Peter McCaffrey Joins William Smith Properties as Investment Manager

Peter McCaffrey Joins William Smith Properties as Investment Manager

Bend, Oregon development company, known for its development of the Old Mill District and more, adds new manager to team

This role requires an understanding of the balance between community and growth, and Peter's experience and approach is the perfect fit”

— Bill Smith

BEND, OR, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — William Smith Properties, Inc. (WSPI) has added Peter McCaffrey to its team. McCaffrey will serve as investment manager, applying his global experience in project management and real estate financial modeling for mixed-use, retail, multi-family developments and more. In his new role, he will lead development, recapitalization, financing, leasing and analysis for WSPI's projects, with a focus on the Old Mill District and Central Oregon Community College.

"This role requires an understanding of the balance between community and growth, and Peter's experience and approach is the perfect fit," said Bill Smith, founder of WSPI. "We are looking forward to his fresh perspective and contributions to our team."

McCaffrey most recently worked in real estate private equity for Rockbridge, a firm that specialized in hospitality investment and development. While at Rockbridge, he worked in development and origination for hotel and mixed-use projects across the country, helping lead underwriting and entitlement. Prior to that he was a project manager for DHL Supply chain, launching solutions in multiple countries, including Brazil and Canada. He has also worked in Argentina, Nicaragua and international markets and is proficient in both Spanish and Portuguese. McCaffrey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and International Affairs and Latin American Studies from Wake Forest University, and a Master of Business Administration, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. When he’s not working, he can be found with his wife, Jen, and dog, Gus, enjoying Bend’s endless wandering trails.

About William Smith Properties
Founded in 1983, William Smith Properties, Inc. is a commercial real estate developer located in Bend, Oregon. With a long history in the Central Oregon area, the company president and co-owner Bill Smith is committed to a vision of thoughtful growth and revitalization of the region. Known for its 270-acre mixed-use retail, dining and entertainment project, the Old Mill District, the company is also developing a portion of Central Oregon Community College’s Campus Village.


Noelle Fredland
Old Mill District
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Strengthening Our Democracy Through Government Transparency with RequestFOIA

requestFOIA, LLC

requestFOIA, LLC

Nichol Figueiredo, President/CEO

Nichol Figueiredo, President/CEO

When citizens have access to information, they make informed decisions to strengthen their communities

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — When citizens have access to detailed information about local, state and federal administrations, elected officials and government offices can be held accountable for their conduct of business and the services they provide to their constituents. When communities are educated and engaged, it strengthens our democracy. As citizens, we pay taxes that fund government programs and services; we should be able to see where our money is going, and where it benefits our communities.

Since 1967, the Freedom of Information Act has bestowed the public with the right to request access to official government records. However, a vast majority of people are unaware of the degree of access they have to government-generated documents and what information constitutes as a public record and is permissible for the general public to view. Public records are defined as documents or segments of information that are not considered confidential and generally pertain to the conduct of government; they are required by law to be kept and maintained in the public office where they were filed. Any material created by a government agency or an officer during the course of the performance of duty qualifies as a public record.

There are many degrees of accessibility to public records between states; each state has its own laws, rules and regulations regarding what is considered to be a public record. Obtaining public records can be extremely challenging. Many individuals do not know where to begin, what agencies to contact, or which laws and exemptions apply.

“In 2017, when the public records law in Massachusetts was updated, it became more stringent. This inspired me to begin researching how other states and the federal government responded to public records requests. My colleagues joined in my interest, and together we began researching how the laws varied from state to state and we began monitoring how the requests were processed from agency to agency. As you can understand, some are better than others. In our research, we have found that it is not unusual for a request to be delayed because it is unclear or that it may be overly redacted, concealing key information without explanation; or in extreme cases we saw requests completely ignored.

My colleagues and I built a streamlined process which applies to every federal, state, county and municipal request for public records, removing some of the challenges and actually retrieving the documents that requestors are seeking with,” said Nichol Figueiredo, President/CEO.

