ( and Korea Venture Investment (, we welcome Boryung's vision in seeing eye-to-eye that the market CloudHospital is pioneering in has merits and will grow over time, due to both technological advancements and patient demand”. Boryung has now added CloudHospital as part of its “D:Healthcovery” portfolio of companies and its related website (

Boryung Pharmaceutical has a long history of developing drugs for various healthcare issues including hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, cancers, and vaccines. Due to its long history in the Korean markets, it has very deep relationships with healthcare providers such as clinics and hospitals, which adds tangible synergies with CloudHospital's business. Boryung's investment will help CloudHospital's path to reach its goal of delivering the best healthcare solutions for everyone with an internet connection from anywhere on the globe.

About CloudHospital:
CloudHospital was started in 2019 in Seoul, South Korea, to meet the growing demand for the best medical services regardless of where the patients and doctors are located. In short, CloudHospital obliterates the traditional boundaries that have limited the best solutions to reach a wider audience. With proprietary technology solutions, CloudHospital aims to lead the newly identified sector with a robust back-end software platform and staff with relevant experience in the medical field.

Nazarov Suleyman
CloudHospital Inc.
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John Wilson, PhD., and CEO, Guest Spoke at the National University of Singapore Educating Students on Entrepreneurship

Dr. John Wilson

"I am not into Bioscience, but you gave me a new dimension to be an entrepreneur," states a PhD student regarding John Wilson's speech.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2020 / — Dr. John Wilson, PhD and CEO, was yet again a special guest speaker at a very recent event. He was invited to give the talk, "Academia, Industry and Entrepreneurship: Which is Your Parachute?", to the National University of Singapore (NUS). NUS is ranked consistently as one of the world's top universities and offers the most extensive college degree courses in Singapore. The invite came from Graduate Students Society National University of Singapore(GSS). Most young professionals, such as PhD candidates and students, of the National University of Singapore were in attendance. The call was 7 am ET, 8 pm Singapore time via Zoom on November 25, 2020

Dr. Wilson is no stranger to being a speaker and attending big events. His latest outing was yet again a unanimous success and praised by young professionals at NSU. "Your webinar organized by NUS was exceptionally amazing. I am not into Bioscience, but you gave me a new dimension to be an entrepreneur. I am currently working on a Rural technology solution for India. I am the guy who said "Perseverance". I will remember the word for years to come," praises Gokul M.C, a PhD student at NSU.

Dr. Wilson spoke of his passion and purpose in his journey to do good through good entrepreneurship. His journey began as a child making things with his father to supplement the income of his two social worker parents in the farm country of Oregon, leading through multiple difficult industry working environments. Eventually he landed at grad school where he nearly died from a simultaneous lung infection and meningitis. Then he went on to the #1 ranked Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where he developed seminal technologies to enable precision medicine and personalized health.

"Thanks to GSS, I got to know you. It was very motivational and thank you for sharing your experiences," states Abigail Tan, PhD candidate at NSU.

Dr. Wilson is passionate about educating to effect real change. He believes entrepreneurship is a big part of affecting real change. ProtiFi, LLC, which Dr. Wilson founded, has a mission: "ProtiFi is an active, integral part of the omics community that, through collaboration, education and contribution, strives to advance humanity's scientific understanding." This most recent talk fulfilled education.

"I got to know you through a webinar session and it was very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experiences," concludes Xiaoyang Chen, PhD candidate at NSU.

Dr. Wilson actually gave the same talk to the American Medical Student Association via invitation from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) on November 17th. The American Medical Student Association, founded in 1950 and based in Washington, D.C., is the oldest and largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States. AMSA is a student-governed, national organization.

"Education of our youngest generation of the power of entrepreneurship can make transformative changes to very big problems we face," concludes Dr. Wilson. In 2008 I founded a 501(c)3 not for profit called NYC Bio which had the goal of facilitating the growth of a biotech cluster through education, networking and collaboration. Fast forward 12 years and it worked, and I'm still educating because education (or not) is how we make transformative changes (or not)."


Dr. John Wilson

John Wilson, Ph.D., is CEO and Co-Founder of ProtiFi, LLC producing solutions for protein and proteomics analysis. He also founded NYC Bio, a non-profit dedicated to collaboration and innovation in biotech. John is “problem solver” and does just that. Having done proteomics since 2001, he got his PhD from The Rockefeller University and joined Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CHSL) as a postdoc with Darryl. Together, they’ve made cool technology. John is passionate about R&D that makes a difference.

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
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