Announcement of Business Alliance between Uhuru and Hitachi Transport System

Uhuru Corporation

Hitachi Transport System

Business Alliance between Uhuru and Hitachi Transport System

MINATO-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN, November 14, 2018 / — Hitachi Transport System, Ltd. (“Hitachi Transport”, headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Yasuo Nakatani) and Uhuru Corporation (“Uhuru”, headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Takashi Sonoda) hereby announce that the two companies have entered into a business alliance agreement aiming to strengthen logistics using technologies such as AI and IoT and to realize innovation by co-creation with various partners from beyond existing business and industry boundaries.

1.Reason and Purpose of the Business Alliance
Due to the advancement of globalization and expansion of the EC market, the accompanying increase in the level and diversity of customers’ needs are leading to higher expectation towards logistics companies. On the other hand, the environment surrounding the logistics industry faces a major transition period, with manpower shortage caused by declining birth rate and aging society. Under such circumstances, Hitachi Transport has been expanding its core business, 3PL (a comprehensive service in which a company’s logistics operation is entrusted to Hitachi Transport). At the same time, Hitachi Transport is promoting a new business concept, “LOGISTEED”, with the aim to expand the domain of co-creation beyond the existing business and industry boundaries and to bring about innovation.
*The concept of LOGISTEED consists of five elements; LOGISTICS, Exceed, Proceed, Succeed and Speed, all of which are essential for ushering logistics into a new business domain.

By providing an IoT solution, enebular®, that enables the development and operation of products and services that utilize IoT, Uhuru provides an environment where the entire IoT stack, from edge devices to cloud, can be utilized. By creating applications and solutions for clients in their IoT businesses and by making data utilization easier by seamless system integration, Uhuru continues its effort to bring about digital transformation at its clients and in society.

The two companies join hands and will work together with co-creation partners in various lines of business and industries to advance beyond the traditional area of logistics, overcome existing problems, and to carry out innovation as platformers that contribute to society by generating new markets.

2.Content of the Business Alliance
The main contents of this alliance are as follows:
(1)Intellectual Property strategy
Mutually providing knowledge and know-how on patent practice, jointly formulating and applying for patents, etc.
(2)Formation of business ecosystem
Formulation of a model partners can adopt for co-creation and formation of ecosystem in the alliance domain
(3)Joint PR and marketing activities
Jointly planning and implementing or PR, partner events and market seminars, etc.

3.Future Perspective
Through this alliance, we will promote optimization and automation of the supply chain as a whole, as well as creating an open platform that offers new value and services by utilizing all kinds of data generated in the process. Any additional information worthy of notice will be disclosed without delay.
*All names of companies, products and services mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of Uhuru Corporation or the respective companies or organizations.

Fumiko Fukuda
Branding & Communication Center
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Source: EIN Presswire Completes Successful London Fleet Insurance Pilot

By-the-moment pricing saves 20% on insurance costs for highly utilised taxi fleet.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 14, 2018 / —, the stealth inshuretech startup developing by-the-moment risk-adjusted insurance pricing for highly utilised vehicles such as rideshare fleets has successfully completed a pilot with a London-based rideshare car leasing fleet.

The Rideshur platform collects real-time streaming telematics data and continuously adjusts the insurance premium cost based on the risk exposure at any given moment.

Rideshur will enable our insurance partners to sell on-demand insurance to fleets with fully utilised assets on a metered basis with the unit price being adjusted in real-time. The platform pricing model is flexible and units can be metered by either time or distance.

A new price is cut every 200 milliseconds and rates are varied depending on the state of the vehicle and the risk associated with the driving style of the driver as well as external conditions such as traffic, weather, road types and speed limits as well as fatigue, distraction and a proprietary "crash map" built by

Mark Musson, CEO said: "We ran an exercise of parallel pricing and proved a 15-20% cost savings even though the vehicles cover very high mileage. This proves our hypothesis that it is possible to develop new pricing models for fleets with vehicles that cover very high mileage and are traditionally rated on that fact alone. is now focussed on finalising insurance partnerships which are currently in negotiation and look forward to announcing the consortium to back our product shortly." is building a new type of insurance for the future mobility market and has developed a real-time risk pricing engine running in a blockchain smart-contract for intensively utilised fleets such as those leasing cars to rideshare drivers. For more information visit:

Mark Musson Ltd
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy | Cibik & Cataldo

In today’s economy, it is very easy to get into financial trouble. You can have a business venture fail or a divorce that causes bills to pile up.”

