Proximity Group Continues Growth Trajectory By Adding Dorman And StrongArm to Sixity Auto

Auto Parts – Dorman – StrongArm

Now auto enthusiasts can find their preferred Dorman and StrongArm parts on Sixity Auto,, to repair their vehicle without breaking the bank

GOLD RIVER, CA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — Proximity Group,, a manufacturer and U.S.-based online retailer dedicated to providing a 5-star-rated shopping experience through unsurpassed value, today introduced Dorman Products and AVM StrongArm Lift Supports to their Sixity Auto catalog at Both automotive aftermarket product lines, combined with Sixity Auto service, enable customers to find top OEM-replacement auto parts from the best brands in the world at unbeatable prices with fast and free shipping so they can repair their cars or trucks without breaking the bank.

Sixity Auto shoppers will be able to search for and find over 10,000 parts from either the Dorman OE Solutions or TECHoice product lines. Spanning categories such as air and fuel delivery, brakes, cooling and heating, transmission, and much more, the patented Dorman product lines eliminate premature failures and enable a high-performing, smooth ride. Every year, Dorman continues to deliver thousands of new innovative products.

While Dorman certainly enhances the Sixity Auto catalog coverage, the addition of StrongArm lends an intense focus to the catalog with a single type of part: lift supports. StrongArm, the number one provider of aftermarket gas springs and struts, provides high quality, low-cost solutions that hold up under the toughest conditions. The lift supports feature hardened chromium-plated steel shafts for durability, self-cleaning pistons to reduce contamination, and patented temperature compensation module valves for consistent operation even in extreme weather conditions, withstanding temperatures ranging from -40C to 80C.

“We’re very excited to be adding these two powerhouse brands to our automotive aftermarket catalog,” said Lane Armey, VP of Marketing at Proximity Group. “These brands round out our catalog, adding both breadth and depth to our automotive part coverage. And ultimately, our goal with these product lines is to provide more choice and more value to our Sixity Auto customers.”

The expansion into Dorman and StrongArm aligns with Proximity Group’s latest growth strategy into the automotive aftermarket space with sales on Amazon, eBay, and their custom storefronts. Over the last 5 years, Proximity Group has grown 500%, and the company plans to further expand their offerings as the year proceeds.

“With over 200,000 parts in stock, Sixity Auto already carries a wide assortment of parts for all of the most popular cars and trucks,” said Armey. “Now we want to offer the widest coverage possible to make shopping with us an easy, satisfying experience.”

The recent Sixity Auto website redesign has already succeeded in making it easier than ever for shoppers to order and receive their parts, including a better user interface for mobile and desktop, the addition of American Express and Discover to payment card processing, and a more accessible Part Finder connecting shoppers directly to parts that fit their particular vehicle. Combine that with their free shipping and remarkable 100% Fitment Guarantee, and it’s evident that Proximity Group has a recipe for growth and success that will allow them to serve their customers very well for many years to come.

About Sixity Auto
Sixity Auto delivers a wide assortment of OEM and aftermarket auto parts from heavy hitters like Aisin, Dayco, NGK, Gates, Philips, TYC, and more. Sixity Auto continues to deliver on the core tenants for their value-conscious customer base with free and fast shipping, a 100% fitment guarantee, and a limited 1-year warranty on Sixity-branded parts.

About Proximity Group
Proximity Group solutions, including Sixity and Sixity Auto, are designed to help powersport and auto part shoppers find affordable—and awesome—parts easily so they can repair their ride without breaking the bank. Proximity Group, founded in 2006, is an American-owned manufacturer and online retailer dedicated to providing quality parts and attentive service to their customer base—and it shows. Besides each and every Proximity Group brand being top-rated on Amazon and 5-star-rated by Trustpilot, the company boasts over a 99% positive rating spanning 370,000+ reviews on eBay and has served over 1 million customers. For more information, visit:

Cathy Dean
Proximity Group
(650) 265-6024
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Laser Photonics Announces New Sales Development Strategy

Laser Photonics Logo

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, September 19, 2018 / — Laser Photonics (LP) is spreading its operations using sales representatives in metropolitan areas of industrial manufacturing. This is part of a new sales development strategy that aims to acquire the developed territory from the sales representative when it will reach a profitable and sufficient level of operations.

