Inclusive LA clothing manufacturer wins over fashion designers with pattern and sample services

The Evans Group is allowing emerging fashion designers to create professional, quality fashion lines. Turns out, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2021 / — Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer and fashion production house The Evans Group is making waves in the fashion industry by allowing emerging fashion designers to create professional, quality fashion lines. Turns out, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Led by experienced designer Jennifer Evans, The Evans Group is a full-service fashion development and production house that focuses on high-end and independent designers.

Evans and her trusted team of cutters, seamstresses, and textile workers all come together to take designer ideas and manufacture them into reality. The Evans Group brings the creative possibilities of haute couture and allows everyone the opportunity to turn a creative vision into a tangible, manufactured product. Evans stresses the importance of inclusivity in the fashion design process.

A particular point of pride for Evans and her team is serving independent designers from her studio in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, making 'Made in L.A.' a motto of the company.

How Do Pattern and Sample Services Work?

One of the services The Evans Group offers, pattern and sample making, is perhaps one of the most noteworthy.

Independent designers receive comprehensive guidance and feedback from a handpicked team of designers. For both established and emerging fashion designers, the process begins with a simple conversation; what is their vision?

Emerging designers have the opportunity to consult remotely or in person with an expert pattern maker to discuss all of the specifics like budget, timelines, and overall design goals.

Once independent designers set out a clear groundwork to build upon, the design team creates ‘TEG Specification Sheets,’ containing all of the future clothing lines’ pertinent info. These specification sheets are where Evan’s Creative Services team goes over the creative process in detail, allowing for creative flexibility, fabric sourcing, and the beginning stage of development. Sketches, mood boards, and innovative ideas flow through the planning sessions, allowing for a designer’s vision to finally take shape.

After everything is in place, a project manager takes the reins, assigning particular design tasks to talented team members. The pattern and sample makers, in particular, are noted for their precision, skill, and dedication. Once the pattern and sample makers and sewists perfect a design, it’s time to produce the samples.

TEG’s production manager prices out the production. There are a few options for designers, so you can essentially dip your toe in the world of fashion design for a more reasonable price. The pricing system, thoroughly explained by the team, is based on pattern and sample design, production-ready patterns, and more.

The result? You get to see the culmination of hard work, hours of design, and expert apparel manufacturing in Los Angeles. That, and you have an ethical and sustainable clothing line to show for it.

What Sets The Evans Group Apart?

The Evans Group benefits from the talents of numerous individuals, creating a unique team of fashion experts. But what gives Evans the bona fides to establish her and her team as standouts in the competitive Los Angeles fashion scene?

Evans herself, a graduate of the International Academy of Irvine and fashion design expert, uses her process to help independent designers get their products, garments, and apparel into stores and homes. Starting in 2005, Evans drew inspiration from a project that would serve as the prototype for her winning business model: training factory workers to create custom lines of clothing for independent fashion designers. Starting in a humble studio, Evans and her team honed a foolproof method of taking small-time designers’ ideas and making them come to fruition.

You can readily view some of The Evans Group's impressive list of past clients, and the process works. The list, nearly 2,000 clients long, includes fashion powerhouses like Moncler, Cosima, Guess, and Greg Lauren.

Designs and apparel from the downtown Los Angeles production house have garnered impressive awards and features in New York Fashion Week and various art installations. A notable example is The Evans Group’s collaboration with Greg Lauren.

At the behest of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Jennifer vans and Greg Lauren needed to provide Banana Republic with a unique menswear line. The results were the 'Made In L.A.' fashion line.

Evans and her team wanted to ensure that domestic manufacturing and creative sketches were at the forefront of the design process.

But Evans doesn't merely focus on fashion lines; the team's work has been found in art installations. When partnering with designer Moncler, the team needed to create a tent with repurposed clothing. What resulted was the 'Collide' exhibit in 2017.

The Evans Group encourages designers of all levels to plan, collaborate, and develop clothing lines. This inclusivity, involvement, and encouragement could quickly establish The Evans Group as one of the premier pattern-making services in Los Angeles.

About The Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers. The Evans Group prides itself on being one of the few fashion houses in the United States with unique skills and goals for independent fashion designers.

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