The Development System of Information Technology

At the point when a data framework is grown inside by an association, one of two expansive techniques is utilized: life-cycle advancement or (RAD).

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — The same strategies are utilized by programming sellers, which need to give broader, adaptable frameworks. Enormous authoritative frameworks, for example, venture frameworks, are commonly evolved and kept up through an efficient cycle, known as a framework life cycle, which comprises of six phases: plausibility study, framework investigation, framework configuration, programming and testing, establishment, and activity and support. The initial five phases are framework advancement legitimate, and the keep going stage is the drawn out misuse. Following a time of utilization (with upkeep varying), the data framework might be either eliminated or updated. On account of a significant update, the framework enters another development life cycle.

Information frameworks life cycle

The advancement period of the existence cycle for a data framework comprises of an attainability study, framework examination, framework configuration, programming and testing, and establishment. Following a time of activity and support, ordinarily 5 to 10 years, an assessment is made of whether to end or update the system.

The head goal of an achievability study is to decide if the framework is alluring based on long haul plans, key activities, and a money saving advantage examination. Framework examination gives nitty gritty responses to the inquiry, what will the new framework do? The following stage, framework configuration, brings about a broad outline for how the new framework will be sorted out.

Life-cycle advancement is every now and again blamed for its long advancement times and voluminous documentation necessities—and, in certain cases, for its inability to satisfy the client's prerequisites toward the finish of the long advancement road.

Increasingly, life-cycle development is being supplanted by RAD. In different RAD strategies a model—a primer working form of an application—is fabricated rapidly and modestly, though incompletely. This model is gone over to the clients, their responses are gathered, proposed adjustments are consolidated, and progressive model forms in the end develop into the total framework. Formal cycles for the coordinated effort between framework engineers and clients, for example, joint applications development (JAD), have been presented by certain organizations.

After an introduced framework is given over to its clients and tasks work force, it will constantly be altered broadly over its valuable life in a cycle known as framework upkeep. An enormous framework will regularly be utilized and kept up for around 5 to 10 years or much more. Most upkeep is to alter the framework to the association's changing needs and to new hardware and other programming, yet definitely some support includes adjusting plan blunders and killing programming "bugs" as they are found.

Overseeing Information Systems

For an association to utilize its data administrations to help its activities or to develop by propelling another activity, those administrations must be essential for an all-around arranged framework of center assets. The particular frameworks should be designed into an intelligent engineering to convey the essential data administrations. Numerous associations depend on outside firms—that is, particular IT organizations—to convey a few, or even all, of their data administrations. Whenever situated in-house, the administration of data frameworks can be decentralized in a specific way to relate to the association's general structure.

Framework and Architecture

An all-around structured data framework lays on a cognizant establishment that underpins responsive change—and, hence, the association's spryness—as new business or authoritative activities emerges. Known as the data framework, the establishment comprises of center media communications systems, information bases and information stockrooms, programming, equipment, and methodology oversaw by different pros. With business globalization, an association's framework regularly crosses numerous public limits. Setting up and keeping up such a perplexing framework requires broad arranging and predictable execution to deal with key corporate activities, changes, mergers, and acquisitions. Data framework foundation ought to be built up so as to make important choices for future corporate development. When sorted out into an intelligible entire, the particular data frameworks that help activities, the executives, and information work establish the framework engineering of an association. Obviously, an association's drawn out broad key plans must be viewed as when planning a data framework foundation and design.

Security and Control

With the kickoff of data frameworks to the worldwide Internet and with their intensive imbuement into the activity and the board of business and government associations and into the foundation of everyday life over the world, data security issues have moved to the front line of worries about worldwide prosperity.

Frameworks Security

Data frameworks security is answerable for the trustworthiness and wellbeing of framework assets and exercises. Most associations in created nations are reliant on the safe activity of their data frameworks. Truth be told, the very texture of social orders regularly relies upon this security. Different infrastructural matrices—including power, water flexibly, and medical care—depend on it. Data frameworks are at the core of concentrated consideration units and aviation authority frameworks. Money related foundations couldn't endure an absolute disappointment of their data frameworks for longer than a day or two. Electronic finances move frameworks (EFTS) handle massive measures of cash that exist just as electronic signs sent over the systems or as spots on capacity plates. Data frameworks are powerless against various dangers and require severe controls, for example, proceeding with countermeasures and customary reviews to guarantee that the framework stays secure. The initial phase in making a protected data framework is to distinguish dangers. When potential issues are known, the subsequent advance, building up controls, can be taken. At long last, the third step comprises of reviews to find any penetrate of security.