Initially, the target locations will be major metropolitan industrial areas with large concentration of automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding industries. Laser Photonics will also be expanding into using international representatives in the most active geographical areas of manufacturing growth.
For more information, visit or call 407-477-5618.

About Laser Photonics
Laser Photonics is the industry leader in developing high-tech Fiber, UltraFast, UV, CO2 and Green laser marking, cutting, laser cleaning, and 3D laser printing equipment. Laser Photonics specializes in advanced, innovative, latest generation laser machines, processes and technologies, both stand-alone and handheld. The company has delivered cutting edge systems to industries worldwide, including defense, aerospace, automotive, biotech, medical, manufacturing, and more.

Dianne Carlisle
Laser Photonics Corporation
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Oakland Nonprofit, Lincoln, Celebrates 135 Years by Honoring Marshawn Lynch, Kristi Yamaguchi, and Dr. Sandra Hernández

“Champions Luncheon” September 28 at Claremont Club & Spa in Berkeley to Celebrate Hallmark Year

OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — Lincoln, a nonprofit headquartered in Oakland, will host an anniversary luncheon celebrating 135 years of transformational work in the Bay Area and honoring the remarkable work of community champions in educational equity, family strengthening, and well-being. Founded in 1883 as the first racially integrated orphanage in Northern California, today Lincoln impacts more than 25,000 underserved children and their families in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

The Lincoln Champions Luncheon will recognize Olympic Gold Medalist, Kristi Yamaguchi, for her commitment to early childhood literacy and the Always Dream Foundation’s innovative reading programs for underserved children, empowering them to reach their dreams. Lincoln will also honor Oakland Raiders Running Back, Marshawn Lynch, for his dedication to supporting strong families and community building in the Bay Area through his Fam 1st Family Foundation. In addition, Dr. Sandra R. Hernández, CEO of the California Health Care Foundation, will be honored for advancing improvements in the health care delivery system and eliminating disparities in access for those with low incomes.

KTVU Reporter, Paul Chambers, will emcee the Lincoln Champions Luncheon, on September 28, 2018 from 11:30am-1:30pm at the Claremont Club & Spa, which will raise critical funds for Lincoln programs focused on improving educational outcomes, strengthening families, building wellness, and more. For event and ticket information, please visit

About Lincoln
Founded in 1883 as the first racially integrated orphanage in Northern California, our mission remains timeless: Lincoln disrupts the cycle of poverty and trauma, empowering children and families to build strong futures. Today, Lincoln impacts more than 25,000 children and their families in underserved communities of the greater San Francisco Bay Area through educational engagement, family strengthening, and well-being programs. An innovative approach, providing comprehensive school, community, and family-focused services, combined with a unique team-based delivery and sound fiscal management, has established Lincoln as a leading regional provider of children and family services. With Lincoln, kids attend school, learn to read, and stay with their families where they do best. For more information and stories, visit

# # #

Katherine Enad
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Be My Champion

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Plant Vegetable Seeds Now for a Delicious Fall Harvest

Lettuce Micro Mini Greens

The fastest way to get a harvest of salad greens is to grow Micro Mini Greens. This premium mix of red and green lettuce varieties is ready to harvest just 15 days after sowing.

Broccoli Aspabroc

Aspabroc is a cross of two types of broccoli: Italian Sprouting and Chinese Kale (also known as Gai Lan), a leafy, thick-stemmed type with delicious flavor.

Cauliflower Flame Star

The striking pastel-orange heads of Flame Star Hybrid Cauliflower are packed with great flavor and lots of beta-carotene.

Most gardeners are focused on growing food in spring and summer. But autumn can easily be the most productive time in the garden.

