AZO USA Announces Stock Program for Fast Delivery of Bulk Bag Unloaders Across Continental US

New program will allow buyers to specify and build a super sack unloader for rapid shipment from Memphis, TN

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2018 / — AZO, Inc. announced today a new program for rapid shipment of customizable, customer specified bulk bag unloaders. Using data from thousands of installations in food, bakery, confectionery, pharmaceutical and chemical factories the AZO engineering team found that many requirements can be fulfilled with a specific set of modular components which will be available for stock shipment from AZO’s centralized Memphis facility.

Standard modular components will accommodate situations including low ceiling height, hopper product storage, product massage pads and vibration to assist with product discharge. Systems will incorporate AZO’s extensive safety features including full safety plate below the bulk sack, massage pads which eliminate pinch points, safety clips on the lifting rack, electric hoist and engineered rigid design.

All systems will incorporate AZO’s unique bag spout clamping design which provides adaptability to variability in bag spouts, creates an air-tight seal to eliminate leakage or contamination, and provides a simple, repeatable process for operators to ensure fast and consistent bag changeovers.

Buyers can use a simple configurator to match equipment modules to their application requirements. The configurator will provide a proposal, system drawing and simple path to order for interested buyers. It’s available online here.

“We’re excited to bring the value of German engineered process equipment to US manufacturers – with fast, domestic shipment and support.” commented Chuck Kerwin, General Manager and 20 year veteran of AZO, Inc. “Companies hate to compromise on the quality of bulk bag unloader that they buy, but they often need it up and running quickly. Now we’ll be able to deliver anywhere in the continental US in just a couple weeks.”

AZO’s traditional bulk bag discharge equipment customers include companies making a switch to bulk sacks and those already using the equipment. Zach Turner, technical sales for snack foods and bakery notes “Not only do we have a number of projects helping multinationals add capacity or manage new ingredients with different bulk densities, but we also see more SMBs eager to reduce material costs and labor expense in today’s tight workforce environment.”

Bulk bag unloaders help companies realize substantial savings in material cost by switching from 50lb bags to 2,000lb bulk totes. Additionally they eliminate the injury prone tasks of bending, lifting, twisting and cutting which often require several workers to manage 50lb bags in a typical operation. Waste disposal costs are also reduced as single, empty bags are discarded in place of 40 bulky and dusty sacks.

“Safety is driving more and more of the decision making in the market.” adds Mike Miller, technical sales for pharmaceutical and confectionery. “We’ve designed our modular stock bulk bag unloaders to incorporate a wide range of safety features so that no person or company has to choose between quick delivery and the safety of their workers.”

In addition to the stock, modular components, AZO will help customers to customize their system according to bulk bag unloading requirements. Available options include empty bulk bag collapse to reduce dust leakage from empty bags, independent dust control air management for the big bag connection, and various interfaces for downstream equipment.

Companies that are interested in adding or replacing bulk bag unloading equipment can learn more at where they can access the system configurator as well as other resources.

About AZO, Inc.
AZO, Inc. engineers, builds and installs components and complete systems for bulk material handling requirements. A wholly owned subsidiary of AZO GmbH, the company supports US customers with technical support from it’s central US location and rapid parts delivery given its proximity to FedEx’s Memphis hub. AZO equipment is used in companies ranging from small, family owned businesses through the world’s best known industrial and consumer products companies. AZO equipment is widely used in industries including food, snack, bakery, chemical, plastics, confectionery and pharmaceutical.

Chuck Kerwin
AZO, Inc.
(901) 794 – 9480
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One Commodity Group Offers Algo-Based Commodity Arbitrage Asset Management

Algorithmic trading is continuing its march through the asset classes. Propshops in other asset classes are bringing algorithmic trading to commodities markets.

OSAKA, JAPAN, October 15, 2018 / — Commodities traders increasingly are adopting algorithms, but these aren't the equity markets' automated trading strategies, as commodities algos often make room for human discretion.