Despite the fact that occasions of PC wrongdoing and misuse get broad media consideration, human mistake is assessed to cause more prominent misfortunes in data frameworks activity. Debacles, for example, seismic tremors, floods, and flames are the specific worry of calamity recuperation arranging, which is an aspect of a corporate business congruity plan. A possibility conspire is additionally important to cover the disappointment of workers, broadcast communications systems, or programming.

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Aman Ullah : Youngest Musical Artist and Actor of Bangladesh

Aman Ullah musical artist in her Village.

Aman Ullah is a Bangladeshi musical artist composer who has already verified as (Aman Ullah) YouTube official artist channel & the largest music platform.

COMILLA, CHATTOGRAM, BANGLADESH, June 20, 2021 / — Aman Ullah is a Bangladeshi musical artist composer who has already verified as (Aman Ullah) YouTube official artist channel & the largest music platform on Spotify. He received the official artist channel on YouTube on 20 April 2021 and also verified on Spotify as an artist. His official Facebook fan page named "Aman Ullah". He started his music career in 2017 with his own small studio. He has makes many instrumental kinds of music. But In 2020 he released his first tracks name "Black Angel", " He said, "It's time to work on my own YouTube channel and international music platform like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, Jiosaavn, Tidal, etc."Last of all he is proud to be a Bangladeshi verified musician. He also verified at IMDB and much other music platforms.

His acting career started in 2016 by making short videos on YouTube. When his first video was released on YouTube, it spread all over YouTube. Slowly he began to win the hearts of the audience. In April 2016, he became known as a comedy actor among all the viewers in Bangladesh. He made a music video in early May of which he was the artist and composer and uploaded the music video to his official YouTube channel named Aman Ullah. The music video is viewed around 3 lakh times in a day. From then on, he did not have to look back. He continues to receive invitations from many music and movie production companies. Since then, he has been involved in his music career. The audience continues to give mesmerizing songs and videos. His side of the coin was acting in his plays, which helped him become known throughout the movie world.
He said, "I am an ordinary person from the village. My reputation today, my acquaintance has been made possible by my hard work and perfect acting in winning the hearts of the audience. Then this love will never be forgotten. I have wanted to work in media since my childhood." And to be known all over the country. I feel established and blessed to be able to do that today. "

Aman Ullah did his first music with his friends in 2016. Then in 2019 he started working on YouTube. But he was not successful on YouTube then. Then he created a Facebook page on 12 September 2019. He created some funny videos, but unfortunately none of his videos got too much view. So, he stopped creating videos. But in 2020 after lockdown for Covid-19 virus he was too bored sitting home and decided to create videos again. And finally one of his videos got viral on YouTube which got 2M+ views on Facebook. Then the golden period came for him. He was getting more and more followers on his Facebook page and now has a huge amount of audience/followers on social media platforms.

In 2021, he released his new album name "Village Side" and started working on the music industry as a musical artist. He has already uploaded a lot of music and soundtrack on the international music platforms. Some of his musics are feel me, play with my emotion, etc. His musics are already available in different music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, I tunes, Deezer, soundcloud, tidal, jiosaavn and other international platforms.