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — Fall is here, but that doesn't mean gardening season is over. "Fall vegetable gardens can be incredibly productive," said Randall Schultz, Content Editor for "Now is the perfect time to plant cool-season crops such as carrots, salad greens and cauliflower. Some crops even taste sweeter after a light autumn frost."

Here are the seeds to plant now for fall vegetable gardens.

Turnips are one of the fastest sow-to-harvest veggies. Compact and very cold tolerant, turnips are perfect for filling in empty garden spaces in the fall. White Lady Hybrid Turnip from is a fast-maturing extra-fancy turnip that produces tender edible greens and tasty white globes. The flesh is crisp and sweet, and the turnips can be harvested when they reach 2.5 inches in diameter for optimum freshness.

Lettuce is a favorite edible to grow in backyard gardens, but sometimes it can get bitter and bolt in the heat of summer. Unfortunately, that means pulling it out of the ground much earlier than most gardeners would like. But a fall crop of lettuce will last a typical family for months— especially with a little extra frost protection.

A dependable lettuce seed blend can be planted in late summer or early fall for a long-lasting autumn harvest. Mini Romaine Blend Lettuce offers a selection of baby Romaine lettuces that mature quickly with all the flavor of full-sized varieties. This lettuce seed blend consists of two of the most popular mini varieties—Truchas and Breen. Truchas is an upright grower that’s fully mature when its crimson leaves reach 6-8 inches tall. It’s also incredibly disease resistant. Breen is a bit slower growing, with medium reddish leaves that’s great for leaf-by-leaf harvesting. These beautiful little plants can be harvested about a month and a half from sowing seeds directly into the garden.

The fastest way to get a harvest of salad greens is to grow Micro Mini Greens. This premium mix of red and green lettuce seed varieties are ready to harvest is just 15 days. They are complete plants in miniature form, and you can eat the entire plant. The combination of smooth leaves and curly leaves is a delight in salads. For an extended harvest, sow lettuce seed every 2 weeks for a continuing harvest. (You can even grow Micro Mini Greens indoors in a container.) Both of these lettuce seed blends are available from Park Seed.

Spinach is a true cool season crop, so spring-planted spinach has an annoying tendency to bolt (a.k.a. flower) as soon as the weather warms up. But sowing spinach for a fall harvest can be much more productive. Like lettuce, spinach is grown for its leaves, so you don’t have to wait for flowering and fruiting. Plus, the leaves can be harvested leaf by leaf so the plants keep producing them.

Some spinach varieties have been delighting gardeners for decades. Bloomsdale Organic Hybrid Spinach is a favorite heirloom variety for its rich flavor and pleasing texture. This wonderful plant reaches 10-12 inches tall and just 8 inches wide, so it fits almost anywhere in a garden. Bloomsdale loves to grow in full sun in the fall. Another great spinach choice is Baby Leaf Riverside. This is such a quick-growing plant that you can harvest the baby leaves in just 27 days! The smooth, dark green, spade-shaped leaves are delicious in salads and stir-fry dishes. Both of these seed varieties are available directly from

An increasing number of gardeners love growing and harvesting carrots in the fall. Now is the perfect time to sow them, because the warm soil lets them germinate and grow much faster than in spring. And as the temperatures start to cool down, their tasty roots get sweeter and sweeter. Try letting them experience a light overnight freeze for an extra-sweet harvest the next morning.

Mini Adelaide Hybrid Carrots are ideal for small gardens and containers. This Nantes-type carrot is mature at only 4 inches long, so it’s a perfect choice for fall gardens. These dark-orange, blunt-tipped carrots are packed with flavor, and they are ready to pick in only 50 days from planting. Buy seed packets online at

Broccoli is one the few flowering plants that performs well in autumn. Even in USDA Zone 6, broccoli can continue to produce into early December.

