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Radiance Market Research released a huge repository of market research studies. Our repository now includes more than 1,500 different market research studies.

Radiance Market Research is here to show our clients the light and help our clients make their own path.”

— Fazal Swale S

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, May 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Radiance Market Research is a B2B research and consulting company that serves both large enterprises and SMEs. Industry Verticals served by Radiance Market Research include ICT, Electronics and Semiconductors, and Energy and Power. The company's business model includes both syndicate market research study and consulting.

Radiance Market Research released a huge repository of market research studies. Our analysts and consultants strive 24/7 to provide in-depth analysis and data. Our repository includes more than 1,500 different market research studies in ICT, Electronics and Semiconductors, and Energy and Power.
Website Link: www.radiancemarketresearch.com

Radiance Market Research is a revolutionary market research assistance that can impact the revenue of all large enterprises and SMEs. We are here to solve your complex problems and help your organization to grow and achieve new heights. Our syndicated and consulting business model is suitable for all customers at attractive pricing which may not be a case for our competitors. Our team of analysts gathers most granular information through primary and secondary research and delivers the best results to all C-level and D-level executives.

Radiance Market Research was formed in order to serve C-level and D-level executive's complex revenue growth problems. We are here to show them the hot bets in the market and drive their company to high growth. Our mission lies to help our clients to grow their business to the fullest of its potential. We strive hard to make our client believe in their vision and strategy and understand the unknown and hidden market dynamics which affect the business scenarios. Radiance Market Research is here to show our clients the light and help our clients make their own path.

Radiance Market Research business consulting and research services provide insights on:
• Industry Trends
• Market Sizing and Growth Analysis
• Competitive Landscape Analysis
• Competitor Profiles
• Market Positioning and Quadrant
• GoTo Market Strategy
• New Revenue Streams Analysis
• Industry Vertical Analysis
• Customer Analysis
• Inorganic and Organic Growth Analysis
• Mergers and Acquisition Analysis
• Investment Analysis
Reach out to Radiance Market Research to know more about our business consulting and research capabilities.

About Radiance Market Research
Radiance Market Research is a B2B research and consulting company that serves both large enterprises and SMEs. Industry Verticals served by Radiance Market Research include ICT, Electronics and Semiconductors, and Energy and Power. The company's business model includes both syndicate market research study and consulting.

Fazal Swale S
Radiance Market Research
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Gary Davies' Epic Fundraising Challenge 550Km run from Malaga to Madrid – Running for Carbonquo

Gary Davies

The Runner

Carbonquo Logo

The brand

Man Running

Running for Carbonquo

Project Planet founder Gary Davies is doing a 550km run in 10 days to raise funds to aid the development of the Project Planet – Carbonquo platform.

Gary Davies' Epic Fundraising Challenge 550Km run from Malaga to Madrid – Running for Carbonquo”

— Project Planet

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a recent interview Gary Davies comments on the Carbonquo' Fundraising Challenge.

As founder of Project Planet, I feel it's my responsibility to do whatever it takes to rally support. Ultimately, it's the people who we are able to inspire to take action that will mark the success of this fantastic initiative.

We need many voices to ensure that the major commerce and retailers players of the world stand up and take note".

The challenge begins in Malaga on Friday 25th September and finishes 10 days later on Sunday 4th October in Madrid

Gary went on to say: "I'm really not looking forward to running 55km a day for 10 days straight, that's 13km more than a marathon EVERY DAY!

whilst I pride myself to be in good shape, I've never done anything like this before and I know it's going to be next level hard. It could go one of two ways, either I make it and the campaign is a success, or I die trying.

For me it's about creating social awareness around the initiative. The Project Planet platform will be a success if everyone gets behind it

Doing this insane challenge is a call to action for people everywhere to take a stand in the fight against Global Warming .

We have created a world where climate change is affecting every corner of our planet.

Nature longer determines our survival, we now determine the survival of nature

We can still turn the tide and stop global warming, but it's going to take more than just a wish for change, to succeed. We're all going to have to do our bit and running 550km in 10 days is mine.