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Avdome has a development strategy based on ‘Collapsible container” where size management and employing a smart business model are the leading principles.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — In recent years, rapid economic growth and globalization have led to a substantial increase in container aircraft cargo demand and growing trade imbalances between imports and exports among different regions, resulting in an imbalance between the inbound and outbound flows of full containers. The collapsible DKA’s ULD service not only manage the container but will overcome the im-balancing problem. Meanwhile, DKA develops a “revolutionary” new-generation collapsible container. The collapsible ULD products will be, strong, and flexible. ” Furthermore, one of the main aspects of current plan's is to expand Avdome's fleet of ULDs, and Jae Sang You, CEO of DKA believes that the company can raise income by 80 percent in the next five years. Our manufacturers continue to place a premium on weight reduction through the use of new composite materials. There are also efforts on, to lower the weight and stiffness of pallets, which would lower the aircraft's overall weight. This container can withstand Maximum Load of 1.588 Ton, and when collapsed the container does not meet TSO-C900. However, there'll always be a trade-off between weight loss and a possible reduced life duration and/or higher repair expenses. There have been several advancements in the fields of safety and technology, with a rising interest in fire-resistant containers and smart ULDs. We now have the third generation of this technology, and after several field trials, we will go live with one of our clients utilizing a fleet of 100 demo units to test how it performs in the real world. Avdome wants to focus on 100 demo units, and on playing an active role in aircraft cargo transport. However the company aims to limit its involvement in the other parts of business. Avdome has a development strategy based on ‘Collapsible container” where size management and employing a smart business model are the leading principles.


Our aim is to become number one company and the world best ULD Container maker, specialized in developing and supplying ULD containers. We provide airlines with smarter solutions for the management, repair of their ULD and with significant cost savings and operational benefits over the course of our relationship. We are launching the world first container management business to airlines starting from 1st July by providing 100 demo units and benefits, different from current major players of Unspool, Chep Group, Jettainer etc.


Avdome works with you closely to clarify total cost of ownership (TCO) and give a solution to your network by either providing a ULD pool or by providing a hybrid/dedicated network after an initial cost audit and analysis just like other competitors in the market, such as unilode’s . Initially, the Avdome buys the ULDs fleet and supply new ULDS along with the digital tags. To meet monthly demand, the ULDs fleet are flexible and scalable up and down. In addition, Avdome provides the service of ULDs movements messages and also provides the oversight digitally. Furthermore, Avdome manages ULDs need so that the required stock levels can be met any time 24/7/365. Besides other services, Avdome repairs ULDs across the globe with the help of their global network. This service increase the availability of ULDs, it also saves time and fuel cost as well. To track performance, Avdome also provides a customer dashboard which helps the client’s 24/7. Avdome also buys new ULDs to ensure fast transaction to lighter ULDs and to insure growth and replacements. Avdome charges inclusive fee per ULD per month.


This collapsible container will increase revenue by saving on fuel or by carrying additional cargo. You will get a Smarter ULD Solution for your passenger and freight network when you engage with Avdome. So the airlines have all the reason to choose these containers instead of traditional ones. Avdome, Inc. has definite objectives in order to fulfill its desire to participate and achieve an ever-growing market share of the exciting industry that it is entering.
key objectives of DK Aviation, Inc. and Avdome;
• Through extending ULD related business, achieve over 50,000 container sales by 2022.
• Increase values of the company’s assets by the differentiated technologies of ULDs
• Offer five Years Warranty and maintain best customer satisfaction.
• Increase sales and revenue at the rates projected in this plan
• Expanding Commercial Aviation and Air Cargo Freight Markets


DKA’s 1st target is to produce the first LD3 container, for the revenue. Further manufacturing of all types of ULD containers on market demand and offering wide range of other products LD2, LD3, LD8, and Wireless Black box device. DKA’s production ability is optimum line structure through Process development and 90% Localization of material. There should be flexibility to supply all items for our customers and quick response system of spare parts item supply.


In comparison to conventional ULDs, a lightweight ULD is frequently employed in the aviation sector to give the lowest freight weight and maximum strength to weight ratio. Our Collapsible Container is a modular design concept reducing maintenance and repair costs and developing a lightest weigh of the container by using graphene technologies with maintaining more Strength. We will be manufacturing lightweight ULD combined with high-quality materials. The ULD designed by the DKA helps in the reduction of over 50% weight of the container and further increases the efficiency of cargo operations leading to the high demand for lightweight unit load devices.