America can only be a strong nation when its citizens are engaged and informed. requestFOIA provides a gateway for individuals, law firms, higher education and businesses to request federal, state, county and local public records at affordable prices, cutting through the red tape.

At each level of service a public records expert will review the request and begin the process to obtain the requested records.

Bronze Tier – Provides a gateway for individuals to request federal, state, county and local public records keeping documents confidential at $19.99.

Silver Tier – Provides the same service as our bronze tier, and additionally secures your identity and the documents you have requested at $29.99.

Gold Tier – Provides all of the benefits of the bronze and silver tiers of service, however we will also challenge any adverse decisions on your behalf for $49.99.

We offer discounted pricing programs for individuals, professionals and organizations that wish to file multiple request or who would like a monthly subscription plan.

For more information visit, email or call us at (800) 296-8598. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook @requestFOIA and follow us on Twitter @request_FOIA

Nichol Figueiredo
requestFOIA LLC
(800) 296-8598
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Are you curious about what is going on in government?

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Blockchain in Power and Energy Conference

THE HILTON ORLANDO 6001 Destination Pkwy., Orlando, FL 32819 United States (USA)

First-Ever Global Conference for Blockchain in Power and Energy Industry To Be Held in Orlando

As artificial intelligence plays a larger role in managing cities, blockchain will provide the backbone.”

— Llewellyn King

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, August 21, 2018 / — The 2018 Global Power & Energy Blockchain Conference will be held on Nov. 1-2 at the Hilton Orlando. It is being co-organized by the Energy Blockchain Consortium and the Blockchain Conference Network; its host partner is the City of Orlando. The Consortium is dedicated to bringing a smooth transition to blockchain for the power and energy industries.

The next revolution to hit the power and energy industries is blockchain, according to Jim Lawnin, a Houston venture capitalist with a history of introducing blockchain to the energy industry. “It will definitely be disruptive and will bring on big changes in business models and practices,” he said. Formerly IBM’s lead partner in ExxonMobil, Lawnin is one of the top executives and thinkers who will be participating in the conference, addressing the future of power and energy industries in the time of blockchain.

“This is the world’s first conference focused on the use of blockchain technology in the power and energy industries. These sectors will need to adapt to embrace this transformative change,” said Tony Giroti, founder and Chairman of the Consortium.

Llewellyn King, a journalist and broadcaster who founded The Energy Daily and New Technology Week, will be a moderator and speaker. “Blockchain will not only be essential to the development and streamlining of these industries, but it will also be fundamental to the smart cities projects which are the rage all over the world,” he said. “This new technology is big and critical for the utilities.”

King added, “As artificial intelligence plays a larger role in managing cities, blockchain will provide the backbone.”

Dr. Marco Terruzzin, Director at E.ON, an international, privately owned energy supplier, will be a conference speaker. “I believe that blockchain will enable new business models reducing cost and creating more value for existing and new stakeholders in the energy sector,” he said.

Other speakers at the conference include Jay Zoellner, CEO, Edison Energy; Mark Knight, Chief Engineer, Electric Infrastructure Integration, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Melisa Johns, Vice President, Business Product Development, Duke Energy; Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability, Orlando mayor’s office; and Dane Christensen, Senior Engineer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Energy Blockchain Consortium is a nonprofit consortium of energy and blockchain organizations and professionals who are committed to leveraging blockchain technology to solve the most compelling problems in the energy industry. The Consortium is developing an open energy blockchain framework (named Catena™) with use cases, interoperability standards and reference architecture.

For further information, please visit or contact Symon Rubens at

Tony Giroti
Energy Blockchain Consortium
(617) 480-6550
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What you need to know: sdi7 HIIT College Campus Safety & Self Defense Tips

Actions Conquer Tragedy. Lisa Tokes, the ultimate fighter.

All women and teen age girls should know how to fight back. Where and how to strike.

Schedule a sdi7 HIIT Safety and Self Defense Seminar

Rob Fletcher demonstrates self defense against an overhead knife attack

Back to school safety and self defense advice. Self Defense Expert Rob Fletcher creator of sdi7 HIIT shares some tips on how to protect yourself.