One of the most popular varieties of broccoli is called Green Magic Hybrid, which is known for its productive nature and its smooth, buttery flavor. Green Magic sets smooth, nicely domed heads with mid-size beads that are very tightly packed. If you want to try something a little different, Aspabroc is a fun variety. Aspabroc is a cross of two types of broccoli: Italian Sprouting and Chinese Kale (also known as Gai Lan), a leafy, thick-stemmed type with delicious flavor. Aspabroc takes its name from the asparagus-like look and texture of its slender stems, but this is 100% broccoli, with a peppery-sweet flavor you will love. The key to harvesting Aspabroc is to cut the plant’s central crown as soon as it's formed. Doing this will lead to great side-shoot production, which will produce tasty crowns and stems for many weeks. Seeds for Green Magic Hybrid Broccoli and Aspabroc Hybrid Broccoli are available from Park Seed.

Another plant that grows well in the cooler temperatures of autumn is cauliflower. For a completely different look, try growing orange cauliflower. The striking pastel-orange heads of Flame Star Hybrid Cauliflower are packed with great flavor and lots of beta-carotene. Plus, they simply look cool. This veggie is great for eating fresh as well as cooked. Get seeds from

Schultz Communications
Schultz Communications
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Gov. Andrew Cuomo & His Corrupt Justice Center are Covering-Up Sex Crimes

Governor Andrew Cuomo is the kingpin of the corruption and he continues to ensure that almost all sexual assaults and rapes of the disabled occurring within his agencies disappear

Gov. Cuomo is using the same strategy the Catholic Church has used to protect sexual predators, internal reporting of sex crimes and bypassing local police

Governor Andrew Cuomo and his corrupt abuse hotline ensure that there are rarely any criminal prosecutions of these sex crimes.”

— Michael Carey – Civil Rights & Disability Rights Advocate

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — The Jonathan Carey Foundation was established by civil rights and disability rights advocate Michael Carey to protect our most vulnerable children and people with disabilities. Thousands of women and children with disabilities are being sexually assaulted and raped within New York State’s extremely dangerous mental health agencies and group homes. Governor Andrew Cuomo and his corrupt abuse hotline ensure that there are rarely any criminal prosecutions of these sex crimes. Sounds familiar because Governor Cuomo, without question, is operating his mental agencies almost identically to the Catholic Church.

The Boston Globe exposed the Catholic Church and their system or culture of rampant sexual abuse and criminal cover-ups. The Jonathan Carey Foundation and its founder Michael Carey are exposing Cuomo’s corrupt system and culture of rampant sexual abuse and criminal cover-ups. Internal reporting and the shuffling around of pedophile and sexual predator priests within the Catholic Church and the same within Governor Andrew Cuomo’s mental health agencies and group homes, but instead of pedophile priests, sexual predator caregivers. Wolves in sheep’s clothing are what these sexual predators and criminals are and they are destroying countless innocent people’s lives.

The Boston Globe’s Spotlight investigative reporting news team uncovered these sex crimes and atrocities, thankfully, a process of genuinely sidelining many of these sexual predators began. Tragically, most pedophile priests and those that knew what they were doing yet protected and shielded them escaped criminal prosecution for their crimes. In New York State, Michael Carey, his son Joshua, Tom Cavanagh and some other special people have been working hard to uncover these similar sex crimes and criminal cover-ups. Evidence reveals that directives of these cover-ups go right to the top, to Governor Andrew Cuomo. The governor can never claim that he never knew about the level of sex crimes or the level of criminal cover-ups because he and his top staff are directly involved and have been warned to stop the cover-ups for years.

Who in their right mind would operate a system and culture of rampant sexual abuse and protect sexual predators, sex offenders, pedophiles and rapists, instead of protecting extremely vulnerable women and children with disabilities? Why would Governor Cuomo also allow convicted sex offenders to be moved from prisons to group homes to live with people with developmental disabilities? The top person in control is Governor Cuomo and all the mental health agencies are directly under his authority. How can the governor justify any actions that endanger incompetent and physically disabled and give the green light to sexual predators? There appears to be a system and culture in which sexual predators are rewarded for committing sex crimes in New York State. Everyone needs to know that these very sick individuals are being given the opportunity to sexually assault and rape our most vulnerable by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

This news story regarding a State employee/caregiver who is a pedophile will disgust you. Stephen DeProspero called Cuomo’s system “a predators dream”. DeProsero was caught by the feds in a porn sting or he would still be sexually assaulting disabled children in a New York State run group home today.