A day when we no longer worry about rising sea levels, droughts, disease, diminishing forests or animal species dying, is on the horizon.

If we are ALL willing to take action, we can undoubtedly preserve the wonders of our marvellous planet for our children and the generations to come

Our future, their future, hangs in the balance, and our actions will determine the fate, of all of us.

No God, Government or scientist is going to save our home. It's up to US".

Gary intends to raise £55,000 and would love support from individuals and businesses who want to play their part in helping reverse the trend of global warming.

To sponsor Gary, visit his fundraising page at


Gary Davies
Project Planet
+44 7936 811638
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BodyKunDolls Offers Flexible Drawing Figures

Body Kun Dolls Drawing Figures

Body Kun Dolls Drawing Figures

Body Kun Dolls logo

Body-Kun and body-chan

Body-Kun and body-chan

BodyKunDolls is offering the largest assortment of quality drawing figures that will allow you to make the most realistic art possible and in no time at all.

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — BodyKunDolls is offering an impressive assortment of quality Drawing Figures that will be useful to artists in their work.
When it comes to making the most from your art, it is important to get every single detail right.

After all, this is what will allow you to craft something genuinely special, unique, as well as original indeed. And, of course, in order to make the most from your art, you will require certain references that will allow you to enhance the realism in all the right ways indeed. Well, this is one of the many reasons why you will want to get the right Body-Kun Dolls that will not let you down.

BodyKunDolls is offering the largest collection of such options that will not let you down and will allow you to keep on coming back for more. The Drawing Figures are realistic and very flexible so you can position them in any ways you like in order to create a truly realistic and detailed masterpiece.

Regardless of what kind of reference you may be off looking for, the Body-Kun products will always be there to help you out in all the right ways indeed.

The collection is pretty big and it is constantly growing, so you are going to be able to find any kind of options that you require within the very least amount of time possible.

Furthermore, these things are quite affordable and accessible, so you will not need to invest a small fortune in order to make the most from your needs as well as requirements. Go ahead and feel free to check out the official web page in order to make the most from your needs as well as necessities, your tastes as well as your preferences.
The Drawing Figures are easy to obtain.

So go ahead and feel free to check out the official web page in order to make the most from your drawing needs and, as an artist, to find out much more about all the very best solutions that will not let you down and will provide you with all that you require in no time indeed. The Body-Kun collection will provide you with everything necessary.

Eric Brakson
Body Kun Dolls
+1 202-599-9603
email us here

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Pastor Ricky New Gospel Reggae Album Release


On The Battlefield FOR CHRIST


On The Battlefield FOR CHRIST

Preaching God's word


HOT New Gospel Reggae Album Release By Pastor Ricky Payne Taking The World By Storm

When You Love GOD You Love Serving GOD And Pastor Ricky Payne Loves GOD”

— Daniel Musgrove

ROCKVILLE, MD, WASHINGTON , UNITED STATES, May 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pastor Ricky was born in Southside Kingston Jamaica but grew up in East Kingston in Franklin town, than migrated to the United States. While living on Lacy Road in Franklin town East Kingston, where a Sound system named Soul Express also resided, he was inspired at age 7 by Reggae Artists such as the late Johnny Ringo, Welton Irie, Lone Ranger, Oh Lord, and Carlton Livingston. Prior to being saved he spent his life in the Dance Halls in Washington DC as a Deejay on his uncle Freddy Dread sound system named Emperor International in the early 80s and mid 90s.Over 25 years ago the Lord called Pastor Ricky and he answered the Master’s called by walking away from the Dance halls to serve the Lord faithfully in ministry. However, in January 2019 the Lord deposited into his Spirit to produced his first Reggae Gospel Album titled "From the Dance Hall to the Church Hall." The Album has 10 tracks. The Album is released and is available online on all Digital Outlets worldwide NOW. Pastor Ricky performed His first Gospel concert in Queens, New York and shared the stage with King Arthur, and Kevin Heath. To date, Pastor Ricky have ministered in Many live performances and have shared the stage with Minister Michael Reid, Patrick Reid, Keesa Peart, Eddie Nebelit, Minister Ted Robinson, DC Praise, Wayne Mr. Praise, Beverly Rose, Bro Kenny Nelson and others.To date, Pastor Ricky was blessed to ministered four Virtual live Concerts sharing the live with Glacia Robinson, Flavia Beswick, Brotha George, Delroy Cooper, Winsome Douglas, Devon Silver, Jesus Rambo, Jennifer Cruz, Orville West, Amen Virtuous, and Chiny Ezzike. To date, Pastor Ricky has been blessed to conduct 46 live Gospel Radio station interviews and has made 63 Drops and 65 Dubplate Specialists for several different Radio station disc jockey personalities His Music Is Truly Inspiring And Uplifting it's a Blessings To All Who Hears It .