— Michael A. Cibik


In today’s economy, it is very easy to get into financial trouble. You can have a business venture fail or a divorce that causes bills to pile up. There many forms of bankruptcy which are called chapters. In this blog, we will focus on Chapter 7 by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is when you are unable to pay your debts. Your assets are liquidated, and the proceeds go to the creditors to settle the debts. This should be seen as a last resort and is primarily used for business owners. You may feel that you are alone and that it is shameful to have to declare Chapter 7. You shouldn’t feel this way. There are plenty of famous people out there who have filed such as Walt Disney, Henry Ford, and Donald Trump. There are plenty of businesses that have filed as well, such as Toys ‘R’ Us, Blockbuster, and Macy’s.

To declare Chapter 7, you must be sure that you are not eligible for Chapter 13, where you can pay back some of the money owed to creditors. The whole point of Chapter 7 is to give the debtor a new start. You must meet certain criteria to file for Chapter 7:

Your income must be equal to or below the median income in your state.
If your income is above, you will have to take a “means test,” which is a calculation used to prevent those who have high incomes from filing Chapter 7 instead of Chapter 13. It is a way to determine your monthly disposable income over six months prior to filing. If you don’t pass the means test, you’ll have to file Chapter 13, where you will be required to make payments to creditors over a five-year period.
You must attend credit counseling prior to filing. If you failed to attend, then you cannot file.

How Chapter 7 Works

According to, you must file bankruptcy in an area where you live or where your business is located. You must file with the court:

Schedule of Assets and Liabilities
Statement of Financial Affairs
Schedule of Income and Expenditures
Schedule of Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases
You must also provide tax returns or transcripts of tax returns before and during the bankruptcy process. There is a cost to file. The amount depends on how you are filing – a business owner, a single person or as a couple. This cost is usually more for a business owner since the case is more complicated.

Once you have filed, you will be appointed a trustee. This person will also determine if Chapter 7 is applicable to your case. The trustee can revoke the Chapter 7 based on fraud or an error in the paperwork. It is important to note that not all debts will be cleared. Debts not discharged include:

Child Support
Student Loans
Certain Taxes
Debts for Death & Personal lnjury (e.g. DUI)
Post-petition HOA fees
Debts for crime restitution orders
You can reaffirm a debt, meaning you can make a payment arrangement with a creditor.

The Negatives of Chapter 7

Although the main idea in filing Chapter 7 is to help the debtor financially start over again, there are negatives to filing.

Not for business owners who want to remain in business. When you declare bankruptcy, the business will be closed.
It won’t allow you to make past due payments like Chapter 13.
Your property could be subject to liens and mortgages that could go to the creditors.
You must reaffirm a debt before filing bankruptcy for it be not included in the bankruptcy.
Remains on your credit report for 10 years.
Loss of all credit cards.
Can’t file Chapter 7 bankruptcy for another six years.
It won’t get rid of student loans.
The court can convert the Chapter 7 to a Chapter 13.

Positives to Filing Chapter 7

It may sound odd, but there are some positives to filing.

Bankruptcy process takes 3 – 6 months.
Most states have exemptions that allow you to keep some things. In Pennsylvania, the exemptions include:
Equity in Your home (if you own it)
Personal Property (i.e. clothing)
Insurance or Annuity Payments
Public Benefits
Business Partnership Property
You will be able to keep your wages and property purchased after filing for bankruptcy.
You can get credit cards 1 – 3 years of filing. There are credit cards that strictly for people who have filed bankruptcy.
You can always file for Chapter 13 after filing for a Chapter 7.
Gives you some financial relief.
Bankruptcy prevents lenders from aggressive collection actions.
The number and amount of debts that a bankruptcy can relieve you of are numerous.
There is no specified amount in order to file for relief.