I hope the day never comes. Should it happen!?. I hope to hear you say; I listened. I learned. I applied. I survived. I got away. Thank you, sdi7 HIIT”

— Rob Fletcher – Creator sdi7 HIIT Safety & Self Defense

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — Self Defense Expert Rob Fletcher offers some very valuable information to put you out of the category of being the perfect victim. 

What is a person's best self-defense?
 Prevention. Situational Awareness. Being an active participant in society. Paying attention and being aware of what is happening around you.

Is there a certain type an attacker looks for?
Yes. Those who appear they would give the least amount of resistance. Vulnerable ie appear lost, confused, depressed or possibly under the influence of alcohol. Those who travel alone. Not paying attention ie cell phones/earphones. 

If you are attacked what should someone do?  
First, what does the attacker want? Your purse, wallet, jewelry, cash. Those things you immediately handover, they are replaceable. You are not! Should it escalate from there ie the attacker says take me to your car, get in your car, or follow me? That's your sign to take action. The rule is you never go to a second location. Quickly take an aggressive action ie run, scream, yell. Fight Back! Use pepper spray or another weapon. I strongly encourage all women and teenage girls to have pepper spray. Know how to use it. And have it ready to go when in uncertain or questionable areas.

Explain the Mindset Zones? 
They are Red. Yellow. Gray and Green. 
Red – where you are paralyzed by fear and shutdown. Yellow – you are overcome with fear. Not knowing what to do or what action to take. Where or how to strike.  Gray is neutral, you immediately asses and decide on the action. Green is GO! Yell. Scream. Run. Fight back! Use pepper spray. Strike violently until you are able to get free.

What could a person do to prepare themselves now if they were to be attacked?
First, seriously ask yourself and your loved ones what would you do if you were attacked? You must have pre-meditated thoughts and actions to how you will react. What action you will take. Secondly, know where and how to strike. Practice simple yet very effective strikes that will take down a much stronger attacker. 

What would you consider the most effective self-defense that an unskilled person could use against a bigger and much stronger attacker?
Know the primary "target" areas (most vulnerable) and most effective strikes. In the sdi7 HIIT workout, the primary target areas are the eyes, nose, and groin. The secondary target areas are the top of the attacker's foot, ribs, throat, and ears.  Most effective "strikes" are the thumbs – thumb gouge/thumb strike. Fingers (spearhand strike). Palm. Elbows. Knee. Kick. Hammerfist.

"Personal Safety and Self Protection is a matter of prevention and awareness. Just as is your health, fitness and wellness. It’s consistent daily habits and behaviors to keep you safe. As in your health, you ignore this and suddenly you find yourself in a extremely bad situation. Live positive, healthy, fit, confident, strong & SAFE”.
…Rob Fletcher

Check out Rob’s blog for more advice and tips on College Campus Safety, Prevention, Awareness and Self Defense:

Rob Fletcher and the sdi7 Safety & Self Defense Program and sdi7 HIIT Workouts are available to colleges, universities, high schools, health clubs and fitness studios. For more information or for special guest appearances please email:

About Rob Fletcher

Rob is a Black belt, self-defense and fitness expert. He is the Creator of the sdi7 HIIT Workouts and the sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness and Self Defense Program. He is listed in the Who's Who of Martial Arts. Author of America's Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life. For a full list of sdi7 HIIT Safety & Self Defense advice and tips and to get a full instructional video go to Instagram: @sdi7hiit 

Robert Fletcher
Rob Fletcher Enterprises
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sdi7 HIIT Very valuable advice and tips along with self defense instruction. Where and how to strike.

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Top-Rated iPhone App Development Companies Ranking Updated by ITFirms

IT Firms - A Leading Research Provider

Top iPhone App Development Comapnies

Business Growth

Mobile App Development Companies

ITFirms recently updated its ranking table for top iPhone App Development Companies on its website for 2018 calendar year.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — ITFirms has confirmed its schedule for a portfolio of the leaders of iPhone app development companies recently. It is an independently held research-led institution that is in the process of evaluating IT companies on various statistics globally. They strive to discover some of the most astounding firms to enable buyers and sellers can merge their mutual project needs and are established and truly professional business.