Shusaku Kimura, CEO of One Commodity Group Inc. (1Commodity), a provider of high-performance trading technology infrastructure as a service, says automated trading strategies are expanding into commodities, such as energy and agriculture. "A lot of these firms are trading one part of the futures market and then moving to others," he relates. After they "deploy a certain amount of capital into a strategy, they feel they have to move into another asset class." Most of the automated trading in commodities is taking place on futures and options exchanges in the Chicago area, though there is some activity cropping up in New York, notes Kimura, whose firm provides connectivity to the CME, CBOE and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

One of the reasons commodities are attracting new players and new strategies is that the markets are not as mature as equities. "It's a less-trodden path than, say, equities, but the facilities are there to do it if one has the right strategy," Kimura points out, suggesting that there is greater opportunity in commodities for electronic strategies to take advantage of market inefficiencies. Also, with more and more institutional money flowing into commodities, both through exchange-traded funds and listed futures and options, managers are looking for new ways to generate alpha in commodities.

"The asset class that has seen the most recent take-up in automation is commodities," says Scott Greenfield, head of commodities for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Proprietary trading firms, he adds, don’t care about the underlying asset. "All they want is liquidity and price discovery and enough depth. They don't want to be in positions that they can’t close within a reasonable time frame. Whether that’s U.S. Treasury bonds, oil or sugar — it doesn’t matter," Greenfield explains.

Though the exchanges don't necessarily reveal how much of their volume originates from machines versus human traders, Greenfield asserts that there is evidence that in the most-active front-end oil contracts (ICE Brent Crude Futures and WTI Nymex ), as much as 40% of the volume is generated by algo-trading.

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Kenya, Karma, Kinship, King, Kennedy and Obama

Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and Amp Elmore Celebrate Kenyan’s Tom Mboya 60th.

Kenyans Richard Kiptoo (left) & Aggrey Asava (far right) visit Anthony Elmore at his African styled home in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elmore with Kenya Secretary of Tourism Najib Balala Jan. 2005. Elmore got Kenya honored in Memphis “Africa in April” Celebration in 2004.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore travels to Kenya to promote Kenya as the world's designation whereas African/Americans and American note as the "Returning Point to Africa"

Kennedy's decision to support the effort became an issue in the election and possibly a factor in his narrow victory”

— John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

MEMPHIS, TN, US, October 16, 2018 / — Kenya, Karma, Kinship, King, Kennedy and Obama sounds catchy but such can become the new epoch of African, African/American and American relationships. Anthony “Amp” Elmore a five-time world Karate/Kickboxing champion from Memphis, Tennessee notes that Kenya’s Karmic relationship to President Obama, makes Kenya the perfect “Returning Point” for African/Americans to physically connect to their African/Ancestry in Africa.

Elmore achieved his greatest dream of visiting Africa in 1990 when he traveled to Africa to premier his independent film “The Contemporary Gladiator” in Nairobi, Kenya. Elmore ‘s trip to Kenya smitten him with a mission similar to that of the 1849 slave abolitionist and political activist Harriet Tubman. Elmore’s goal is to build a “Cultural pathway” whereas African/Americans can physically visit Africa to connect with their African Ancestral heritage. Elmore describe this in his Orange Mound to Africa Initiative they celebrate and honor Kenya in Memphis. Elmore took groups to Kenya for 10 years.

Elmore’s approach to this venture comes from the African/American known as the “Educator” Booker T. Washington, whereas Washington in 1895 struck a deal with African/Americans and Southern Whites known as the “Atlanta Comprise.” Even greater and more unique than the “Atlanta Compromise” was the “Mboya Intellect and spirit.”

In August of 1956 a 26 year old African from then “British East Africa” by the name of Tom Mboya was invited to speak in America. While unknown in American or African, history Tom Mboya is the most significant African in America’s Tenure to influence America’s history and culture. We can say that without a Tom Mboya John F. Kennedy might not have been elected President in 1960. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library states; “At a key point in the 1960 presidential campaign, a dynamic young leader from Kenya named Tom Mboya visited Senator John F. Kennedy. Mboya led a campaign of his own that would eventually bring hundreds of African students to America for higher education, including Barack Obama Sr., President Obama's father. Kennedy's decision to support the effort became an issue in the election and possibly a factor in his narrow victory.”