Cibik & Cataldo Can Help with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

You don’t have to face creditors alone. At Cibik & Cataldo, we have over 35 years of experience in bankruptcy law serving Southeastern Pennsylvania. We are ABC certified and know the bankruptcy laws that affect consumers and businesses. We also know all the exemptions that can help protect more of your assets and help you pass the “means test.”

We offer a free consultation to help you understand the financial position you are in and if Chapter 7 is right for you. If you do need to file for Chapter 7, we will help you with each step of the process so you will know what to expect. We will make sure all of the paperwork is accounted for and filed properly. Our primary goal to make sure your case goes smoothly. We’ll also provide guidance on life after a bankruptcy.

Contact Us Today
At Cibik & Cataldo, we are the Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyers – it’s all we do. We are here to help you navigate through the Chapter 7 process. There is life after bankruptcy. Schedule your free consultation by calling us at 215-735-1060 or emailing us. We can set up a meeting that works with your work schedule. We also offer 24/7 support!

About Cibik & Cataldo:

For the last 35 years, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania debt-relief law firm Cibik & Cataldo, P.C., has provided cost-efficient, superior, and value-oriented legal services to thousands of clients in Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas of Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County and Bucks County.

Cibik & Cataldo, P.C., is fully-staffed and concentrates solely on consumer and business bankruptcy matters. The firm does not represent banks, finance companies or insurance companies: only individuals, small business owners, and their claims.

+++++ Disclaimer+++++ This press release is considered advertising and does not constitute any client-attorney privilege and does not offer any advice or opinion on any legal matter. This release was drafted by Results Driven Marketing, LLC, a digital marketing, public relations, advertising and content marketing firm located in Philadelphia, PA

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Business Bankruptcy: When, How, and What Kind?

How To Miss Out On Discharging Credit Card Debt?

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GREATEST COLLECTION OF ONE-OFF WHISKIES SET TO RAISE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS FOR CHARITY BATTLING PLASTIC POLLUTION, is to host a public sale of the most impressive selection of one-off bottles of whisky and rum for charities battling plastic pollution

These bottles are not merely rare, some of them are entirely unique; the distilleries and bottlers who have kindly created and donated fully support the work that Plastic Oceans undertakes.”

— Isabel Graham-Yooll, auction director for Whisky.Auction

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 14, 2018 / — The auction is expected to raise upwards of £200,000 for Plastic Oceans, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of the impact that single-use plastic waste is having on our world’s oceans.

The exceptional collection of bottles were on show at The Whisky Show in London last weekend, where the show’s creator, The Whisky Exchange, is actively eliminating single-use plastic from the show. The selection of bottles were curated in partnership with The Whisky Exchange to mark the 10th edition of The Whisky Show and celebrate the show’s move towards plastic-free.

The auction itself will take place in November, with 9 out of 15 lots already confirmed as one-off bottles never to be repeated. Sensational whiskies from distilleries across Scotland sit alongside a magnum of the legendary Caroni rum from Trinidad and a 50 year old whisky from Japan’s highly sought-after Karuizawa distillery – one of the oldest ever releases from this iconic producer.

Highlights include (full list in appendix):

The Balvenie 1973 Vintage Cask. Bottle number 1 of 1. A limited edition single malt Scotch whisky, bottled from a single cask from a single vintage.

Ardbeg 37 Year Old. Bottle number 1 of 1.
A stunning whisky, and one of the only one-off bottlings Ardbeg have ever produced in their history.
Brora 35 Year Old. Bottle number 1 of 1. A cult closed distillery that has rarely released a single cask bottling, let alone 1 of 1.

Karuizawa 50 Year Old. Bottle number 1 of 2. From closed Japanese distillery Karuizawa and has the potential to set a new auction record for Japanese whisky.
O.F.C 1990. One of only 63 bottles and the first to ever arrive in the UK.

With so many of these entirely unique bottles never to be repeated, it is expected that the auction could fetch upwards of £200,000. Higher estimates predict the auction could reach over £300,000, with the possibility of the Karuizawa alone could raising as much as £200,000 and potentially setting a record for the most expensive Japanese whisky ever sold. The auction itself will open on 18th November and will end on 27th November 2018.