"The lack of supervision there made it easy to do what I did," DeProspero said in a handwritten affidavit obtained by The Associated Press. "I could have stayed in that house for years and abused him every day without anybody even noticing at all. It was a predator's dream."

It is Governor Andrew Cuomo that has directed the protection of sexual predators like DeProspero. Attorney General Barbara Underwood has been asked to intervene, but up until now she has chosen to look the other way to protect Governor Andrew Cuomo and the system, instead of our most vulnerable. The fact and the truth is that almost all reported sex crimes committed against people with disabilities within Cuomo’s agencies are covered-up. Cuomo’s corrupt Justice Center is systematically making almost all reported sexual assaults and rapes of the disabled within Cuomo’s agencies disappear.

At the same time all this is unfolding within New York State’s mental health care system, Attorney General Underwood is going after the Catholic Church for the same exact matters of covering-up sex crimes and the protection of pedophile priests. Both Gov. Cuomo and AG Underwood must be investigated swiftly by the US Department of Justice for their involvement in the protection of countless sexual predator caregivers and for purposefully placing sex offenders within New York State’s mental health agencies.

If you would like to help fight this evil and epic corruption, please consider making a tax deductible gift to the Jonathan Carey Foundation. Thank you.

Michael Carey
The Jonathan Carey Foundation
(518) 852-9377
email us here

The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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Brad Deflin of Total Digital Security to Present at Bank of America – Merrill Lynch Cybersecurity Events

These conferences are a great opportunity for investors and business owners to get the most current information on cybersecurity risks and mitigation from a wide range of experts in the field.”

— Brad Deflin

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — Total Digital Security, a provider of digital security technologies for individuals and businesses, today announced that its founder, Brad Deflin, will present at Bank of America- Merrill Lynch Cybersecurity Conferences on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at the West Palm Beach Marriott, and on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 in Ft. Lauderdale at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 Global Risk Report, cyber attacks against businesses have more than doubled in five years, from 68 per business in 2012 to 130 per business in 2017. In fact, according to the world's leading researcher covering the global cyber economy, we will soon experience the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind – from the pockets of individuals and businesses to the fists of cybercriminals around the world. Acknowledging the potentially devastating impact of cyber crimes on individuals, families, and businesses, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch is offering a series of educational conferences titled "The Impact of Cyber Threats on You and Your Business", which will include cybersecurity experts from Bank of America and other related fields.

Cybersecurity expert Brad Deflin’s presentation, "Cybersecurity — An Issue for the Boardroom, Break Room, and Living Room," will empower the audience with the knowledge required for protection of their online privacy and personal data, and with an understanding of the emerging innovations in technology designed to keep them secure, safe and in control of their personal information. Mr. Deflin will discuss topics such as the regulatory aspects of information sharing, virtual private networks and encryption, device protection and monitoring, and offer guidance in how to quickly detect and deter all forms of cyber crime, including ransomware, cyber blackmail, denial of service attacks, IoT hacking, social engineering, pretexting, brute-force attacks, mobile hijacking, cloud cracking and insider theft. He will also appear on a moderated panel discussion with local law enforcement and cybersecurity experts who will share their real experiences with cybercrime and discuss best practices for prevention and remediation.

About Total Digital Security

Total Digital Security provides enterprise-quality computer security for family businesses and individuals to protect consumers, businesses, homes, and families from the ever-increasing threat of cyber crimes. Offering computer security solutions such as private email accounts, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Router and Wifi network security, and digital vaults, Total Digital Security collaborates with families and organizations to create a custom risk profile to meet the specific cybersecurity needs of each client.

About Brad Deflin
Brad Deflin, Founder and President of Total Digital Security, has over 25 years of executive leadership in operations, sales, audit, compliance, and supervision of rigorously regulated financial environments, including Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo, and J.P. Morgan. An author and frequent speaker on the matters of online risk, Mr. Deflin specializes in the human element of cyber security, identity theft, online privacy, social media defense and fraud detection. His presentations relay complex information in an easily digestible and empowering format.