Before there was an independent nation of Kenya, not only did Americans join in the struggle for Kenya’s Independence, African/Americans played a key role in the development of Kenya. It was America’s 1st Black Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall who wrote Kenya’s Bill or Rights and constitution. It was Black Union leader A. Phillip Randolph and the AFL-CIO American labor Union who not only helped to train young Kenyans; the Union donated $35,000 to build a union building in Kenya.
Baseball great Jackie Robinson, Singer Harry Belafonte and actor Sidney Pointier and African/Americans who gave donations for the 1st Kenya “Airlift America” Flight whereas 81 Kenya students came to America to go to college.

When Kenya had its Independence ceremony December 12, 1963 Thomas Joseph Mboya had developed the strongest relationship between the new African Country of Kenya and the African/American Community than any African country in the history of America. Kenya’s Independence ceremony guest list looked like an African/American history book.

John H. Johnson founder of Black Publication Jet and Ebony Magazine was nominated by President Johnson to be America’s 1st Ambassador to Kenya. The African/American invited list included Thurgood Marshall who later became America's 1st Supreme Court Justice, Black writer James Baldwin, Anthropologist Educator Pan Africanist St. Clair Drake. Kenya paid for the air transportation of these three. On the invited list were Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Paul Robeson, Maida Springer, Sidney Pointier, Dr. Ralph Bunch, Claude Barnett, A Phillip Randolph and many others.

Kenya’s unique history makes Kenya more than just an African country, Kenya has the potential of the Kennedy mystic of a youthful America whereas America sent a man to the moon and the Kennedy spirit to send youth to join the peace corps in Africa. African/American culture in the 1960’s embraced the iconic image of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy who changed the course of history, yet died by an assassin’s bullet.

The man missing out of the annuals of American history is Thomas Joseph Mboya who was murdered in Kenya July 5, 1969. Mboya not only marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, he spoke at a king rally. Thanks to the visionary Tom Mboya, both America and Kenya have Tom Mboya to thank for President Barack Obama Jr.

Memphian Anthony “Amp” Elmore along with two Kenyans living in America; Aggrey Asava and Richard Kiptoo are traveling to Kenya seeking the Kenya Government to designate Kenya as the “Returning Point" for African/Americans to not only physically connect to their African/Ancestry in Africa we are asking Kenya to honor American President John F. Kennedy, brother Robert Kennedy and the Kennedy Foundation for their insight and support of Kenya.

On February 12, 1960 John F. Kennedy said "Education is, in truth, the only key to genuine African independence and progress." Kenya’s birth is associated with the American Civil rights movement in that ACOA or the “American Committee on Africa” civil right organization not only sponsored Tom Mboya to come to America in 1956, ACOA connected Tom Mboya to the African/American community which lead to the historic relationship of Kennedy, King, Kinship and Obama.

Elmore and the Kenyans are asking the Kenya Government to support the Elmore’s plan called the “Safari Initiative" or “Styled African Family Application Renaissance Initiative.” The plan calls for Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta to honor African/Americans with a “Formal State Reception” in three years. This will be a historic celebration making Kenya the 1st nation in Africa to formally invite African/Americans its African ancestors to visit and celebrate in their African ancestral land of Africa.

The plan calls for the Tom Mboya/Dr. Martin Luther King Educational and Culture Center to be built in Nairobi, Kenya. This plan calls for Americans and African to build the 1st African and African/American University and Cultural Center in world history.

They are also looking for support for the Tom Mboya Movie; Africa's Greatest Hero to influence America.

Anthony Elmore
Elmore Carpets
901 452-4330
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Anthony “Amp” Elmore Letter to President Obama Regarding Kenya

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World Traditions Welcome – Be Part Of A MultiCultural Event In Haverhill

L-R Alison Colby-Campbell, Hartell Johnson

Want to be part of a MultiCultural event in Haverhill in 2019 that showcases world traditions in food, art and dance? Read more below…

We are looking to highlight food, art and music that makes people feel like home, even though that might be a million miles away.”