This time ITFirms has revealed a list of best iPhone app development companies globally. It has done independent research and review and has collected all the data based on the organization's expertise in a particular domain, adhesion to project timelines, working within the stipulated budget, adherence to the project lifecycle, post-deployment maintenance and support, client satisfaction and influential portfolio. One of the most important points that ITFirms considers while evaluating the firm is the promptness of the companies in imbibing the new technologies demanded by the clients.

Another important point that ITFirms necessarily takes into consideration is that whether the companies have done real time projects and implemented a procedure to fetch positive feedback from clients. Efforts have been made to collect individual feedbacks from clients of respective firms. Moreover, they have always supported companies that have evolved from startups to enterprises, who have distinguished project management skills, UI/UX design expertise, transparent communication and agile development. ensures that a company is double checked and gets the position that it deserves. There are companies that have shuffled from their previous position and the top ones include those that have embraced the latest technologies and have a clean and sustainable track record. They must also have well-groomed hardware and software infrastructure. Here is a list of top iPhone app development companies that have secured their position in ITFirms’ list after proving their viability:

1. Konstant Infosolutions
2. Dom & Tom
3. Intellectsoft
4. WillowTree
5. Fueled
6. Eleks
7. Appster
8. ZCO Corporation
9. Sourcebits
10. Y Media Labs

For the full list of Top iPhone App Development Companies, Visit here –

About is a globally recognized firm that evaluates IT companies on stringent criteria and ranks the best ones on its website. This enables an interaction between prospective buyers and sellers who seek IT services.

Ryan Miller
IT Firms
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Spirit of EQ Offers Emotional Intelligence Training For Business

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — Columbus Ohio based national consulting firm, Spirit of EQ, provides support for individuals and business teams seeking to increase their personal and collective performance. This is accomplished through individualized assessment tools and coaching with one or more of the Spirit of EQ certified coaches.

What is "emotional intelligence?" It is simply being smarter with feelings. It means using the information that our emotions provide to be more self-aware, more intentional about our choices, and more purposeful in our decisions.

In the business world, managers and leaders readily recognize the value of training to develop leadership skills. What they may not realize is that those skills are far more effective when they pay attention not only to performance, but also to people.

According to Founder and President Jim Vaive, "Emotional intelligence is a crucial skill because people drive performance, and emotions drive people."

There a measurable financial benefit to a business for incorporating emotional intelligence training into its leadership development program. Spirit of EQ past clients have seen team productivity increase by as much as 25%.

"There is a very real and tangible result derived from this process of building trust at work," says Jeff East, Executive Director of Spirit of EQ.

Spirit of EQ consultants all have backgrounds as business owners and executives prior to joining EQ. Each has been involved in community and social endeavors that have augmented their business experience. It is the synergy of their unique experiences that makes the Spirit of EQ team particularly effective as they work with business teams and individuals. Spirit of EQ consultants are also available to speak to business groups and at conferences.

Past clients include FedEx, NxGen, FocusCFO, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, and many others.

Spirit of EQ was founded in 2012, and is based in Columbus, OH. You can learn more about their services by visiting


Gordon Van Wechel
The Alchemy Consulting
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TCR Engineered T-Cell Therapy Status Report A Must Have Study for Academia and Pharma/Biotech Companies

TCR Engineered T-Cell Therapy 2018

TCR Engineered T-Cell Therapy 2018

Market Research Reports Inc.

Market Research Reports Inc.

The new report covers global companies like Adaptimmune, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Cell Medica, GlaxoSmithKline and 30+ companies.

Cell Medica has entered into an exclusive license and option agreement with UCL Business, the technology commercialisation company of UCL, for the dominant TCR platform patent and two target antigens.”

— LM

LEWES, DELAWARE, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — T-Cell Receptors (TCR) and Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) are the cutting edge of adoptive T-cell therapy. Both receptors deploy T-cells to target the tumor, but CAR T-cells (CAR-T) are limited to binding to cell surface antigens, while TCR T-cells (TCR-T) recognize peptides (derived from intracellular proteins) presented on the cell surface by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I.