+1 954-257-9955
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Pastor Ricky Payne Live TV Interview

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Mr. Vish WHTB Podcast Host

WHTB Podcast is available on Itunes, Spotify and Google Play. For information on being a guest on the show contact mrvish@mrvishmedia.com

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Outspoken personal empowerment advocate known as Mr. Vish is inviting special guests for his new podcast program, “Who’s Holding the Bag?” The show, which premiered on March 17 of this year, promotes guests of entertainment, business, arts and sports renown who want to share their redemption and empowerment-over-adversity narratives in the testimonial-based interview format.

It’s the kind of storytelling the host himself knows firsthand. In 2013 Dimitry Vishnevetsky, an Oxford-educated then-34 year-old financial advisor, pled guilty to investment fraud in a Chicago federal courtroom. He was sentenced to six years in federal prison. Out of that experience Mr. Vishnevetsky became Mr. Vish. The latter is banking on his creative and reflective sides to make his newer, abbreviated moniker one he can promote not so much without the smear of scandal, but as a been-there-done-that rehabilitated and insightful version of the sports-car driving, jet-set traveling banking hotshot.

Enter “Who’s Holding the Bag?” While the podcast covers the requisite social issues like culture, lifestyle, politics, and economics, what gives the show its brash, fresh perspective is the integration of these topics with elements of the human condition most people are afraid to talk about. “Who’s Holding the Bag?” interrogates our assumptions about personal redemption over issues like addiction, incarceration, and temptation, among other no-no’s. Mr. Vish weaves these dialogues into his and his guests and, ultimately, our own larger life narratives in questions like, What really constitutes right from wrong? How might the justice system and some of our socio-cultural mores about good and bad better benefit from appreciating some of the subtleties and grays in personal decision-making, the things that aren’t always so concrete or black-and-white in life as they are in law? Marketed across a spectrum of demographics, from millennials to Gen Xers to Baby Boomers, “Who’s Holding the Bag?” is a weekly discussion about choices and decision-making in an often deceptive and uncertain world. These issues traverse all populations and ultimately make (or break) what we recognize as the human condition.

“Who’s Holding the Bag?” is available on Apple itunes, Spotify and Google Play. For information on being a guest on the show or for more information about Mr. Vish contact WHTB@therealmrvish.com

WHTB Podcast
+1 917-664-9111
email us here
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DocPatient Launches Game-Changing Website for Doctors Care and Healthcare Organizations

Team of Doctors on DocPatient

Team of Doctors

Doctors Care

Doctors Care

in home senior care

In Home Senior Care

DocPatient Launches Game-Changing Website for Doctors Care and Healthcare Organizations

Having a website that doesn’t have any SEO is like having a car that doesn’t run”

— Michael Morales – COO, DocPatient

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — DocPatient, a Southern California based digital marketing firm, has launched a new healthcare organizations listing website DOCPATIENT.COM with accompanying service lines that will facilitate, nurture, and grow business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) connections. The executive leadership of DocPatient utilizes the strategies of Fortune500 creative/digital marketing and healthcare organizations that will yield instant value and return on investment for listing or subscribing companies such as Doctors Care, Dental Practices, Medical Training Schools, and other Healthcare Organizations. The marketing agency has created a differentiated product and service that offers unique benefits to the community they serve in healthcare.