— Hartell Johnson

HAVERHILL, MASSACHUSETTS, USA, October 15, 2018 / — Imagine the sights and sounds of the food, traditions and activities of other cultures on full display during a Multi-cultural Festival in Haverhill, MA in 2019.

In every country there are traditional garments, special foods, arts and crafts and dance rituals that locals live with day by day, and that visitors partake in with a smile.

To cultivate that energy in the City of Haverhill is a big task, and it's one that the Haverhill Cultural Council, a member of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, is willing to take on with the same flair that other cultures put into their traditions.

Bringing together people from North and South America, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean Islands and Europe in one place is the hope of the HCC that is exploring the interest in a multi-cultural event celebrating the traditions of song, food, art, and dance from anywhere — our own backyards to across the globe. A committee is coming together and the Council is looking to engage the public in a variety of roles to see this through said Hartell Johnson, who along with Alison Colby-Campbell presented the idea to HCC after they were inspired by participating in the Mass Cultural-Council Institute in Worcester. The first planning meeting is set for October 17, 2018

"We are looking to highlight food, art and music that makes people feel like home, even though that might be a million miles away. It can come from other countries or other neighborhoods. Sharing these special cultures with others is what the Multi-cultural Festival should highlight", says Johnson.

Those who are interested in helping to plan and execute this festival should contact Hartell through the Haverhill Cultural Council via email at

You can find out more about the Haverhill Cultural Council by visiting or on Facebook or Twitter under "Haverhill Cultural Council"

Nathan Webster
Haverhill Cultural Council
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VIZpin introduces the first cloud-based, solar powered Smartphone access control system

VIZpin's Solar Kit is a self-contained outdoor access gate controller that's perfect for installation where it's hard or expensive to install electrical service

Because of the low cost and ease of installation of the Solar Kit, we are now seeing applications at cell tower and utility sites, storage sheds and modular offices”

— Paul Bodell, President & CEO

LANCASTER, PA, USA, October 15, 2018 / — VIZpin, designer and manufacturer of the VIZpin smartphone-based, Bluetooth enabled access entry system, has launched the first solar powered, cloud-based smartphone access control system.

Because of increasing demand for managing access to remote areas where power is limited or cost prohibitive, VIZpin developed the VIZpin Solar Kit. It is self-contained in an environmental enclosure and comes with a gate/door controller and long-range Bluetooth Reader that works with any standard electric door strike or electric latch. It also includes a solar panel, battery, charge controller and mounting hardware.

The VIZpin Solar Kit is very easy to install and doesn’t require power. It can be managed from anywhere without needing a local network connection or modem. It works with any iOS or Android Smartphone and comes with five Smartphone Keys. Additional keys may be purchased.

“Initially we developed the VIZpin Solar Kit for pool and pedestrian gates, where property owners wanted to control access remotely but couldn’t afford the $3,000 price tag that comes with a hardwired system,” said Paul Bodell, VIZpin president and CEO. “Because of the low cost and ease of installation of the Solar Kit, we are now seeing applications at cell tower and utility sites, storage sheds and modular offices”.

The VIZpin Solar Kit will power a typical 12VDC lock or latch continuously on less than three hours of sun each day or for four days with no sunlight. It retails for $699 and can be purchased through a VIZpin Certified Partner or directly from VIZpin.

Wendi Grinnell
VIZpin Inc.
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TurnKey Internet, Inc. Launches The Best Value cPanel Web Hosting Dedicated Server

TurnKey Internet has announced a new product featuring cPanel combined with a fully managed dedicated server to deliver a ‘TurnKey’ solution for web hosting.

LATHAM, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2018 / — Leading Data Center and Cloud Hosting Solutions provider TurnKey Internet, Inc. has announced today the launch of a new infrastructure as a service product line that features cPanel web hosting control panel combined with a fully managed enterprise-grade dedicated server that bundles security and performance to deliver a seemless ‘TurnKey’ solution for high performance web hosting.