DKA is seeking to raise the volume of international trade. Despite the economic challenges in the world economy, containerized transport will keep on growing. Aircraft cargo containers revolutionized the global commerce and the transportation of goods, through a dramatic reduction in cargo costs, time and losses. But they are not problem-free; unless trade is balanced they tend to pile up at one end of the line. In combination with exponential growth of trade imbalances in the world, the issue of rising costs for unproductive repositioning and storage of empty containers will increase accordingly. Empty containers are expensive to move, particularly in the case of repositioning over land. Transporting costs are even more or less identical for empty and full containers. Combined with the global need to reduce CO2 emissions strongly in the transport sector, this adds up to a compelling business case. The DKA Collapsible Container can save about 80% costs for empty container transport.
Transport of empty containers, which arises from the need to reposition containers, is an expensive business. This holds in particular for transportation lines, which are usually responsible for container repositioning and have to bear these container management problem. A collapsible DKA’s ULD, is an interesting option to save costs to collapse an empty containers. This could save transport costs, but also imbalance problems and storage costs. For this purpose a Avdome will provide 100 demo units that plays an important role in size management and imbalance problem. Please contact James Gim at email for free pilot program or further inquiry.

James Gim
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Collapsible Air Cargo Container – world’s first FAA approved Air Cargo Container.

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Coronavirus – Eswatini: COVID-19 daily info update (19 June 2021)

Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi’s COVID-19 update on 18 June 2021:

Total daily tests: 425

New confirmed cases: 11

Cumulative confirmed cases: 18,811

Active cases: 129

Recoveries: 18,005 (8 new)

Currently admitted: 24

New deaths: 0

Total deaths: 677

Total vaccinated to date: 35,227

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Ministry of Health, Government of the Kingdom of Eswatini.

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Actor, Xango Henry Heats Up Summer 2021 In New Movie The Hunt: The Savage Within

Birth of An Action Movie Star The One To Watch This Year!

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — Los Angeles, CA – There are two things moviegoers love most – it’s an adventurous, sci-fi, summer-thriller and making super-stars out of the actors delivering the action-packed storyline. Actor, Xango Henry (‘Call Me King’, upcoming release ‘Keep The Faith’), stars in this summer’s anticipated Z Films action, adventure, thriller ‘The Hunt: The Savage Within’.

At 6’ 3”, 230 lbs, Xango Henry towers over many of his castmates. He was trained under the tutelage of well-respected actors’ coaches, Ruben Moreno, Bobby Chance, Stephen Snyder, and yes, Bill Duke. His masculine acting style is likened to actors Carl Weathers and Bill Duke with Sidney Poitier’s on pointe deliverance, in his film scenes. Henry has over 60 credits in motion picture filmmaking as an actor. His role as the character ‘Steve’ in the soon-to-be-released, ‘The Hunt: The Savage Within’ is this summer’s big release coming out of Hollywood. Directed by Fabien Garcia (of ‘Die Fighting’), ‘The Hunt: The Savage Within’ has well-designed VFX scenes and in-your-face characters that all of us love in the classics ‘Predator’, ‘Alien’ and ‘The Thing’. In ‘The Hunt’, Xango plays a special-ops soldier among a motley crew of warriors battling a formidable alien force. His high-intensity stunts and hand-to-hand combat scenes are dark and edgy with precision discipline that he brings to the character’s story. The ensemble starring cast Madeleine Humphries, Lou Wegner, and Joseph Almani give it up equally alongside Xango with nail-biting situations and a means to survive the mission throughout the motion picture.

Although Xango Henry may not be a household name here in the states, he is internationally known in Europe and Asia as a block-busting action star. Along with ‘The Hunt’, the actor has two films in post-production, and one being announced for this year alone. In addition to his film, and fitness careers, Xango has released his 2021 new music single ‘Dear Son’ out this Father’s Day. Available on all streaming platforms.

Short | Action | Adventure | Thriller

iMDB Page:
Merchandise Store:

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Woman Directed Film: Wanders Pass

A wanderlust young woman is given insight into a secret looming in her family that reveals the hidden truth. An Australian adventure awaits!

What world was I living in? I can't believe that this wonderous place has always been here and I may never have seen it had I stayed where I was…”

— Leah Brown

APPLETON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — A Wisconsin author wrote a novel called Wanders Pass and NOW it has been adapted into a screenplay that will soon become a FEATURE-LENGTH FILM! Wanders Pass is looking for help in making this film a reality and you can be a part of this with awesome perks! This story touches on sensitive subjects that are relatable and that they want to give a voice and justice to. Let's help out this great Wisconsin author turn her novel into a feature-length film! You can find the novel, Wanders Pass, on Amazon. Thanks for supporting! Join the adventure. Novel Link!