What does DocPatient have to offer?

The DocPatient website will offer job listings, service listings, and product listings for healthcare organizations, doctors care, independent medical consultant roles, etc. They will also provide web services such as web design, development, analytics, and SEO to boost the online presence of its clients. Creative artwork, logo, branding and visual content will be available to clients who are seeking more engagement from social media audiences. Content production such as healthcare blogs and articles will be part of the SEO campaigns they will provide as well as guest posting and online directory listings. The talented team at DocPatient includes decades of web design, development, SEO as well as healthcare administration and education expertise. DocPatient's founders Michael Morales and Guillermo Misa have been working together for more than 10 years. Michael Morales runs Dialysis Education Services, CareLinq, HSRenal and has extensive experience in the healthcare industry. Guillermo Misa runs Claymind, a software engineering company that has built healthcare web applications like Dentistreet, and even Dialysis Education Services' database and student registration system.

DocPatient as a Business Listing Provider

As a healthcare business owner, medical consultant, employer, or job seeker it can be a challenge figuring out what advertisement channels, marketing campaigns, job boards, and networks to align with. The healthcare industry is heavily dependent on direct referrals from entities such as doctors care, medical offices, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, and the like. Owners, administrators, marketers, and anyone counting on those referrals can be daunted by the task of maintaining the relationships, presence, and relevance with referring sources to meet operational revenue requirements. In this COVID-19 era, one must maximize efficiencies in the referral process of patients/clients and staff to minimize the potential exposure of patients, staff, and ourselves. The concept of safer at home applies to our marketing efforts as well; the internet gives a powerful reach with a ripple effect on well-planned campaigns. By listing a company on DocPatient you leverage a high ranking, high reputation, and catchy URL website audience. The assumed network gives credibility to the wholistic nature and observation of patients’ rights to choose options that suit them best. DocPatient also has a subscription-based advertisement space for banners display, video play, or document distribution that can give even greater value to businesses with budget allocation for web services.

DocPatient as a Website Content Provider

"The problem nowadays with healthcare websites is that there is a lack of fresh, unique and relevant content. When dental practices or doctors care companies sign up with a website provider, all of them get the same default content as part of their website. This is not good for SEO as top search engines cancel out websites with duplicate content", says Guillermo Misa, CEO of DocPatient. For healthcare organizations such as doctors care, dental practices, and medical consultant roles wanting to be noticed by their target audience, a focused blog can be an excellent transitional tool. A regularly updated website or web page that is written in an informal or conversational style brings value by connecting you to the relevant audience, introduces organic keywords, boost traffic, increase SEO rankings, and send quality leads to a website.

DocPatient as an SEO Agency

Many healthcare organizations do not realize how important SEO is to their business. They may be contented with just having a website with no organic keywords and traffic at all. “Having a website that doesn’t have any SEO is like having a car that doesn’t run. A lot of dental practices and doctors care facilities have outdated websites that aren't just useful anymore.”, says Michael Morales COO of DocPatient. SEO improves the quality and quantity of a website’s traffic by increasing visibility to users of a web search engine. SEO improvements reflect unpaid results and exclude direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement. With a wide range of options like Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, and Yandex, Google continues to grow and be the number one search engine with its PageRank technique that sorts search results. Google also incorporates many of its other services, such as Google Maps and Google Local, to provide more relevant search results (Google, 2020).

DocPatient offers different SEO strategies such as organic keyword content creation, blogging, guest posting and link building. They ensure your website is easily accessible by search engines. Website performance, security, and the presence of required SEO meta tags are top search engines pre-requisites. One key thing to understand is how Google and other search engines' algorithm works. A lot has changed in the SEO world. Tons of comma-separated keywords, non-relevant high-volume keywords on your pages, backlinks from spamming websites can harm your website's reputation more than it does good. If your SEO is properly done, expect an increase your website's online presence, reputation, and visibility in the top 10 search results of Google.