The Best Value cPanel Web Hosting Dedicated Server from TurnKey Internet provides the perfect combination of security, performance, features and cost for the ultimate Web Hosting Server. The enterprise-grade high-capacity dedicated server with RAID redundant SSD ultra-fast disks combined with full managed backups. The Servers have all-inclusive full management with custom firewall protection, server hardening, custom PHP, Apache and MySQL optimizations, along with cPanel/WHM software licensing.

cPanel web hosting automation software is pre-installed and fully licensed on each dedicated server on this new product line and includes many powerful features such as email, web hosting, web stats, with the latest security patches and features. cPanel is the industry-leading web hosting automation control panel that offers a graphical interface and easy to use automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting websites. Utilizing cPanel with this dedicated server package provides clients with blazing fast website performance and the ultimate layer of security to host their website domain names and applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and much more.

The dedicated servers are housed in TurnKey’s company owned SSAE-18 certified data center located in New York. They are directly connected to TurnKey’s redundant BGP4 powered internet backbone via a dedicated port featuring un-metered GigE (1000 Mbit, Gigabit) bandwidth connectivity. Each fully managed server is securely configured to protect against unauthorized connections and will be monitored 24/7 by TurnKey’s award-winning security and support team.

“This package is perfect for any sized business to host their own website, manage a portfolio of websites or even resell websites for others as a Reseller or Marketing Agency,” said Adam Wills, CEO of TurnKey Internet. He continued, “We monitor and take care of the server so clients can focus on running their business – and simply leave the infrastructure, software updates, security, backups, and 100% uptime to us.”

For more information about TurnKey Internet’s Best Value cPanel Web Hosting Dedicated Server or to speak with a Cloud Hosting Solutions expert, visit

About Turnkey Internet

Founded in 1999, TurnKey Internet, Inc. is a full-service Cloud Hosting Solutions provider with Data Centers in New York and California specializing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to clients in more than 150 countries. Services offered in both East Coast and West Coast, USA – include Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Dedicated & Bare Metal Servers, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Online Storage, Web Hosting, Managed Hosting, Hybrid Solutions and Enterprise Colocation. Headquartered in New York's Tech Valley Region, TurnKey Internet's Flagship company owned data center is SSAE-18 SOC 1 & SOC 2 certified, as well as HIPAA compliant with HITRUST CSF certification. The facility is powered exclusively by on-site Solar and Hydroelectric sources to provide a 100% renewable energy footprint and is the 39th ENERGY STAR® Certified Data Center in the United States. For more information, please call (518) 618-0999 or visit

Adam Wills
TurnKey Internet, Inc.
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Beyond the Earth and the Sky will run from September 26- November 11, 2018.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 15, 2018 / —

– The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) presents Beyond the Earth and the Sky, a carefully curated exhibition that will celebrate Día Los Muertos. MOLAA’s Día de los Muertos Exhibition is a juried display of art and altars open to artists residing in Southern California. The art and altars will be displayed to the public from September 26th through November 11th, 2018 in the MOLAA Education Gallery and are featured as a part of MOLAA’s Día de los Muertos curriculum.

Assured that the dead would be insulted by mourning or sadness, Dia de los Muertos celebrates the lives of the deceased with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life. Dia de los Muertos recognizes death as a natural part of the human experience, a continuum with birth, childhood, and growing up to become a contributing member of the community. On Dia de los Muertos, the dead are also a part of the community, awakened from their eternal sleep to share celebrations with their loved ones.

The holiday is celebrated throughout Latin America, Dia de los Muertos is most strongly associated with Mexico, where the tradition originated.

“MOLAA has embraced Día de los Muertos and we’re pleased to present a robust example of this time-honored celebration. Our exhibition and festival will delight traditionalists as well as those who are discovering Día de los Muertos for the first time,” explains Dr. Lourdes Ramos, President & CEO of the Museum of Latin American Art.