Adoptive T-cell therapy has come of age with the recent approvals of two CAR-T therapeutics targeting CD19 (Kymriah and Yescarta) demonstrating feasibility of clinical development with impressive results and of personalized manufacturing & logistics. It remains to be seen whether these autologous CAR-Ts will live up commercial expectations, as first quarter 2018 sales of Kymriah were far below expectations (only US$ 12 mln). The final prices of US$ 475,000 (Kymriah) and US$ 373,000 mln (Yescarta) are challenging the commercial viability of autologous CAR-T therapy. Allogeneic cell therapy might be one technological solution for the pricing problem.

While CAR-Ts performed very well for hematologic malignancies, they did less for solid tumors. Furthermore, CAR-T therapy is restricted to cell surface proteins which constitute about 20-25% of all available targets on a solid tumors, leaving nearly 80% of intracellular targets untapped by CAR-T therapy or by conventional antibody therapy.

The concept of TCR T-cell therapy actually predates CAR-Ts, but suffered a series of setbacks due to toxicity caused by cross-reactivity with related and unrelated peptides prompting the development of much more sophisticated specificity screening systems. But TCR-Ts are catching up as evidenced by ten different company-related TCR-Ts entering clinical development in the last two years and further nine in preparation of clinical trials. Significant deals between TCR-T companies and major Pharma/Biotech further underline the promise of TCR-T technologies.

In this new report "TCR Engineered T-Cell Therapy 2018: an industry analysis of technologies, pipelines, stakeholders & deals" brings you up-to-date and gives you answers to key questions about

>target discovery & selection,
>technologies for generation of TCRs,
>neoantigen-specific TCRs,
>off-the-shelf TCR-Ts,
>the TCR-T pipeline,
>manufacturing strategies,
>next generation TCR-Ts,
>key players,
>corporate strategy,
>deals and acquisitions and

The report can be acquired at at ( ). There you will find samples pages, a detailed Table of Contents, a list of Tables and of companies discussed in the report.

Browse more reports from our Pharma and Healthcare Category: Therapeutic , Drug Pipeline

Sudeep Chakravarty
Market Research Reports Inc.
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Urbix Resources Announces Strategic Relationship with South Star Mining

Agreement Paves the Way for Advanced Testing and Future Projects

We are anticipating that our relationship with South Star will be a long and productive one. Our mutual enterprises and areas of expertise will be well used by both sides.”

— Anthony J. Parkinson

MESA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — Urbix Resources, one of the premier providers of refined graphite powders, pristine graphene, and specialty graphite products in the world, has entered into an agreement with Vancouver, Canada-based South Star Mining for advanced testing, optimization development and commercialization of graphite concentrates from South Star’s Santa Cruz mine in Brazil.

Phase one of the agreement outlines extensive testing that will take place at Urbix’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Mesa, Arizona. Future phases outlined in the agreement include detailed characterization, purification and expandability steps on four different flake-size concentrates and will incorporate Urbix’s advanced purification and exfoliation technologies.

“We are excited about moving forward on one of our key strategic objectives in association with a leading graphite technology company like Urbix,” said South Star CEO Eric Allison. “The information provided will greatly assist South Star in its marketing efforts as well as in the ultimate design of our processing facilities in Brazil. We are firm believers in the future of graphite, not only in its traditional markets, but in many new advanced applications. Urbix is at the forefront of this technological development.”

Upon completion of the initial round of testing, the companies have agreed to work toward formalizing potential commercial relationships. These include offtakes, processing, technology sharing and product distribution. Total estimated value of the test program is over $300,000 USD.

“We are thrilled to be advancing with South Star’s world-class management team and the very high quality flake graphite produced at their Santa Cruz project,” says Urbix CMO Adam Small. “We feel the combination of our cutting edge refining techniques and their strategically placed resource will culminate to one of the top flake graphite supply chains in the world.”