All profits from the auction will be donated to non-profit organisation Plastic Oceans who will utilise the proceeds to expand its awareness initiatives, with a goal of reaching another billion people by 2020. It will develop films and other content that will target school children, policy awareness, and consumer behaviour – all with the goal of educating, inspiring, and fostering change.

Isabel Graham-Yooll, auction director for Whisky.Auction, comments: “Every now and then an auction line-up comes along that has spirits collectors and connoisseurs on the edge of their seats with excitement. This is one of those auctions. These bottles are not merely rare, some of them are entirely unique; they have never been seen before and may never be seen again. The distilleries and bottlers who have kindly created and donated these lots fully support the work that Plastic Oceans undertakes and were committed to helping us raise as much money as possible for this cause. It is difficult to put into words just how remarkable these bottles are, and we’re really hoping that is reflected in their final hammer prices.”

Julie Andersen, Global Executive Director for Plastic Oceans, said: “We are honoured to be the beneficiary of the auction and very excited to see the programmes being implemented by the organisers to reduce their single-use plastic footprint at their events. It's yet another example of an industry recognising the problem and being part of the solution.”
Interested parties can register their interest at or view the bottles at the Whisky Show in London,


For further information, images or interviews and a full list of bottlings; please contact Liz Lock, PR and Communications Manager, on 07554 007707 or

About is an auction website that offers the finest whiskies from all around the world. Based in London, and set up by some of the leading experts in the industry, the company offers sector-leading advice as and when it's needed, and aims to provide the best online auction platform for whiskies, fine spirits, miniatures and memorabilia in the world.

About Plastic Oceans International
Plastic Oceans International wants to change the world’s attitude towards plastic within a generation. The Foundation serves the ocean and the public by engaging people of all ages, in all social situations, to understand the danger of continuing to perceive plastic as being disposable and to prevent plastic from entering the environment. We use inspirational and solutions-focused film and media, paired with supportive activism to foster a global movement to rethink plastic.

Abbigale Wallis
Speciality Drinks Ltd
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22Miles, Inc. Launches New Product: Carry2Mobile™ – Creating a Unique Experience from Digital Displays to Mobile Screens


Carry2Mobile™ uses HTML5 technology to seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser.

22Miles, Inc. has unveiled Carry2Mobile, which uses HTML5 technology to transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser.

Brands can use local and branded content to make each experience more personal to the location which will driver higher ROI”

— Tomer Mann, SVP of Global Sales

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2018 / — 22Miles, Inc. has unveiled an exciting new product, Carry2Mobile™. Carry2Mobile™ uses HTML5 technology to seamlessly transition the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser. Motivated by user feedback and market research, 22Miles, Inc. was determined to empower the digital audience to experience content on a mobile phone with no downloading necessary. In result, this new capability benefits the display owner as it leads to higher usability, and the end user as it is now much more seamless to consume content on the go.

“The potential to further drive digital engagement for consumers across Smart Retail, hospitality, and education while allowing all digital signage content be taken on the go in a simple interface link, will enhance the entire user experience. Furthermore, brands can use local and branded content to make each experience more personal to the location which will driver higher ROI,” says Tomer Mann, SVP of Global Sales.

To implement, 22MILES can work with any media player and the platform can be accessed from QR Codes, custom text, and other read to write technologies. Carry2Mobile™ brings to market a variety of key differentiators including serving multiple users at once, the ability to integrate advanced analytics, and the capability to customize based on persona.

View more information on the new product by clicking here.

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5th Annual Four Generations Leadership Awards

Becoming a Leader by Empowering Ourselves, and Others

One attendee last year observed that ‘It is so uplifting and encouraging to be in a room full of energetic and optimistic people. The awardees were amazing….’”

— Janine Finnell, Executive Director, Leaders in Energy

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA, November 14, 2018 / — Leaders in Energy (LE) is a community of engaged leaders advancing solutions for a sustainable energy system, economy, and world. We are a not-for-profit organization based in Washington with a worldwide membership.

Join LE for an evening of inspiration and comradery at its 5th annual Four Generations of Leaders in Clean Energy & Sustainable Solutions Awards and Holiday celebration. We will feature leaders from each of the four generations, e.g., World War II, Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Millennial who are boldly empowering themselves and others to create a better and greener world. Their diverse initiatives include broad-based vision, and empowering action at the local, state, and international levels ─ and span the fields of energy storage technology, environmental justice, energy education, and ecological and steady-state economics.