The MOLAA Dia De Los Muertos Festival begins on Thursday, October 27, 2018, 10:00am – 5:00pm.

Explore Día de los Muertos, a vibrant celebration of life and loved ones at MOLAA's annual family festival! Learn more about this cultural tradition through art workshops, live performances, gallery tours, face painting, food and unique craft vendors. Día de los Muertos attire strongly encouraged – Come dressed as a calavera!

Free After School Workshop: Sugar Skull Masks
October 31, 2018
3:30 – 5:00pm

Come make Sugar Skull Masks with us at this special Día de los Muertos workshop for kids! Engage in hands-on art making activities to celebrate Day of the Dead. All materials will be provided. This is a drop-in workshop. Space is limited! Free for children 12 and under.

Free After School Workshop: Mini Nichos
November 1, 2018
3:30 – 5:00pm

Celebrate and honor loved ones by making a Mini Nicho with us at this special Día de los Muertos workshop for kids! Engage in hands-on art making activities to celebrate Day of the Dead. All materials will be provided. This is a drop-in workshop. Space is limited! Free for children 12 and under.
Free After School Workshop: Butterfly Banderitas
November 2, 2018
3:30 – 5:00pm

Welcome the return of the spirits and make butterfly banderitas with us at this special Día de los Muertos workshop for kids! Engage in hands-on art making activities to celebrate Day of the Dead. All materials will be provided. This is a drop-in workshop. Space is limited! Free for children 12 and under.

The Museum of Latin American Art is located at: 628 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 90802
. Hours: Sun., Wed., Fri. and Sat., 11:00am – 5:00pm, Thursday, 11:00am – 9:00pm
Admission: $10.00 General/ $7.00 Students (w/ID) and seniors (65+) Members and kids under 12 Free. Free Admission every Sunday sponsored by Target
Info: (562) 437-1689 or

About the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) The internationally recognized Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) was founded in 1996 in Long Beach, California and serves the greater Los Angeles area. MOLAA is the only museum in the United States dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American and Latino art. In 2007 MOLAA unveiled its newly renovated and expanded campus designed by prominent Mexican architect, Manuel Rosen. The expansion more than doubled the Museum's size adding a 15,000-square foot sculpture garden. In 2017, Dr. Lourdes Ramos became the first Latina to hold the position of President and CEO in the museum’s 20 plus year history.
With its physical expansion complete, MOLAA’s focus is on strengthening its collection, that now numbers over 1,600 works of art and maintaining its position as a multidisciplinary institution providing cross-cultural dialogue.
Social Channels:

Media Contact:
Mike Mena


Mike Mena
Museum of Latin American Art
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New and disruptive app, Diitalk, offers free calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide – no internet required

New and disruptive app, Diitalk, offers free calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide – no internet required

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 15, 2018 / — New and disruptive app, Diitalk, offers free calls to landlines and mobile phones worldwide – no internet required

Canadian software company removes global communication barriers & empowers users:
• Make free calls with or without data or Wi-Fi
• Make free calls to people without the Diitalk app
• The more you use the app, the more credits you earn
• Access a massive catalog of free content

Vancouver, BC, Canada, October 15th, 2018 – Diitalk just changed the game of global communications. As a unique player in the space, this free calling and messaging app for Apple iOS and Android phones, newly released by Diitalk Communications Inc., is the first and only calling app on the market enabling users to make free dialled calls to all mobile and landline phone numbers worldwide, with or without internet access – even to people who do not have the Diitalk app installed. But that's not all. Diitalk also gives its users unlimited app-to-app calling worldwide and unlimited in-app messaging worldwide, including access to a massive catalog of free content stickers, photos, videos and optional location sharing.

The Diitalk app connects calls with excellent voice clarity via Wi-Fi, data connection, or cellular network, depending on which option is available. Unlike its competitors, Diitalk can also work over the older 2G or 3G cellular systems that are common in emerging economies with large populations, giving Diitalk an unrivalled advantage in countries with some of today's fastest adoption rates for mobile devices.