The agreement comes just months after Urbix announced they are developing what will be a record-breaking clean technology graphite purification plant that will go into production in 2019.

“We are anticipating that our relationship with South Star will be a long and productive one,” says Urbix Vice-Chairman Anthony J. Parkinson. “Our mutual enterprises and areas of expertise will be well used by both sides.”

The agreement comes just as South Star has announced that, in addition to its position on Canada’s TSVX, where it trades as “STS,” it has been listed for trading on the OTCQB Market exchange in the United States under the symbol “STSBF” and has been granted Depository Trust Company Eligibility.

— 30 —

CONTACT: Linda Richards, Urbix Resources
(805) 459-1550

About Urbix Resources:
Urbix Resources, LLC is an advanced natural graphite processor with expertise ranging from low-cost environmentally friendly graphite purification, nuclear graphite, graphene, and other advanced carbon derivatives. Urbix is also an expert in li-ion battery cell design and boasts next generation high voltage electrolyte and fast charging electrode nanoarchitecture. The company creates radical change in the way natural graphite is refined and commercialized, and specializes in all aspects of the graphite value chain. It is a premier provider of refined graphite powders, pristine graphene, and specialty graphite products. Urbix’s advanced technology includes environmentally and cost conscious purification methods and significant intellectual property developments in a wide range of applications. The Urbix laboratory is located in Mesa, Arizona with commercial milling operations outside Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

About South Star Mining:
South Star Mining Corporation is focused on the acquisition and development of near-term mine production projects in the Brazil to maximize shareholder value. The company is currently developing the Santa Cruz Graphite Project in the Bahia State, Brazil. A recently completed Preliminary Economic Assessment report for the Santa Cruz project outlines an Indicated resource of 14,990,400 t @ 2.70% with 404,741 t Cg and an Inferred resource of 3,572,100 t @ 2.90% with 103,591 t Cg with excellent potential for expansion with resources open on strike and at depth.

Linda Richards
Urbix Resources
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Westport Big & Tall Completes Trade Show Travel for the Spring 2019 Men’s Fashion Season

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / — Twice a year, vendors from major clothing brands and retail apparel buyers meet at various menswear conventions to help shape the newest ideas in men’s clothing, test out the economic feasibility of new trends and innovations, and ultimately determine which styles will be distributed to a large segment of the men’s apparel market. Every year in early August, the buyers at Westport Big & Tall return from their travels to various menswear conventions, and begin planning the merchandise mix for the Spring and Summer catalogs.

As a high-end men’s clothing retailer, Westport focuses on bringing its customers diverse but well-curated apparel collections, which will suit their tastes and as well as their lifestyles. The buyers travel to the New York and Chicago trade shows to view many clothing lines from a multitude of brands and vendors. From this large assortment, they will pick items that are relevant to their customer base, paying particular attention to styling, aesthetics, materials, and craftsmanship. And when they return home to Charlotte, they will begin narrowing down their trade show selections to the very best items, assembling them into coherent collections to be photographed and displayed in the catalogs to come.

The buyers’ first destination was MRket New York, held in the Javits Convention Center in the Hell’s Kitchen district of Manhattan. As one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York is home to many leading apparel brands, and there are always plenty of choices for the buyers to consider here. Many companies operate their own showrooms outside of the Javits Center, usually in Manhattan’s neighboring Garment District, and take appointments to show their lines here as well. This allows for a brand’s sales team to give retail buyers more specialized attention, as well as the time they need to make more careful product considerations. And this insulation from the bustling trade show floor can be helpful for buyers if they are viewing a large and diverse clothing line. This year, Westport’s buying team scheduled showroom appointments for many of their established vendors, and took the opportunity to browse the MRket trade show floor to explore possible new options.

Once their time in New York was complete, the next destination for the buyers was the Chicago Collective, held in Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart – a sprawling commercial building situated right on the bank of the Chicago River. This is where the buying team scheduled their remaining vendor appointments, and viewed the last merchandise assortments that they would be considering for the catalog. When the buyers return to Charlotte, they will be ready to make their final deliberations and begin assembling the Spring and Summer 2019 merchandise mix.