Our awardees are:

• Millennial Generation, Lindsey R. Shaw: Commercial Energy Program Manager, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.
• Gen X Generation, Stephen Coughlin: President and Chief Executive Officer, Fluence, a joint venture between AES and Siemens.
• Baby Boomer Generation, Queen Zakia Shabazz: Coordinator of the Virginia Environmental Justice (EJ) Collaborative, a network of environmental organizations.
• World War II Generation, Dr. Herman Daly: Emeritus Professor at the University of Maryland's School of Public Policy and former Senior Economist in the Environment Department at the World Bank.

Learn more about our remarkable honorees and how they can inspire us all.

When and Where:
Friday, November 30th, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, at the Crystal Gateway Condo Complex, 1300 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202.

There are numerous alarming lists of concerns impacting the critical life support systems of our planet. Many of these pertain to how we produce and consume energy. At the same time, there are great opportunities to harness our ingenuity and imagination to utilize innovative technology and policy solutions. Hear our remarkable honorees on how they are working to make a difference. Enjoy food and drink in a festive atmosphere ─ and spend the evening with other like-minded people who are passionate about these issues and are working for change at individual and collective levels.

Registration: Tickets are also available for early bird (through November 22, 2018) and student pricing. Buy two tickets and get the 2nd ticket half price.

Janine Finnell
Leaders in Energy
+1 703-203-0766
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Media5 Corporation and Cortina Access deliver integrated voice support for optical network devices

The integration of the M5T SIP E-DVA into the CortinaTM CA82xx family of SoC has resulted in a comprehensive, and low-cost optical network SoC solution.

Carriers looking for a complete solution over the access network will find the M5T E-DVA fully integrated with the Cortina CA82xx PON SoC. It is bringing the efficient network closer to consumers.”

— Dr. Stewart Wu, Vice President of Marketing at Cortina Access

SHERBROOKE, QUEBEC, CANADA, November 14, 2018 / — Media5 Corporation, a leading provider of IP-based communications solutions, and Cortina Access, a leading provider of fibre access & carrier-grade gateway IC solutions, announced today the successful integration of the M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA (Embedded Digital Voice Application) into the CortinaTM CA82xx family of SoCs.

Through this collaboration, the SIP based M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA is integrated into the CortinaTM CA82xx systems enabling faster time-to-market and reduced development costs of PON (Passive Optical Network) equipment.

“Integration with Cortina’s unique, low-power and high performance Passive Optical Network (PON) technology meets the gateway specifications of the world’s leading cable service providers,” says Mr. Stéphane Ross, Product Line Management Director at Media5. “With this collaboration, both Media5 and Cortina are committed to delivering the best-in-class VoIP embedded services for worldwide customers, enabling them with an easy pre-integrated solution & quick time-to-market advantage”.

“Carriers looking for a complete solution over the access network will find the comprehensive M5T E-DVA fully integrated with the Cortina CA82xx PON SoC. The result of this successful partnership reaffirms our mission of connecting people and homes through a highly integrated and fast time-to-market platform. It is bringing the efficient network closer to consumers”, states Dr. Stewart Wu, Vice President of Marketing at Cortina Access.

Highly interoperable, secure and customisable, the M5T SCE SDK for E-DVA implements a rich feature set allowing the creation of unique and tailored applications. By removing the need for complicated integrations or deep VoIP know-how, manufacturers’ will see their time to market and development cycle of optimised voice enable products significantly reduced. With the fast growing deployments of optical fibre around the world, the collaboration between Media5 and Cortina offers a great advantage for manufacturers looking to build cost-efficient VoIP-enabled Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) products.


Media5 Corporation is a global supplier of multimedia communication solutions, well-known for its reliable, carrier-grade Mediatrix gateways. With a focus on innovation and excellence in customer support, Media5 delivers highly adaptive hardware and software components for business multimedia communications and collaboration. Media5 is present worldwide with local representatives in North and Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.
The M5T SIP Client Engine SDKs are deployed in millions of devices worldwide. They are used for SIP Client products by many major telecom equipment manufacturers, system integrators, OEM/ODMs, and OTT developers in different vertical markets. Learn more on


Cortina's industry leading innovative technologies create new paradigms of broadband access from the service providers to the digital home. Cortina's mission to "Connecting People and Homes" removes the last infrastructure bottleneck and delivers efficient bandwidth to the homes, bringing the network closer to consumers.

