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UNITED STATES, December 2, 2020 / — Big Social Media’s relatively recent decision to start subjectively censoring funny offensive memes and dark humor jokes in their online community forums has created a niche market for one start-up web-site –

As a backdrop, a Meme is “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by internet users.” (Definition from Oxford Languages’ Online Dictionary). An offensive meme “is a branch of internet meme that has no limits or rules, and therefore any criticism that it is subject to is nullified as long as it is branded an ‘Offensive Meme.’” (Definition from Urban Dictionary).

Members of these Big Social Media sites are finding it frustratingly difficult now to post and share funny offensive memes. If Big Social Media deems a funny offensive meme to violate their community rules, then the post is not only removed, the Member is often not allowed to post for a day up to 30 days. Given that there is no uniform standard of review, many Members are finding such violation notices to be subjective and inconsistent. Nevertheless, repeat offenders are even finding their accounts disabled and removed. In turn, they are having to create new accounts each time this happens.

In an attempt to avoid Big Social Media’s censorship, a large number of Members on Facebook, for example, have been creating private offensive meme Groups in an attempt to share their offensive memes with other like-minded individuals until such memes are discovered by Facebook’s censorship team. After repeat violations, which are inevitable in such Groups, they are ultimately disabled and removed by Facebook. Extremely frustrated Members that enjoy sharing funny offensive memes have thus been yearning for an alternative online dark humor forum where they do not have to worry about subjective censorship. And that’s where has stepped in to fill this market void., owned and operated by Completely Offensively LLC, touts itself as “Selectively Sharing the Best Funny Offensive Memes!” The Site, however, clearly warns users that they “should be 18 and absolutely NOT sensitive to funny offensive memes and dark humor.” Although anyone can view and enjoy the memes on the Site, Users can sign up as “Offensive Meme Club Members” for Free, which then allows them to be able to post memes, comment on memes, and interact with other like-minded Members on the site via private chat rooms. The one rule noted on the Site is that no meme or comment shall contain nudity, violence or hatred aimed specifically at anyone.

For ease of use, displays all the memes posted on the site in chronological order, the most recent memes being displayed first. Users also have the option to search for memes that meet their key-word criteria. The Site encourages Users to bookmark the site and check back frequently as new memes are being posted frequently. also goes to great length to organize and catalog all the memes into one of more than 40 categories. Some of the more popular categories are “Sex Memes,” “Political Memes,” “Religious Memes,” and “Gender Memes.” If Users likes a particular meme, the Site gives them the option to be able to share the memes via text, email as well as other options.

Brad Martineau, the CEO & President of Completely Offensively LLC, states that “ was created not only to meet a market need, but to provide a forum tailored to protect the Freedom of Speech and Expression of people that enjoy dark humor.”

Bradley J Martineau, CEO & President
Completely Offensively LLC
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Source: EIN Presswire