The reality of the situation is that most consumer decisions are influenced by what they see and the impressions made by the presentations business put out. DocPatient is a catapult to business visibility and the web services offered by the company will ensure professional and eye-catching content for subscribing companies. Web irrelevance can be a business killer and should not be tolerated by any business with a consumer target. For more information on DocPatient send inquiries to info@docpatient.com. The team is standing by to assist in optimizing client website

Michael Morales, MHA/ED
COO of DocPatient
+1 562-350-4719
email us here
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San Diego Area COVID-19 Charity Support: The Hawaii Fudge Company Providing All Profit to Charities

Hand Swirled Fudge from Maui with an Espresso Flavor Supports Charities in San Diego during Father's Day

Hawaii Fudge Lava Flow – Decadent Espresso Fudge Echoing The Lava of Haleakala

The Hawaii Fudge Company offering Toffee for Charity Benefit in the San Diego Area for Father's Day

The Hawaii Fudge Company offering Toffee for Charity Benefit in the San Diego Area for Father’s Day

The Hawaii Fudge Company Logo

The Hawaii Fudge Company Logo

Father’s Day will benefit San Diego Area charities this year when people order at The Hawaii Fudge Company

In a world where we are all literally on an island and so interdependent, I felt that we needed to stand up and provide meaningful support to our communities.”

— Steven Bick, President of The Hawai’i Fudge Company, Carlsbad

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Father’s Day will benefit San Diego Area charities this year when people order at The Hawaii Fudge Company from a special link for gifts which include free shipping anywhere in the USA. The San Diego donation will be all the profits of all orders from the link https://www.hawaiifudge.com/discount/SanDiegoSupport19 — Greeting card with personal notes is included and all the profit goes to San Diego area needy charities.

We invite any charity with true non-profit status to reach out to us immediately for consideration of this program. San Diego area charities will gain the benefit of all the profits of any orders coming from their special links. Said company VP Jonathan Todd, "If you have an email list and a Constant Contact or similar mailing program, and a Facebook or Instagram site, we have everything made and ready for you to earn possibly thousands of dollars your first week. Post, mail, and that’s it! Your donors will buy Father’s Day gifts, get free shipping and you’ll get all the profits. The “catch” is that we will only allow these campaigns for 60 days and only for five charities in the San Diego area at this time.” The five charities each get their own link accounting for their profits, and all selected will share the proceeds of the sales at the general San Diego support link: https://www.hawaiifudge.com/discount/SanDiegoSupport19

The Hawai’i Fudge Company has sent out the first profit checks to Hawai’i charities who need money now more than ever. 100% of the profits went to the charities who each sent a unique code to their mailing lists. $11,000 in total contributions were raised in the first two weeks. Based on the success seen initially, The Hawai’i Fudge Company is opening up the program, which provides all profits to the participating charities, to five more worthy groups in our headquarters city of San Diego, California. Interested charities should apply by email to Jonathan@HawaiiFudge.com stating their charity name, charity purpose, contact person and contact phone and email. The company expects even greater sales and therefore donations to San Diego area charities who offer this to their supporters for Father’s Day. During this time shipping is free to all sending gifts to anywhere in the USA.

“We are so thrilled to be able to give to our community during these passionately challenging times,” said Jonathan Todd. “Most amazing is the support of our community for our charities. It’s hard for a charity to ask for money directly right now. COVID-19 has so many people out of work or making less than they used to. Instead of a direct ask, we offer charities a unique link that they email to their supporter list and post on their Facebook or social media sites. Supporters are informed that shopping through the link provides all the profits of these orders to their charity. People are getting a little taste of Hawai’i and some decadence during stressful times, knowing that the profits go to support what they care about.”