Additional presenters:
Jim Scopis – CISSP, Senior Vice President, Global Information Security, Bank of America
Alan Hale – Senior Vice President, Senior Fraud Policy Strategist, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Robert Ringelspaugh – Digital Channels Solutions Executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Kevin Rosen – Partner, Shutts & Bowen
Bobbyjoe Glover – Special Agent, FBI — Miami Division, West Palm Beach Office

These programs are approved for 3.5 CPE credits and 3 CTP/CCM and FPA recertification credits by the Association for Financial Professionals. CLE credits are pending.

Diane Kisner
Total Digital Security
email us here

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IntelliCart Rapidly Updates Capability Through Support for Subscriptions, Multi-tenancy and Seat Purchases

IntelliCart, the shopping cart plugin from IntelliBoard, is rapidly updating with client requested features: support for subscriptions and bulk seat purchasing.

Our goal is to be the all-in-Moodle solution for eCommerce. As we continuously expand IntelliCart to incorporate client needs, we develop an exceptional product.”

— Jaime Ade, Product Manager, IntelliCart

MONROE, CT, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — IntelliCart, the all-in-Moodle shopping cart plugin recently introduced by IntelliBoard, has quickly responded to client demand for expanded functionality for subscriptions, multi-tenancy, and bulk seat purchasing.

Clients using IntelliCart can permit users to subscribe to monthly payments, purchase products or "seats," in bulk, and support multi-tenancy within 1 Moodle instance through the use of "vendors." In addition, learners have access to a learner dashboard, powered by IntelliBoard. This dashboard permits the user to view the enrolled courses (purchases), payments, and waitlisted options available for purchase.

"IntelliCart is developing at a rapid pace based upon the tremendously positive feedback from our clients," stated Jaime Ade, Product Manager for IntelliCart. She continued, "Our goal is to be the all-in-Moodle solution for eCommerce. As we continuously expand IntelliCart to incorporate client needs, we develop an exceptional product."

About IntelliCart

A complete eCommerce and reporting solution, IntelliCart resides within the Moodle™ LMS, with robust dashboards and reporting tools for customers, sales, products, coupons and waitlists – all in one location. Built as a "local plugin" for the Moodle™ LMS, IntelliCart provides automated student enrollment upon successful online payment and/or registration. IntelliCart comes with a suite of built-in reporting tools, all powered by IntelliBoard, the leading reporting and analytics platform for Moodle.

Users of IntelliCart have access to an Intuitive Sales Dashboard that collapses sales and enrollment data into one easy-to-understand dashboard; Real-time Reports that provide data hourly, daily, monthly or even minute-by-minute; Discount & Coupon Management that enable users to apply discount and coupon codes to individual or bulk product purchases within IntelliCart; Multiple Payment Options that support PayPal, Stripe, or 2CheckOut; Streamlined Invoices
that enable manual enrollment upon receipt of payment; and customized integrations with various popular financial reporting tools is also available.

About IntelliBoard offers analytic and reporting services to education communities and institutions who use the Moodle™  LMS. IntelliBoard extracts the statistical data collected in Moodle™  and presents this rich data on a single dashboard in the form of easy-to-read, aesthetic, and printable charts, graphs, and formatted reports. We strive to be the premier analytics dashboard for Moodle™  LMS users. Feel the strength of empowered learning with our purposefully built analytics for education and training. Our mantra: provide the best instantly-available, most-simplified point-and-click access to your Moodle™  LMS data to inform your educational business decisions.

Tonya Riney, PhD, VP
IntelliBoard, Inc.
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Partnership Between Mastiff and Yggdrazil Group Brings Home Sweet Home to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One This October

A haunting survival horror experience based on real-world Thai mythology and lore

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — Video game publisher and developer Mastiff, in partnership with Yggdrazil Group, is proud to announce that Home Sweet Home, a chilling first-person survival horror game based on real-world Thai mythology and lore, will be released digitally on the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system from Sony, and PlayStation®VR for PS4™ October 9. A physical edition of Home Sweet Home, which includes the base game and PS®VR mode, will be released exclusively to GameStop stores across North America on October 16.