Leah B Brown
Melody of Imagination LLC
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MEDIX, World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureate for the Happiness @ Work Category

World Happiness Awards

World Happiness Awards

Medix World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureate

Medix World Happiness Awards 2021 Laureate

We want to recognize leaders within institutions and organizations that are creating conditions for employees and staff to feel good at work.

We want to recognize leaders within institutions and organizations that are creating conditions for employees and staff to maximize their potential at work and in life. ”

— Luis Gallardo, Founder & President – World Happiness Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — The 2021 World Happiness Awards is upon us! Like every year, the objective is to recognize individuals and communities which are realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all. Anyone from anywhere can nominate an individual or community in one of twelve existing categories. This year, we focus on the new World Happiness Award Laureate in the category of Happiness at Work (community) – Medix.

Medix is a provider of innovative global comprehensive medical case management services tailored to customers’ needs. Since its establishment in 2006, Medix has been a global and leading provider of innovative, high-quality medical management solutions. With offices in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Melbourne, Mumbai, and Tel Aviv, Medix’s client base exceeds 6 million members, spread over 90 countries.

Medix’ medical management solutions consistently bring socially responsible and financially beneficial outcomes to their customers, including:

-Accessibility of quality medical care;
-Proven improved clinical outcomes;
-Flattening of the Inequality of Care Curve;
-Globalization of medical knowledge and expertise;
-Strengthening local healthcare landscapes;
-Medical cost inflation control;
-Keeping personal medical insurance affordable, accessible, sustainable, and profitable.

Believing that the accessibility, quality, and sustainability of medical care are some of the most critical components of social rights, Medix is very passionate about these issues and is globally fully dedicated to these activities. They provide to their patients proven better medical outcomes while controlling medical cost inflation. They have changed the initial diagnosis in 20% of the cases and improved treatment in 43% of cases yearly!

Just in the last year, they have gathered corporates and individuals and together donated funds to globally strengthen healthcare workers through their ‘Mask of Solidarity’ initiative. They launched COVID-19 Rehabilitation Services for patients in over 15 different countries. It strengthens their commitment to gender equality and diversity, with 70% of their workforce being women and 55% of senior management roles being held by women. They were awarded the 24th Asia Insurance Industry Award for Best Service Provider of the Year. They’ve also developed two new digital health solutions – ‘The Medix Life,’ their medical risk assessment platform, and ‘The Medix App,’ an end-to-end medical management solution.

They’ve also held virtual health talks and seminars reaching over 100,000 people, driving global health literacy, remotely managed, and supported thousands of cancer patients across the world. They brought their international teams together to enjoy digital monthly inspirational talks by world-leading speakers offering new perspectives on various topics, including Positive Psychology. They’ve launched a new Medix leadership and training program, ‘Medix PRO,’ which stands for Passion, Resilience, and Optimism.

That is why we couldn’t be happier to have them as our laureates for the 2021 World Happiness Awards! All of our laureates will receive recognition by the World Happiness Fest, highlighting and showcasing them in the individual or community category on the World Happiness Awards website and the World Happiness Fest communications channels. Special recognition will be granted to individuals and communities that showcase “broad and/or deep outreach” and “positive impact” within the boundaries of their communities of influence. These relate to cities, companies, countries, hospitals, schools, etc., which, at the same time, showcases the core values of Compassion, Gratitude, Discovery, and Connection embedded in their projects and activities. Join us in our celebration of people and communities, making this planet a better place for all!

Hannah Cassimere
World Happiness Foundation
+1 347-606-5317
email us here

World Happiness Awards

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Learn the tools you will need to start a business, create a product, and keep an idea on track.

5 Saturdays STEAM Program

career readiness, agile life skills, and entrepreneurship curriculum was introduced during the 2020 and 2021 semester


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…June XX, 2021…TUCSON, AZ…. The 5 Saturdays career readiness, agile life skills, and entrepreneurship curriculum was introduced in Sahuaro high school mentoring class during the 2020 and 2021 semester.