Lup Ng
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Love Life Club to Help 100 Awesome Working Moms Fund Fun Every Year

Visit to Join the Club

Visit to Join the Club

How Do We Celebrate Moms By Inspiring and Preparing Kids for Tomorrow's Jobs Launches in Spring 2019

How Do We Celebrate Moms By Inspiring and Preparing Kids for Tomorrow’s Jobs Launches in Spring 2019

Recruiting for Good is helping 100 L.A. working moms who join Love Life Club fund and save money on family vacations, mom weekend getaways, and summer camp.

Why We Help Fund Fun? I created the cause, club and personal service to honor my working mom”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2018 / — Recruiting for Good is helping 100 awesome and grateful L.A. working moms who qualify and join Moms Love Life Club save money on fun every year; by rewarding referrals with savings for family vacations, mom weekend getaways, summer camp, and even yoga too. The purposeful mission is to help moms fund family fun and love life.

According to Recruiting for Good, Founder Carlos Cymerman, “Why We Help Fund Fun? I created this fun cause, club, and personal service to honor my working mom….Imagine what the world would be like…if everyone loved life…..join the club to start today.”

How Working Moms Join Love Life Club?

First attend a Fun Mom Brunch in Santa Monica, occurring the first Sunday of every month.

We meet moms to explain how recruiting referrals work; and how funding happens.

After joining the club, we meet in person to find out what fun moms love to fund (We deliver a personal and confidential funding service, individually catering to each moms' needs).

Carlos Cymerman adds, "Want to save $5,000 or more every year on fun…join the club to love life."


Recruiting for Good is a socially progressive staffing company in Santa Monica, finding talented professionals awesome jobs, since 1998. Companies retain us to find the best talent in Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, and Sales professionals. We reward referrals with World's Best Parties, Travel, and Experiences. We launched L.A.'s funnest cause, mom club, and personal service "Helping Fund Summer Camp,

Fund Summer Camp, is funded by Recruiting for Good, our fun purpose is to help prepare kids for tomorrow's jobs by investing in enriching life experiences that inspire creativity, help kids find their passion and grow from within. Our purposeful funding service is confidential and personal. We meet moms to explain how recruiting referrals work; and how funding happens. To learn more visit

How Do We Celebrate Moms? By preparing their kids for tomorrow's jobs…launching in Spring of 2019 Kids Love Work, a fun interactive mentoring service inspiring and teaching kids to love work and life to learn more visit

Our Moms Love Work is a community service created and funded by Recruiting for Good, since October 2017; we offer a cost free compassionate and personal career mentoring service (want questions answered about work, want to improve your resume, want strategy on how to get a raise). Our Moms Love Life, want to save $5,000 or more on Fun every year? Join the club at, a personal and purposeful club for 100 Awesome, and Grateful L.A. Working Moms.

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
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National Real Estate Company comes to Culpeper, VA with Broker T.C. Cooksley

Long time freelance writer and Real Estate Broker T.C. Cooksley has opened an office of United Real Estate in Culpeper, Virginia!

CULPEPER, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2018 / — Press Release:

Contact: Broker T.C. Cooksley
Office number: 540-317-8959
Mobile: 540-455-1086

Culpeper, Real Estate Broker opens Office in Downtown

Culpeper, VA, November 14th, 2018 – “Small town Broker takes a leap by opening office.”

Published Broker offers Secrets to Wealth for Seller’s who list with her – are you considering selling your home in the next 6 months?
T.C. Cooksley has a book with tips for Home owners to sell their home for top dollar.
This book can be yours when you list with her.

100% Financing is still available for home buyers! – There are still programs available through designated lenders for those interested in purchasing a home. 100% financing is not just for VA Loans. Call Unite Real Estate Exponent for more information.