Pre-order Home Sweet Home from GameStop:

“We are very excited to be working with Mastiff in order to bring the dark, Thai-inspired world of Home Sweet Home to consoles,” shares Saroot Tubloy, Chief Operating Officer of Yggdrazil Group. “The game's real-world lore and mythology is sure to captivate and intrigue players, while its brooding narrative keeps them clinging to the edge of their seat.”

The first in a series of terrifying first-person horror games, Home Sweet Home throws players into a dark and twisted labyrinth, where a miasma of fear fills the air, dread bleeds through cracks in the ceiling and seeps down through broken floorboards, and anxiety grows stronger with every step.

After a long night filled with mourning and sorrow over the recent disappearance of his wife, Tim awakens to find himself in a strange, dilapidated building instead of the comfort of his own home. Naturally confused, he desperately begins to search for a way out while attempting to solve questions that could lead to answers regarding his wife's disappearance. At the same time, he’ll find himself being hunted by malevolent spirits.
There is a dark and sinister secret casting a shadow over this interconnected labyrinth…and without question, it's no longer the happy home that it once was.

● Gripping Thai Horror – A dark narrative inspired by Thai lore, myths, and beliefs that will captivate players while keeping their palms sweating and pulses pounding with fear
● Sharpen Wits, Not Blades – Without weapons to provide defense against the evil spirits, players must keep their wits sharp at all times in order to survive
● Nicely Tied Together – The use of stealth and investigative skills offers gameplay variety and a chance for players to breathe, but not for long….
● Face Your Fears – Experience a new level of first-person fear and terror with PS®VR compatibility

Please visit for key information, video, screenshots, and more.

About Mastiff
Mastiff is a publisher of fun, easy-to-pick-up-and-play games on all platforms including those from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, and online gaming. Founded in 2002, having recently celebrated their 15th Anniversary, Mastiff is proud to have released games in virtually every genre including action, adventure, casual, FPS, RPG, and music.

About Yggdrazil Group
Yggdrazil is the top visual effects, animation, and VR studios in Thailand, which provides full post-production services and production support for commercials, feature films, game cinematics, TV series’ and VR360. With extremely talented artists and high-end equipment, Yggdrazil turns creative visions into reality.

Home Sweet Home © 2018-2019 YGGDRAZIL GROUP. Published under license by Mastiff. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Note to press: To download this press release along with Home Sweet Home assets, please visit

If you would like to request more information or a review key for Home Sweet Home, please fill out the following form:

David Bruno
email us here

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Fearless Girl to Receive “This Young Woman Means Business!” Award at 14th Annual M2W® – Marketing to Women Conference

marketing to women

Fearless Girl

With this award we acknowledge the place she has won in the minds and hearts of females everywhere.

This award acknowledges the place the Fearless Girl has won in the minds and hearts of females everywhere. She is today and always, a Young Woman Who Means Business.”

— Nan McCann, M2W® producer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 19, 2018 / — In recognition of the stunning impact she has had around the world, Fearless Girl will be honored at M2W®-The Marketing to Women Conference, with the ‘This Woman Means Business!” Award. This year the award has been renamed by adding the word “Young” to recognize her forever young and inspiring presence for generations to come.

Lizzie Wilson, part of the creative team at ad agency McCann New York that created the Fearless Girl campaign in partnership with client State Street Global Advisers, will accept the award on behalf of the team. M2W® is an executive learning event that teaches brand marketers how to build more business with women, who account for $7 trillion annual consumer spending in the US, and over $20 trillion globally. M2W® will be held Oct. 3 & 4, 2018, New York City.

“The Fearless Girl is an international treasure,” according to Nan McCann, M2W® producer. “She stands unwavering on Wall Street and is perpetually fearless. With this award we acknowledge the place she has won in the minds and hearts of females everywhere. She is today and always, a Young Woman Who Means Business, and it is our good fortune to have her in our midst.”

