'We are controlled by our inherited emotions – if we let them'

We are controlled by our inherited emotions - if we let them'

We are controlled by our inherited emotions – if we let them’

Human Breeding - The Elephant in the Room

Human Breeding – The Elephant in the Room

Lyn Williams' self-help guide examines origins of emotional problems and solutions to managing them

SOUTH WALES, November 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — "We don't suffer from 'mental' or 'psychological' problems but we do suffer from emotional problems that make us 'think' negatively… All our emotions are inherited, most of them good but some not so well. The environment we grow up in will then dictate how we can manage the poor ones." Lyn Williams says, explaining the premise of his self-help book. In its pages he explores “Human Breeding – The Elephant in the Room” and delves into how traumas and dysfunctions are passed on between generations.

Legacies, the nature of free will, and the tendencies people inherit from their parents. These are what Williams explores in the pages of his book. Individuals do not exist in a vacuum, personhood if sculpted by the environment, genetics and the things inherited from parents. Williams posits that inherited emotional tendencies strengthen or weaken depend on the environment people are raised in, the circumstances they face and other similar factors.

"If we are raised in an aggressive environment and we have inherited an aggressive attitude from our parent/s (which is likely) we will have difficulty in controlling this emotion." Williams says. With his book, he aims to help people understand what they have inherited from their parents. And by being informed they will be better equipped to understand themselves, why their personalities are the way they are, and ultimately have what they need to steer their lives as they see fit.

"It makes logical sense that if someone suffering from 'psychological problems' (emotional problems) is taught that his problems are inherited and that he/she must learn how to control them with an independent mind they would understand themselves better and respond to treatment quicker." Williams explains. He holds that people's minds are independent and with introspection people can have an improved handle on their emotional problems.

About the Author
Lyn Williams was born on a farm in South Wales a week the war ended in Europe. Since childhood he has been fascinated about human nature, why people were so different from each other, and how this came to be.

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