Do you know the National Association of Realtors takes annual polls to see what Buyers and Sellers are looking for?
Does your agent share simple curb appeal tricks with you to help you sell your home? Do they have a marketing plan that is cookie cutter and not effective? Or are they willing to go a step above?
Is your home ‘Average?’ To you? Did your Realtor ask you what was special about your home?

Read articles by T.C. Cooksley:

Do you need a Property Manager?

Are you Selling Your Home?

1st Time Home Buyer in VA?

Who is T.C. Cooksley?
“I am the daughter of a West Virginia Coal Miner. When parents dream and pray over their children it can be life changing.” Her Father served in the US ARMY during the Korean Conflict, they moved to upstate New York where Dad got a job in a factory in Elmira. She has been writing since grade school. And has many published short stories and articles. After college T.C. moved to Albany, New York and got a job in the mortgage division of a Savings & Loan. She had an adventurous spirit and during a camping trip to Massachusetts she found a job and a place to live, and moved there. She lived and worked in and near Boston for ten years in Mortgage Banking before moving to Pennsylvania, where she married, and went into property management. In North Carolina she got a taste of Commercial Real Estate, and after moving to Virginia in 2005 she fell into residential real estate in Fredericksburg. "I consider myself an 'East Coast Girl," she smiles easily. T.C. went to work for United Real Estate in 2013 from her Fredericksburg home with the DC Corporate office in Reston, VA. United Real Estate now has a very successful office in Fredericksburg. “I love working for United Real Estate because it's a National presence that really supports the Realtor with technology, training and freedom other companies can not match.” From that commitment T.C. Cooksley opened her own office in Culpeper, VA in June 2018.

To the Media:
T.C. Cooksley can provide background, commentary, quotes, trends, story ideas and articles about Real Estate, Home Schooling from a parents prospective, Being a Step-Mom, and Mom or Traveling with children. Contact her at:, office: 540-317-5989, cell: 540-455-1086. Her photo is at: or You can also find her at:

TC Cooksley
United Real Estate Exponent
+1 5404551086
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Coolfire Solutions Names David Corsaut as Chief Operating Officer

David Corsaut, COO

Don Sharp, CEO

Industry veteran tapped to lead day-to-day operations at recently funded Coolfire Solutions.

I am excited to be part of the Coolfire Solutions team, as the Ronin Platform gives us the ability to create solutions for world-class companies and that opportunity doesn't present itself every day.”

— David Corsaut

ST. LOUIS, MO, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2018 / — Coolfire Solutions, creator of the Ronin Platform, a real-time situational awareness delivery platform designed for actionable intelligence, today announced the appointment of David Corsaut as Chief Operating Officer. Corsaut brings more than 30 years of experience as a founder, senior executive, adviser and financier of global businesses to Coolfire Solutions.

Corsaut, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations and overall performance of Coolfire Solutions, previously held C-level operational and financial roles across a broad array of industries including software, real estate, manufacturing, global logistics, e-commerce, transportation and venture capital where he performed detailed analyses of clients' business models, leadership, corporate culture and financial performance.

"David's experience leading operations for complex industries, including software companies, and breadth of financial management expertise is an ideal fit for the future of our company," said Don Sharp, CEO, Coolfire Solutions. "He will play a pivotal role in creating a culture of operational excellence and helping us to drive accelerated scale in our business."

Establishing his career, Corsaut founded the financial advising company, Golden State Financial Group, where he specialized in M&A advisory for eight years and has since completed 100 successful acquisitions. Later, he served as COO of a global software services company where he raised more than $15 million in equity capital for its expansion, leading the acquisition team that acquired four companies and the integration of the acquired entities. Corsaut's distinguished list of clients includes General Electric Co., Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley and others.

"I am excited to be part of the Coolfire Solutions team, as the Ronin Platform gives us the ability to create solutions for world-class companies and that opportunity doesn't present itself every day," said Corsaut. "Coolfire is on the cusp of accomplishing significant things and it will be exciting to be part of those accomplishments."

With a Bachelor of Science in behavioral psychology plus a range of graduate work in economics, accounting, finance and management, and the extensive network built throughout his career, Corsaut brings a steadfast, strategic approach to Coolfire Solutions and its market opportunities.

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