Westport Big & Tall works to provide high-caliber, stylistically relevant, and aesthetically appealing menswear to big and tall customers with discerning tastes. The Fall 2018 Catalog has just been released, and the collections are available for viewing and purchase on Westport Big & Tall’s website. Please also visit Westport’s Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Instagram for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage, or read the Westport Big & Tall Blog for specialized knowledge and articles pertaining directly to dressing the big and tall gentleman.

By Stephan Belov

Bob Beausoleil
WestPort Big & Tall
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Up-and-coming ‘innovation agency’, AJ&Smart launch Design Sprint Masterclass with Sprint creator, Jake Knapp.

Why now is the time to get acquainted with the latest tech methodology taking that’s taking Silicon Valley by storm.

BERLIN, BERLIN, GERMANY, August 21, 2018 / — From Silicon Valley giants, to start-ups and billionaires alike, the Design Sprint is now relied upon to solve problems, launch new products, and make companies better, and now the process can be learned online in just one weekend, as Jake Knapp and AJ&Smart proudly launch a new online course.

Today, Berlin-based AJ&Smart & bestselling author Jake Knapp officially announce their collaboration on the most comprehensive online course about the Design Sprint, promising to take participants from novice to Sprint-ready in just one weekend.

The Design Sprint is a process for solving big (mostly product-related) problems significantly faster, in teams. The process was created by Jake Knapp in 2010 while working at at Google where, alongside his team, he spent around 5 years improving and refining it while working on products like Chrome and Search, and later he’d bring the process to Google Ventures. Jake then went on to write ‘Sprint’, which would become a NY Times bestseller and inspire thousands of teams around the world to start adopting the process.

In short, the process condenses months, or even years, of work down to just 5 days. After the release of Sprint, the team at AJ&Smart became a first adopter of the process and shifted from traditional agency work to a sole focus on the Design Sprint. They’ve trained everyone from the likes of Google & LEGO, to some of the world’s largest banking groups since then.

Knapp first teamed up to run Design Sprint trainings with AJ&Smart in 2017. “I’d read about their work and was excited by the way they thought about process and improved their version of the Design Sprint and make it easier to run and more effective for big companies. Once we started working together, I was super impressed. They’re energetic, fun, and also excellent teachers.”

That brings us to the Masterclass. “People have been asking for a video course for a long time, but I’d been reluctant to do it… it’s a lot of work to create such a thing, and hard to get it right. But once Jonathan showed me what he and his team were working on, I thought ‘this is it!’ The AJ&Smart course was entertaining and educational and I wanted to get involved.”

“It’s been amazing to see the adoption of the Design Sprint. The book has only been out since 2016, but already it's spreading from startups to larger companies and even government agencies and non-profits. I get the feeling this is just the beginning, and I’m excited to see what will happen as even more people learn the process and start implementing it in their work. It's just such a powerful way to focus attention on what really matters at work.” Continues Knapp.

On the collaboration AJ&Smart’s CEO, Jonathan Courtney exclaims, “we love working with Jake and our community couldn't be happier to see us bring something like this to them. We generally put all our secrets out there for free – If you go on our YouTube channel you’ll see that there are hundreds of hours of material on there, where we basically share how we do things at AJ&Smart. The course was created because we had a lot of people asking us to provide an immersive step-by-step guide to the whole Sprint process, so we basically stopped nearly everything we were doing at the company and made exactly that for people”

AJ&Smart & Jake Knapp’s Design Sprint Masterclass is available now, and includes over 55 lessons and all the resources the AJ&Smart team use when running a Design Sprint with a client, including slide decks and result delivery templates.

Editor’s notes:
-For comments, and/or interview requests please contact Laura Faint:
-Our Press Kit (inc images) is here. For other images please contact
-AJ&Smart’s YouTube channel can be found here ( and Jonathan & Jake Knapp host a podcast together, called The Product Breakfast club which can be found here (
-AJ&Smart was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Courtney & Michael Smart

Laura Faint
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