Diitalk is currently in the process of completing a go public strategy to provide full transparency to its shareholders and to allow for superior access to capital to expand its growth rate and provide full, free communications access to all of the world's 195 countries. Toward that end, Diitalk entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Bluerock Ventures Corp. (TSX.V: BCR.H) on March 19, 2018, with the aim of merging with Bluerock in order to go public.

Diitalk recently ran a limited proof of concept trial with results that exceeded expectations:

• Length of trial: 6 months
• Advertising budget: $36,000
• Number of countries that calls were permitted to: 36
• Number of countries where users registered: 170+
• Number of new users gained: 1.92 million

In addition to the service's free calling and messaging benefits, Diitalk also motivates users to repeatedly engage the service through the use of its unique, complete credit earning system developed with the proprietary cryptocurrency, Dii Coins. Users earn Dii Coins automatically for registering, for checking into the service, and for using the app's various features, such as sharing stickers, inviting friends to register, watching advertisers' messages, and more. The app indicates how many Dii Coins are needed per minute of calling to each country around the world, enabling users to know whether they have enough Dii Coins to make a call, or if they need to earn more Dii Coins by interacting more with the app. In contrast to other communication apps where users might run out of calling minutes or credits, Diitalk users continually earn the Dii Coins they need for free calling and messaging. In most cases, a Diitalk user's regular interaction with the app will result in earning more than enough Dii Coins for average amounts of worldwide calling and messaging through the app.

Diitalk also drives extremely rapid adoption of the app and its superior benefits by leveraging a unique referral and viral marketing system, including:

• Users are repeatedly encouraged to take high valued actions – such as inviting a friend to use Diitalk – in exchange for earning Dii Coins
• Users are encouraged to hit targeted usage goals – such as making 10 app-to-app calls – in exchange for earning Dii Coins
• When a user makes a Diitalk call to a number not yet registered in the Diitalk system, a personalized SMS message is sent to the non-registered number after the call (where legally permissible), with a special invitation to get the Diitalk app

Diitalk's near-term plans for service expansion include adapting Dii Coins into a blockchain-based cryptocurrency to ensure security and scalability. The Dii Coin cryptocurrency will also empower users around the world to earn additional

Anthony Zelen
Diitalk Coomunications Inc.
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New Intermountain Layton Hospital Opens

Stephen Hawley (patient), and Glen Morell, MD

The 300,000-square-foot building has 43 beds and offers a large variety of services

Intermountain Healthcare has a long history of support from our local communities and wouldn't be here today without the support from Layton City and Intermountain leaders.”

— Hospital Administrator Judy Williamson

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, October 15, 2018 / — The new Intermountain Layton Hospital officially opened on Monday, October 15, 2018 at 7 a.m., with full hospital and emergency healthcare services.

The 300,000-square-foot building, located at 201 W. Layton Parkway, has 43 beds and will serve a growing Davis County population.

Stephen Hawley, a Syracuse resident, was the first patient to have surgery. “It’s interesting and kind of neat in a way to be the first,” says Hawley. “I think the doctors are going to spend more time and focus on me, so that’s a good thing. The staff all seem excited for the grand opening.”

Hawley moved to Utah from California more than a decade ago for his job. “I love it here. It’s beautiful and so quiet and peaceful,” he says.

Intermountain Layton Hospital is much closer to Hawley’s home in Syracuse, Utah, a small, growing town just east of the Great Salt Lake. The next nearest Intermountain hospital, Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital, is a 30-minute drive away. “During my recovery from surgery it will be nice to have only a 5- to 10-minute drive home,” he says.

Until now, most Davis County residents have had to travel outside the county for services from Intermountain.

"We're proud to be your new neighbor," hospital administrator Judy Williamson said at a ribbon cutting ceremony. "Intermountain Healthcare has a long history of support from our local communities and wouldn't be here today without the support from Layton City and Intermountain leaders.”