“We are committed to sharing topics with high school students that provide immersive learning experiences that enables self-organization and the ability to learn at their own pace. The 5 Saturdays team of industry professionals want students to build personal confidence and succeed, so we focus on having students discover and use their individual power and leadership skills. It is exciting to see students take ownership of lifelong learning”, said Dr. Dave Cornelius, founder of the 5 Saturdays STEAM program.

We are also excited to award the 5 Saturdays 2021 scholarship to Sahuaro high school 2021 graduate, Latanya Beyniouah. She plans study computer science and attend Howard University, a HBCU in Washington, D.C and the alma mater of Vice President Kamala Harris. “I created a black-owned version of Amazon for my business plan, where black people can offer their services or sell their products” said Beyniouah.

“So the idea was to introduce students probably for the first time into a learning environment without the pressure of a grade so to speak. My experience in the 5 Saturdays program probably set my mind in the direction of creating the mentorship program. The Agile mindset is a way in which you think about things collaboratively, which I think is really important. The big plan is to create an environment that kids are buying into their own learning, and I think Agile seems to offer that opportunity as I see it” said Dr. Charles Collingwood, Math Dept. Chair at Sahuaro High.

About 5 Saturdays
Started in 2013, Tucson-based 5 Saturdays focus on opening the door for underserved students to a career in information technology and business. Students learn in a collaborative and project-based environment and are exposed to concepts such as Kanban and user stories that they can use right away to tackle homework or community service activities, and in the future as they move on to college and a career. Knowledge sharing is done by industry professionals, coaches, and trainers, who donate their time and serve as learning facilitators and mentors. visit

Dave Cornelius, DM
5 Saturdays
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The Other Barris Ups The Stakes In Black Coming Of Age Novel Claretta Street By Colette Barris To Be Scripted Series

Claretta Street trilogy by Colette Barris spotlights the Black Experience in America, from Civil Rights into the 21st Century honoring Juneteenth.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2021 / — Colette Barris author of the powerful and rich historical fiction novel Claretta Street and soon to be mini series-Claretta Street, illuminates the African American saga as experienced through the lives of four Black girls (The Babies) through the turbulent sixties, becoming young adults in the decadent and destructive eighties with their sisterhood and love of the Village in tact. Writer Colette Barris's Claretta Street's journey spanned two decades researching Black life in America beginning with the Great Migration. Claretta Street's backdrop takes place in the East San Fernando Valley town of Pacoima, California. Pacoima is only one of three towns west of the Mississippi without Racially Restrictive Covenants. By the seventies Pacoima was home to more than 10,000 residents and a thriving Black community. Pacoima along with Compton, CA and Val Verde, CA, (known as the Black Palm Springs) were used as remedy in the Shelley v. Kraemer (1948) case in which, the Supreme Court deemed all racial restrictive covenants unenforceable. Sadly, Shelley v. Kraemer did not end the practice of racially restrictive real titles as, demonstrated in the practice of Contract Mortgages in Chicago and other American urban cities. Democratic Assemblyman Kevin McCarty highlighted the need to get rid of racially restrictive language in existing California deeds in AB2204, which in 2009 was vetoed by then Governor Schwarenegger.

Published in 2018, Claretta Street explores Black women and The Village, their relationships with family and community spotlighting the juxtaposition of life experienced by Black women in America. Through the eyes of four little girls filled with hope and dreams much like those killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church in 1963, The Babies are bestowed the blessing of achieving their dreams, but not without hardships accompanying living while Black in America. Sony Chairman Tony Vinciquerra approached Colette excited about making synergy together with Claretta Street. After two years of back and forth Vinciquerra decided to stay with the standard status quo. In 2021 with an increased array of media options and Black Inclusion Initiatives center stage, now Claretta Street is right on target with Black Inclusion the new status quo. Executive Producer Dawn Carter, former Production Executive from 20th Century Fox and NBC Television is ecstatic about Claretta Street finding it's voice sharing Black stories of hope, reality and truths bringing them to the forefront.

Dawn Carter
Claretta Street The Series/BrownBear

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