Positive Charity Impact

Commenting about her first check for over $1,000, including donations from the San Diego area form visitors who are on their email list, Luana Whitford-Mitchell, Executive Director, Maui OnStage at the Historic Iao Theater, said, “The response from our Maui OnStage ohana (family) during this extremely tough time has been FANTASTIC! In a little over 2 weeks, we raised over $1,000! I was blown away! The Hawaii Fudge Company has been incredibly easy to work with. They provided everything we needed to promote this fundraiser. All we had to do was copy and paste the information into our email blasts and social media and the fudge basically sold itself. So easy! Mahalo to the Hawaii Fudge Company from the bottom of our hearts!” People interested in supporting Maui Onstage can order at their link to give all the profit from their order to Maui Onstage at: https://www.hawaiifudge.com/discount/MAUIONSTAGE19

“With the passing this month of Hawai’i music legend Willie K, who touched so many California lives, there has been an outpouring of support from all over the country,” said Todd. “We began this program to support Willie K’s family knowing he was in stage 4 and terminal. Watching people give back to the family is heart-warming. His family deserves all the support possible as a tribute to what Willie K contributed to Maui and to our lives.” The link for The Hawaii Fudge Company support of the Willie K Cancer Fund is https://www.hawaiifudge.com/discount/WILLIEK19

"In a world where we are all literally on an island and so interdependent, I felt that we needed to stand up and provide meaningful support to our communities," said Steven Bick, President of The Hawai’i Fudge Company, and based in Carlsbad. “We have always given product and in-kind donations, and we still are. We have delivered our fudge as a pick-me-up and thank you to the Police, first responders, and health care workers in the past 45 days. But this program lets us give our profits to worthy charities at the time most needed. While our production is on Maui, our administration is here in Carlsbad. I am very pleased to be able to help the greater San Diego community with this gift.”

Charities Wishing More Information, Contact:
Jonathan Todd

Direct support now for San Diego charities, order at the following link and all profits benefit San Diego:

For more information on The Hawai’i Fudge Company:

Jonathan Todd
The Hawaii Fudge Company
(808) 855-5788
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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The Art of Positioning "You" for Extraordinary Career Success

Will Your Video Interview Get You The Job?

Grade My Video Interview Provides Critical Feedback For Your Next Job Interview

Video interviewing is the most significant new employment tool added to the hiring process in the last decade. It’s not a question of if you will be interviewed via video, but when. Be prepared!”

— Heidi Allison

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, May 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In light of the dramatic shift in the employment landscape over the past few months, employers have begun to rely more heavily on video interviews to find the perfect employee. It’s a trend that will grow in the coming months and years, as employment practices evolve and the efficiency and convenience of these interviews becomes clear.

GradeMyVideoInterview.com offers a revolutionary new service for job seekers that allows them to create a mock video interview and have it evaluated by a team of employment experts. These specialists will go through your video point by point, providing comprehensive feedback and advice on the elements that employers consider during the hiring process.
Why is this a tool every job seeker should utilize? First impressions are critical, and a short video interview may be your one and only opportunity to impress a prospective employer. An effective video interview is an essential job seeking tool, along with your resume, professional list of references, and letters of recommendation.
3 Important reasons HR Professionals love the video interview (and why they’re here to stay):
• Practicality: With current social distancing guidelines, in-person meetings are a non-starter. Video calls are helpful but require a time investment by interviewers that is unwarranted in the early stages of determining candidate suitability. Reviewing a 3-5 minute interview video makes more sense than scheduling a live call or video chat with someone who may not even meet the initial job requirements.

• Efficiency: The time required to conduct interviews often means a significant delay in processing your application for employment; interviews are just one of many tasks in a busy hiring manager’s schedule. Prerecorded video interviews allow HR professionals to view your information whenever they have a free moment instead of waiting for a scheduled call or video chat, allowing for quicker advancement of the hiring process.

• Personalization: Video interviews personalize a candidate. That two-dimensional piece of paper your resume is printed on doesn’t tell them a thing about your outlook, the way you conduct yourself, or whether your personality might be a good fit for their organization. A video gives them strong indicators of all those things, and more.