Intermountain Layton Hospital is Intermountain's 23rd hospital and the first hospital to be opened in almost a decade. Intermountain Park City Hospital and Intermountain Riverton Hospital were the last hospitals to open, and both started serving patients in 2009. A 24th hospital, Intermountain Spanish Fork Hospital, is currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2020.

Services to be provided at Intermountain Layton Hospital and the services include:

• Major services include emergency services, women and newborn, special care nursery, surgical services, and infusion therapy.
• The labor and delivery unit includes dedicated rooms for low-intervention birthing — complete with water laboring tubs — for mothers looking for a "home birth" experience in the safety of a hospital.
• Outpatient Clinics have been open since September 2017 and include: Primary Children's Outpatient Services, Layton Parkway Clinic, Northern Utah Pediatrics, a retail pharmacy, and additional physician offices.
• The Layton Clinic InstaCare located at Antelope Dr. will be moving to the Layton Parkway Clinic on the hospital campus later this year.

Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 23 hospitals, 170 clinics, a Medical Group with about 2,300 employed physicians and advanced practice clinicians, a health plans group called SelectHealth, and other medical services. Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs. For more information about Intermountain, visit

Daron Cowley
Intermountain Healthcare
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solo sciences inc (solo*) Announces DomPen as Charter Member Brand

The solo* trust mark

DomPen, The Pack Company LLC, joins solo* as charter member brand to verify their packaged cannabis products and share consumer feedback and insights.

De-stigmatizing cannabis requires verifying product information and providing trust and transparency to consumers. solo* is an optimal partner to help us and our entire industry advance this mission.”

— Dominic (Dom) Murphy, creator, DomPen

BOSTON, MA, USA, October 15, 2018 / — solo sciences inc. ("solo*") announced today that DomPen, The Pack Company LLC (, has become a charter member of solo* and will work with solo* to verify their packaged cannabis products and share consumer feedback and insights.

Ashesh (Alex) Shah commented: “DomPen is an established, go-to brand in the marketplace with a commitment to providing its customer base with quality, state-of-the-art, trusted products. We have been working with DomPen to project that trust through a thorough validation of their practices and product testing. DomPen passed our rigorous vetting process with flying colors, and we are delighted to welcome them to solo* as a charter member brand. We look forward to positioning them prominently as their products earn and display the solo* proprietary trustmark, the solo*CODE, in dispensaries before the end of this year.”

Dominic (Dom) Murphy, creator of DomPen, added: “Cannabis holds very clear promise as a healthier alternative to potentially harmful pharmaceutical and recreational drugs. Because of this, our guiding mission at DomPen is to destigmatize cannabis. We have known that achieving this goal will also require verifying our product information and providing a measure of trust and transparency to our consumers. We believe solo* is an optimal partner to help us, and our entire industry, advance this mission.”

As more brands and consumers come to rely on solo* to convey or discern the quality and verification of a product, the industry will find it easier to elevate the companies that provide the greatest trust, transparency, and safety. Furthermore, increased participation will generate a 360-degree feedback loop via mobile application, enabling consumers to make increasingly better and safer decisions. 

About solo sciences inc  
solo sciences inc (“solo*”) is an independent auditor of information and a conduit to collect direct consumer feedback. The Company’s primary mission is to protect consumers by filtering brands and simplifying the purchasing process. By evaluating the business practices and products of participating brands, and allowing those that qualify to become solo* Members, solo* provides consumers with objective, third-party verification of brands and products in a new industry that is still difficult to navigate for many consumers. Founded in December 2017, and with offices in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles, the solo* team united people from backgrounds in finance, industry, branding, and medical research to generate a technology that could create trust and transparency in the marketplace.
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About DomPen  
DomPen (“The Pack Company LLC”) creates the most consistent, flavorful, and easy-to-use vape products on the market. Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles by Jake Catt, Ish Gonzalez, and Dominic Murphy, DomPen’s all-in-one design and button-less draw ensures the simplest and most discreet means of consumption. DomPen provides a solvent-free and natural vape product that uses a blend of organic fruit terpenes to create pens with a pure and natural taste.   
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