“Every year the M2W® This Woman Means Business! award is presented to a proven leader… a woman of inspiration…an innovator and visionary…someone who produces positive results, while energizing and engaging those around her,” McCann explained. “By example she champions women in the workplace, in the marketplace, and in the world. She is a reminder to all that when doors are open to women, they will be a transforming economic & cultural force…and that every worthy enterprise will thrive by engaging women like her who mean business.”

The Fearless Girl has won 4 Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, and top awards at D&AD, D&AD Impact, Clio, Cresta, London International, One Show, New York Festivals, AICP Next and Effie Awards. With Fearless Girl serving as a powerful symbol to help amplify their message, State Street Global Advisors has made board diversity a key focus of their corporate governance policies, motivating over 150 public companies around the globe to add a woman to their previously all-male boards.

“M2W®’s audience,” McCann continued, “is comprised of powerful and influential marketing execs who control hundreds of millions of brand advertising and communications dollars. And the Fearless Girl embodies the qualities I think they all hope for and value in corporate, non-profit and civic marketing efforts and governance. I’m sure the award will be one of this year’s highlights.”

“M2W® is annually attended by Fortune 1000 senior brand marketing executives and their agencies. The audience typically includes companies as diverse as Harley-Davidson, Bayer, Aetna, ESPN, Kraft Foods, Ford, GM, Johnson & Johnson, Kelloggs, Diageo, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, NBA, WebMD, Burton, L’Oreal, ConAgra and Whirlpool. “They attend,” McCann said, “because they recognize the brand-critical importance of engaging women. Their purchasing power is critical to the success of almost every brand in every major consumer category. Women are today’s power consumers.”

M2W® supports Save The Children. M2W® is presented by Google and supported by Associate Sponsors: AARP and McCann Worldgroup, Showcase Sponsors include: Incite & Ask Patty. M2W®’s video resource is Snippies.

For complete conference schedule and information visit: or call 860.724.2649 x13. M2W® is produced by PME® Enterprises LLC, 912 Silas Deane Highway, Suite 101, Wethersfield, CT 06109. PME® is a sales and marketing agency with a special emphasis on events.

Nanci McCann
PME Enterprises LLC
email us here

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Artist Liam Grae Set To Release Debut Single "Uniform" On October 5th, 2018

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2018 / — Is there a place for a Southern Gentleman at the top of the music charts? Soul-pop artist Liam Grae is determined to find out. Born in Dallas, Texas, the 25 year old artist first cut his teeth recording demos as a child. He moved on as a stage performer in Germany, then honed his writing skills in Nashville before landing at the epicenter of pop music – Los Angeles, California.

Liam’s debut single, “Uniform” is set to drop on October 5, 2018 and was co-written and recorded with Dale Anthoni (The Vamps, Carlie Hanson,) produced by Andrew Furze (So You Think You Can Dance, The X Factor) and mixed by Todd Bergman (Alessia Cara, Nicki Minaj, Foster the People.)

Additional songs co-written with Liam Grae and Tommy Parker (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Janet Jackson,) Hayley Warner (Tori Kelly, Nickelback,) Dale Anthoni (The Vamps, Carlie Hanson) and Arielle MacArthur (Marie Osmond, John Rich) will be released later this fall.

“Uniform” is a seamless blend of classic soul and organic gospel textures, infused with danceable future pop beats. As a singer-songwriter, Liam's songs touch on what it means to be a young man in a modern world – combining humor and heart in equal measure. Collaborating with some of the most exciting pop writers in LA, Liam Grae's love of classic rat-pack singers and pop-icons has him picking up where George Michael and Robin Thicke left off.

On stage, Liam Grae's driving beats and killer rhythm section serve to make his point – that music should get people out of their chairs and look good doing it. With influences ranging from Marvin Gaye to Frank Sinatra, and with interest already pouring in, Liam Grae is set to make a huge impact in 2018.

“Uniform” will be available on all digital platforms including iTunes and Spotify, on October 5th, 2018.

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