Prerecorded interviews are sure to become the industry standard in reviewing job applicants. Make sure yours gives you the best possible chance of landing that new job!

To learn more about having a video interview evaluated, please visit Grade My Video Interview.

# # #

Grade My Video Interview, Powered By Allison & Taylor Reference Checking

About Allison & Taylor Reference Checking
AllisonTaylor and its principals have been in the business of checking references for corporations and individuals since 1984. AllisonTaylor is headquartered in Rochester, Mich. For further details on services and procedures please visit http://www.allisontaylor.com/.

AllisonTaylor – Find us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

Jeff Shane
+1 2486724200
email us here

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The USA is not making enough N95 masks for everyone- What are the alternatives?

What are the alternatives for protecting the general public– without using up resources needed for medical personnel?

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITES STATES, May 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Efficient KN95 face mask at 95% “Made in China” were used to stop the spread of the corona virus in its tracks. Unfortunately, the FDA & CDC started a confusing dialogue that many masks from China are suspect, yet the FDA & CDC recommends “homemade” masks. So…. What is the actual story?

Do not be fooled. There are KN95 face mask that are manufactured at legitimate FDA listed China Factories. These face masks are of similar quality (if not better) than the N95 mask made in the USA. They can provide superior protection for your business and family. A “homemade” mask provides very little if any protection from Covid-19. There is a reason that KN95 face mask are in demand – because they work! Most cotton masks only protect others from wearer transmitting the disease to them. The KN95 protects the “wearer” from whom they come in contact with – a very important detail.

Where to Buy KN95 Face Mask?

There are some companies like Midwest PPE, LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, importing KN95 face masks listed by the FDA for general public use from a factory out of China. They have been providing for prestigious national hospitals– and now are making the KN95 available to businesses and individuals alike. This type of protection will be needed in the coming months as America reopens.

Midwest PPE, LLC personal protective equipment has over 60,000 KN95 face mask in stock at their fulfillment warehouse ready to ship within 24 hours to anywhere in the USA. The price is as low as $2.50 (even lower for larger quantities). Find out more information on their website https://midwestppe.com

With a Coupon Code PRW001 you can get even more discount on your total order at check out.

What Works? Does Cloth Face Masks Help?

The FDA & CDC recommends the use of homemade cloth face masks for protection when they know very well the cloth stops very little if any of the Corona Virus from entering. What it does is limit the amount of water and mucous droplets from leaving the mouth; any mask at all will help some to prevent the spread of the virus. FDA & CDC has to say something but does always make it clear their reasoning behind it, it is all about politics. They do not want the public using up reserves of the much better option being the N95 which is needed for health care workers and medical first responders.

KN95 is a Great Alternative

Midwest PPE, LLC. personal protective equipment is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is 100% American owned and operated. They are a national company that provides a complete line of FDA listed products to prestigious hospitals and clinics. They are now offering the “hard to find” KN95 face mask to businesses and the general public for the first time.

Their success is built upon our 15-year business relationships in Asia and our professional “on site” management team that oversees every international purchase and export to the USA. The company has experienced customs and import brokers verify all documents to insure that they have “no issues” in the import process. They strive to make the process of purchasing PPE internationally trouble free, professional and seamless. Most special orders can be delivered in less than weeks. They check and double check our manufacturers are authorized FDA organizations.

Their Los Angeles based fulfillment center receives all our orders within hours of arriving at LAX airport. These orders are immediately expedited to their final destination.

Midwest is a real company that is dedicated to quickly providing authentic FDA certified products to healthcare, first responders, businesses and now the general public.

Hoby Ferrell
Midwest PPE
+1 918-582-5025
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Global Leaders Redefine CSR During COVID-19 Pandemic

Global CSR Virtual Plenary Summit

Global CSR Virtual Plenary Summit

Jing Zhao CESARONE, the CEO of GCSRF giving the Opening Remarks

Jing Zhao CESARONE, the CEO of GCSRF giving the Opening Remarks

Some of the speakers at the Summit. From top left, going across: Jing Zhao CESARONE, CEO of The Global CSR Foundation; Angela R.M. , Secretary General of the World Women Organization; Dr. Padmini MURTHY, 1st Vice Chair Global NGO Executive Committee, DCG;

Some of the speakers at the Summit. From top left, going across: Jing Zhao CESARONE, CEO of The Global CSR Foundation; Angela R.M. , Secretary General of the World Women Organization; Dr. Padmini MURTHY, 1st Vice Chair Global NGO Executive Committee, DCG;

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York and Beijing –

Within every crisis there is opportunity. Under the leadership of the Global CSR Foundation (GCSRF), thousands of participants at the Global CSR Virtual Plenary Summit reached a consensus that, now more than ever, corporate leaders need to build clear visions and take effective action to overcome an unprecedented pandemic with CSR toolkits. Throughout the 4-and-a-half hour online Summit, CSR experts from NGOs, multinational organizations, corporations, think tanks and academia shared innovative ideas and best practices across three continents.

The Summit was held online through a live Zoom webinar on May 28, 2020. A total of 30 CSR leaders from more than 6 countries/regions shared their case studies, research and opinions on CSR best practices during COVID-19 and redefining CSR Post COVID-19. More than 3 thousand participants joined the event and shared their thoughts in the Zoom chat box.

“COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the global economy, which no company or country could avoid. The virus is not bound by borders or race. At this critical moment, the international community needs to support each other, demonstrate love, and gather strength. Practicing CSR is more important now than ever, as it carries greater weight.” Jing Zhao CESARONE, the CEO of GCSRF said in her opening remarks.

Angela R.M., Secretary General of the World Women Organization (WWO), announced the establishment of the World Women Organization CSR Sub-Committee and New York Office. R.M. appointed Cesarone as Executive Secretary of the subcommittee. R.M. said during the Summit, “I look forward to working with our newly appointed Executive Secretary, Jing Cesarone, to further promote world women’s development. We will work closely to plan our next World Women Conference for Development (WWCD), which will review the status of women, promote the development of women and take action to further gender equality and women empowerment. “

R.M. also announced the celebration of 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995), which will be held on September 15th, 2020.

During the Summit, Dr. Padmini MURTHY, 1st Vice Chair of the Global NGO Executive Committee, DCG, discussed how women are facing more challenges during COVID-19. Emerging data shows that since the outbreak, violence against women and girls (VAWG) has intensified. For example, domestic violence has increased by 30% since the start of the lockdown on March 17.

WANG Xiaoguang, Director of the CSR Promotion Center of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, shared CSR cases and data during the pandemic. He went on to analyze new trends and challenges for global companies. WU Ting, Founder of Jiabin University, also shared Chinese companies’ innovative solutions and CSR best practices in their fight against the COVID-19.

Other distinguished speakers included ZHAO Pu, Founding Partner of Pulei Capital; DU Yutao, Executive VP of BGI Genomics; LIN Weixing, Founder of Successful HR Group; GUO Yi, Expert of the Beijing Rongzhi CSR Institue; YAO Zhengqin, Founding Partner and Chairman of Jieloitte; LU Jianzhong, China President of Weir Group; ZHU Sha, COO of Global CSR Foundation; Claire KELLS, Senior Manager of UN Global Compact; Dwight N. HOPKINS, Professor at the University of Chicago; Stephen MARKSCHEID, President of International Association of Financial Education; John J. FORRER, Professor at George Washington University; Bekeme MASADE-OLOWALO, Chief Executive of CSR-in-Action.

The Global CSR Summit was organized by The Global CSR Foundation, with support by the World Women Organization, African Views Organization, and Beijing Rongzhi CSR Institute. Jiabin University was the Summit’s Strategic Partner. GTCOM provided the Summit’s Chinese-English simultaneous translation.

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Global Leaders Redefine CSR During COVID-19 Pandemic

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